Way too easy to score in PES 6

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by therush, 14 November 2006.

  1. therush

    therush Non-League

    23 April 2006
    Some of my first impressions of PES 6 where:

    The gameplay = great and very balanced
    goalkeepers act more realistically

    After 3 weeks I find the game too easy, goals go in again and again playing online. Lets say I play 3 matches, well this means at least 20 goals in those 3 and thats the way it is every time now. Not to mention 2 vs 2, its even worse... This is a damn shame because the rest of the game is way better than PES 5, but this unbalance makes the game completely wrong and not so fun. Defending seems to be much harder now, but scoring goals so damn easy. The balance of the game is messed up IMHO :| (I doubt that Konami will release a patch and fix this)
    Another thing that annoys me. The goalkeepers. Well animations are looking much more realistic and sweet, but wtf is the rebound-thing all about?! I mean, they tend to do this a lot, and fumbling the ball much more than PES 5. That also sucks. I´m dissapointed with the game right now...:(
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  2. dmxdex2020

    dmxdex2020 Premiership

    30 June 2005
    U can tweak states to make defenders even better there are updates around you can download to get a more realistic game and if u goalies doing ur head in that much sometimes just tweak there stats only way.
  3. Zidane

    Zidane Non-League

    7 October 2005

    let me guess... you're playing with chelsea, barca, inter, milan, manu, arsenal, juventus or real madrid? it's always the same with the guys complaining about a game beeing to easy... man, if you always win try playing a world cup with saudi arabia, or try playing the master league with castolo, ximeles and the rest of that crappy players without buying the superstars... ever tried playing online with a team like troyes, watford or reggina calcio against a guy who plays with the likes of inter or chelsea? what do you expect the game to be hard when you play with the best players available? :lmao:
  4. pastela

    pastela Non-League

    24 August 2006
    i agree with u Zidane,most peoples like superstar player that why it's so ezy .From this version(pes6)we will see Charlenge Mode and something changed l-6 star level to amatuer...top player .

    For me superstar player bored me alot ..they could get Action Aword(Best Actor of the Year) kkkk , sry 4 my eng.
  5. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    why dont you try putting your condition to REALLY bad and making the cpu's condition really good.. see if that makes any difference.

    try using china vs good national teams like england, france, italy, brazil and so on.

    btw. what difficulty are you playing on.?
  6. Dreadeye

    Dreadeye Non-League

    2 September 2006
    It seems that he is reffering to online play from what I read.
    You are obviously playing crap players because I have found that the games are mostly tight & low scoring.
    & dmxdex2020 you can not "tweak" players online as this is cheating.
  7. Anyone who thinks the game is too easy should try the latest tweaked game play option file in the download section.
  8. dmxdex2020

    dmxdex2020 Premiership

    30 June 2005
    im talking about 1 player mode tweak he could drop the good player ability cause there are option files out there which have made game play alot more realistic.
  9. therush

    therush Non-League

    23 April 2006
    Well, I´m sorry to say it but most off you guys are quite wrong in your guesses.

    I´m not interested in tweaking players stats (I play onlinegames, not singleplayer-mode), it would also be cheating like Dreadeye mentioned.
    Like many other guys (fortunately) I´m against players who are using superteams online, so you don´t see me playing with chelsea, barca, inter, milan, manu, arsenal, juventus or real madrid.
    I´m down with the small teams (so are my opponents), but goals unfortunately fly in every minute...I think you can get better at defending, its not like defending in PES5, its hard to say but its a matter of being able to read the gameplay in a new way. 3 last matches online: 6-0, 1-0, 4-2. You see, goals fly in, but i´m getting used to the defending part now I think.
    I hope games will be more down to earth with time, I think its possible indeed :)
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  10. therush

    therush Non-League

    23 April 2006
    Well, I have suffered some big defeats today. Correction: I DON´T think you can get better at defending. Seems like Konami have focused on attacking and forgotten that defence also plays a big part of football. It sucks.
  11. sreddy

    sreddy Guest

    I agree completely. It was difficult to score goals in PES5. It certainly isnt in PES6. And I am not talking about the AI, as I never play singleplayer. Only Online.

    In PES5 my and my friends played 15 minutes games, as 10 minutes was to little time to produce goals. In PES6, 15 minute-games give ugly results like 8-4, 7-3 scorelines.

    10 minute-games is 3-3, 5-2, 3-2 etc. A little better, but still sadly easy to score.

    It seems like they decided to make the keepers crappier, which is a riddle beyond my knowledge. They give away horrible rebounds and goals where the ball is flying just beside them without the keepers even moves an inch.

    Dont get me wrong. Some of PES6 new elements are very nice. The physics and the 2 vs 2 option f.instance.
    But the basic flow of the game has turned to somewhat arcade instead of the simulation, I feel the PES5-game was. And that results in redicilous scorelines.

    "But later on you will be better at defending". Well maybe, It just certainly does not seem like a fair task to defend in PES6 compared til PES5. And I will never be found of the way that so many chances result in goals.

