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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Leody, 14 February 2006.

  1. Leody

    Leody Non-League

    9 April 2005
    Hey guys, I don't post here a whole lot but I have been in other PES/WE communities for a few years. Anyway I guess I'll get to the point. I know people don't like posts like this but I have been looking and looking and looking and can't find an option file for the us version of WE:I on the psp. I was going to download a PS2 OF and put it on my memory card and the swap it over to the psp but my shark port disc will not load in the PS2. If anybody could help me out I would be very greatful.
  2. gocho07

    gocho07 Golden boot ??

    31 August 2005
    Man U
    Same here, still looking but no files for WE9 PSP, nada , nothing , If I find anythig I'll post it here...
  3. gmw

    gmw Non-League

    4 August 2005
  4. mineral

    mineral Non-League

    8 August 2004
    Brasil with "S"
    Thank You very much :)
  5. gocho07

    gocho07 Golden boot ??

    31 August 2005
    Man U
  6. vgallop

    vgallop BVB09 Fan

    30 July 2005
    This site is down now too. Does anyone have an updated site or link?
  7. Decker9

    Decker9 by FAR, the greatest team

    6 January 2006
    Islington, London, UK
    Arsenal forever
    How do you put this option file on your PSP WSWE9 game?
  8. TurboG

    TurboG I Love you Mary Jane!!

    25 December 2005
    Caracas - Venezuela
    Manchester United
  9. Decker9

    Decker9 by FAR, the greatest team

    6 January 2006
    Islington, London, UK
    Arsenal forever
    No, I mean I dont know how to get it on my PSP game.

    I mean, I know how to get it from the PC to the PSP, but where to I put it, and stuff like that?
  10. russ99

    russ99 Guest

    That's easy, just drag the Option File folder named "UL..." to the SAVEGAME folder on your PSP.

    Note: Only savegames for your Winning Eleven/Pro Evo version will work. Japanese WE won't work with US WE or European Pro Evo, etc.. Only a US WE9 savefile will work on a US PSP.
  11. silentio

    silentio Guest

    Does anyone have a working link to that PSP option file? The links here are all dead. I can't use the PS2 one cos I don't have a PS2.
  12. jehuti2468

    jehuti2468 Guest

    please can anyone gimme anymore link?
    thx in adv
  13. miggy03

    miggy03 Guest

    This links don't work!
    Can somebody PLEASE post a link for a WE9I psp option file with ev edited....
    thank you
  14. tb303

    tb303 Non-League

    7 August 2003
    i need we9 jap option file with the latest transfers, kits, etc
  15. nelo

    nelo Non-League

    Guys I need a copy if anyone has it, post a link or email to junkrack@gmail.com thanks
  16. dj sence

    dj sence Guest

    Damn its really hard to find a patch for the PSP version, Any one got any links because they are all dead. Thanks
  17. tkim

    tkim Guest

    Last edited by a moderator: 4 September 2006
  18. tkim

    tkim Guest

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