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WE 9/PES 5 Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility option file...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by OsageCowboy, 27 October 2006.

  1. OsageCowboy

    OsageCowboy Guest

    I was wondering if anyone had yet created an option file that could be downloaded to the 360 via XSATA for the backwards compatible WE 9 Xbox version. I'm not sure whether or not it is possible to use an old Xbox option file on the 360 (had assumed it's not), but wondered whether or not someone was able to make one that worked.
  2. gtasa12

    gtasa12 Guest

  3. OsageCowboy

    OsageCowboy Guest

    haha. sorry for being a newb, but could you provide me with some assistance on how to go about procuring that? a site link or something. my apologies for being a newbie, but i'm having a difficult time figuring out where to get this stuff.
  4. OsageCowboy

    OsageCowboy Guest

    ok. i've located Watson's option file that works on 360. is this my best option? and even though it is slated for PES5, will it work on the WE9 without any problems?
  5. OsageCowboy

    OsageCowboy Guest

    could i please get some assistance, gentlemen?
  6. OsageCowboy

    OsageCowboy Guest

    bump. lads, please impute some knowledge into my crain!
  7. andygt

    andygt Non-League

    26 February 2006
    A pes5 option file wont work on we9

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