WE 2009 PS2 Stadiums?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by saintric, 3 March 2009.

  1. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    Ihave ordered we 2009 for my ps2 just wanted to ask if there are any new stadiums in the game ? compared to pes 2009 on the ps2
  2. s03_h4nd1

    s03_h4nd1 Arsenal Fans

    4 October 2008
    nope, even it just have about only 16 or 17 stadium...
  3. johnking

    johnking Premiership

    15 November 2003
    Sheffield United
    yeah less stadiums than pes2009 what a bummer konami?
  4. tamovamo55

    tamovamo55 Non-League

    14 March 2009
    NO new staduims.....

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