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WE10 Costumes

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Tuscany, 29 April 2006.

  1. Tuscany

    Tuscany Non-League

    12 September 2004
    How do you use them?
  2. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Vague question = funny picture answer.

  3. Tuscany

    Tuscany Non-League

    12 September 2004
    The costumes (ostrich, penguin and dinosaur) from the WE Shop - how do you actually use them in a match? I don't see how it's possible to be any more specific.
  4. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    Unlock the costumes, then assign them in edit player mode.
    You do it by changing the hairstyles.
  5. Tuscany

    Tuscany Non-League

    12 September 2004
    I can't find the penguin suit in the hairstyles.. do you need to buy all three costumes for it to work?
  6. Rammstone

    Rammstone League 2

    6 June 2005
    I have the same problem. I've bought all the 3 costumes but can't find them anywhere. It says when you buy them something about "depending on the team, not all can use them" but I wish it was more specific. I bought all the dog-heads aswell and they are in "special hairstyles" but not the costumes.. I want to know how to use them :s
  7. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Don't buy the stupid balls as you cant use the random ball feature and have proper games.
    These items in Weshop are stupid and a waste of time.
    Probably what the Japanese wanted instead of improved master league
  8. SXFuzz

    SXFuzz Super Moderator Staff

    17 November 2001
    pick your teams, on the kit selection screen press start, left/right chooses costume. You can't do it for licensed teams.
  9. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC

    Pile of parp just like konami to put fluff in instead of substance!!!
  10. SXFuzz

    SXFuzz Super Moderator Staff

    17 November 2001
    this is true, 'though I did laugh when I realised the penguin costumes actually make penguin noises...

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