WE 9 Goal Celebrations

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by emaldinho gaucho, 18 August 2005.

  1. emaldinho gaucho

    emaldinho gaucho Non-League

    30 June 2003
    puerto rico
    well i dont have the game but i would like to know if there are new goal celebrations
  2. Ch00ng

    Ch00ng | | CHAMP19NS | |

    4 August 2005
    M16 0RA
    Man Utd & England
    yeh there some new ones, for example, ronaldo's one where he puts his arm on his forehead & lampards where he points towards the badge on his shirt...
  3. Doubla R

    Doubla R Argentina

    13 April 2005
    Do they have ronaldinho's hand sign? Is pretty famous now.. Even Lucho Gonzalez from Argentina uses it.
  4. ActionHank

    ActionHank Non-League

    11 December 2002
    Toronto, Canada
    Those were both in WE8LE.
  5. ragtash8

    ragtash8 Non-League

    26 April 2005
    Gilardino's where he acts as though hes playing a violin. its class!
  6. Ch00ng

    Ch00ng | | CHAMP19NS | |

    4 August 2005
    M16 0RA
    Man Utd & England
    Sorry mate, i didnt have WE8LE... & No Ronaldinho's celebration aint in the game...
  7. Super Quinninho

    Super Quinninho Sunderland A.F.C

    11 March 2003
    Sunderland A.F.C
    The celebrations seem much better

    i scored a goal in the last minute v my mate last night and my team went nuts just jumping around etc

    Made the goal that much better!
  8. Necridhaha

    Necridhaha Conference

    12 August 2005
    Maybe someone can post a vid of the goal celebrations?
  9. Natbuc

    Natbuc Non-League

    3 November 2002
    In some sequences it even shows a close up of the 3D crowd, like it does during the intro to a match sometimes. Also I've seen a view from in the stands showing my player running to the crowd, and you can see silouhettes of the crowd waving their hands. Very good.
  10. NOVO

    NOVO Guest

    Roy Makaays jump, rooneys cartwheel, RVN slide and yell
  11. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Only 6 new celebartions in WE9
  12. LFC 2005

    LFC 2005 Non-League

    7 August 2005
    Could you post what they are please?
  13. KingCeri

    KingCeri Non-League

    21 July 2005
    I've just signed him for my ML team, not too sure about his celebration it's a bit odd. Any idea why he does it?
  14. titi henry

    titi henry Conference

    15 August 2005
    yes plzz could some1 post them i love to see rvn&rooney celebrations. By the way what do you meen by cartwheel sorry iam netherlands so forgive me
    Last edited: 18 August 2005
  15. phrase

    phrase Tactician

    12 December 2002
    Little Mancunia
    Rooney did it in the euro championships last year,I forgot against which team...Its not really nice but its kinda cool.RVN's new celebration is where he slides to his knees and thank the heavens,then covers his face.He did it when he scored that crucial penalty against Jen Lehmann at Old Trafford.
  16. Necridhaha

    Necridhaha Conference

    12 August 2005
    Anyone please post a vid of them celebrations?:l
  17. Disqo

    Disqo Championship

    25 June 2002
    I remeber that one, "coooooooooooooooommeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" lol, I have not seen that one yet in the game
  18. Tashan

    Tashan Non-League

    4 August 2004
    Like he said he's playing the violin
  19. seank

    seank Conference

    16 April 2005
    saw this!
  20. titi henry

    titi henry Conference

    15 August 2005
    oke thanks but can you explain what rooney does when he scored in the euro champ.
  21. fredch

    fredch Guest

    Drogba do his dance "coupe decale"
  22. zoreille2000

    zoreille2000 Non-League

    9 November 2004
    hi thomas
    tu as fais une liste des celebrations ???
    je sais que la 62 c est le coupé décalé de Drogba ....
  23. james_chelliah

    james_chelliah Non-League

    16 August 2003
    Man Utd

    yeah, last night, I was Bolton, playing against West Brom.
    The scores were tied at 1-1, so we went into extra-time.

    And then, Okocha pulled a screamer out, pure power, crashing the roof.

    Then after he scored it, he started running towards the corner flag, and gesturing his team mates to follow, and every single player (except the keeper) came and had a great celebration with him.

    If you're trying to picture it, just picture the celebrations after Crespo's last-gasp goal against Wigan.

  24. mattshez

    mattshez Guest

    one celebration pes4 that always happened was the scorer would run to the corner flag and put his hand on top of it and face the crowd, it was so boring and common, hopefully the celebrations would depend on the situation, the occasion, the time they are scored, and in what way tehy are put in the net. would also like to see a vid :D
  25. mr_sparxx

    mr_sparxx 13th Squad Captain

    4 February 2004
    Manchester United
  26. kouroux

    kouroux I have no imagination

    24 July 2005
    Manchester United
    There is an odd one where the player acts like a dog putting his arms stuck together ,just under his face (I don't if I explain well).It's ridiculious ,Gudjohnsen celebrations is included where he acts like an artist who did his show
  27. mr_sparxx

    mr_sparxx 13th Squad Captain

    4 February 2004
    Manchester United
    yup, i know what one your talking about. Both were in WE8LE
  28. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    thanks for vids mrsparxx they awesome :)
  29. dosidal

    dosidal Non-League

    28 June 2005
    Why am i not allowed to download them. Anyway how do i?
  30. Euan

    Euan League 1

    7 May 2005
    Celtic + Nantes
    It's rapidshare. Alot of people can't download :( (like me)

    sparxx could you please do some of us a favour and host on yousendit or mega upload or something? Because I would very much like to see those vids.

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