    I am hoping this is an issue the next version will adress. And I would be happy if that version could be in release in a not to distant future.
  12. pretty

    pretty League 2

    26 October 2005
    I also think the keepers in this edition are useless, they just don't seem to hold onto the ball, i know they have added ne animations such as the one handed save but the game is certainly easier to score than 5. I'm still in two minds whether to stick with 5 or not, as pes6 does have some inprovements over 5. I also believe that if they had kept the shooting from 5 with the keepers the way they are the scorelines would have been ridiculously high, the only reason they aren;t as high is due to the hit it sky high shooting they have added.
  13. jgamito

    jgamito Non-League

    7 November 2006
    "I find the game too easy, goals go in again and again playing online. Lets say I play 3 matches, well this means at least 20 goals in those 3 and thats the way it is every time now." LOLOLOL sure... your the man! if u want dificulty go to tournaments =)
  14. blueangelman

    blueangelman Guest

    or then play with me!:mrgreen:
  15. therush

    therush Non-League

    23 April 2006
    Well not an option. I find it so boring and uninspiring to have those Brazil vs Brazil etc. games online. My nephew who´s 3 years old rules with those teams. Yepee, what a big challenge. "If I can´t score with poor teams, I´m gonna stick with Adriano, one push on the button and I score. Yehaa that´s the fun I have!"
    :applause: ...... [-(
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    GOATLSAYER Conference

    13 April 2006
    This is true, all i have to do is cut back and forth with henry and he scores with his left foot like majic, but hey, he's henry and he does majic.

    EDIT: this is on top player. i dont play the other noob levels :P
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  17. racecar10101

    racecar10101 Banned

    5 November 2006
    You're all just playing against crappy noobs would'nt could'nt
    get 3 goals past me lucky if you get 1.
  18. therush

    therush Non-League

    23 April 2006
    OMG....this is so fuckin´ sad. Where do I start?! :( :( :(

    First of all...:) I think I´m a pretty good PES-player. I play in a big tournament with 30 competitors/4 divisions, and I have played in the highest ranked division for 6 seasons now. Most of the time I´ve ended in top 3 (champ one time), and trust me - those guys up there are very very good, you certainly don´t wanna mess with them. Lets put it like this: They´re extremely effective in front of a goal...:confused:

    Well, here´s what happened a short while ago:
    I play against the probably best player in our tournament (Parma-thatsme vs Torino in both games), first game is nice and tight with quite some chances. I score a rather lucky goal in overtime (2-1), despite he is having the biggest chances \\:o/ He cries for a rematch, offcourse :lol:

    A rematch that will mess the game totally up.

    Goals are suddenly flying in from all angels from my players. In no time I´m already leading 6-1, and after the 90 minutes the scoreline is freakin 8-1 !!! 8 shots on goal and 8 goals! He had quite a few big ones too, but no luck. Afterwards, we´re both speechless and disgusted with such a messed up game. Seriously, this game would have ended 3-1 or 4-1 in PES 5, noway it would be more than that. But, in PES 6 something is really messed up when playing onlinegames. My conclusion:

    First of all, when you´re defending, it almost seems like you have disadvantages compared to attackers. IMHO it´s way to easy to ease past a defender and get a scoring opportunity.
    Second of all, keepers really suck this time you know? They have these fine new animations, but damn why did Konami choose to make them so damn frustratingly bad?!? They drop and flop the ball more than they did in PES5. I think the keepers where better last year :( Bottomline - PES 5 was better than this release.

    I don´t know what else to say, but seriously - you look forward to a even better game each year, and then you get this! :( :(

    I´m speechless...and predicts similar threads in a couple of weeks.
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  19. therush

    therush Non-League

    23 April 2006

  20. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
    he was right
  21. tomx

    tomx League 2

    17 February 2004
    Pes6 is arcade. Defenders and goalies are terrible.

    For me We9le is the best simulation.
  22. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    i find that the dribbling in pes6 is a lot more quicker.. as you can just easily run pass people.. such as c.ronaldo.. he wont stop running (which is realistic), but he can solo my whole team.

    but then again people like mark viduka, emile hesky, robbie folwer and kanu can pretty much do the same thing in pes6.. so scoring is wayy too unreleasitc..

    its easy to fake the keepers now.. which in pes5 was very very difficult..
    scoring from long range is out of the question now.. pes6 the ball seems to lob more.. like in pes4.

    even playing with crap teams i never used before against chelsea or something i can win up to 5:3. i've played this game for about 2 days and the majority of my matches are high scoring with about 8 goals scored.

    i used australia and played random conditions and played vs holland, portugal, england, italy, brazil and i've won all my matches by at least 4 goals...

    tbh i dont find some of these things realistic but the only thing that has changed for the good is the free kicks. The keepers seem smarter for free kicks.

    not saying i'm not going to play it but im just saying its not much (if any) better than pes5. tbh i think konami should actually take all the input from their complaints... and actualy make a better game next year
  23. bebo

    bebo Looking for a Manager

    25 July 2005
    Arsenal Thread
    The Arsenal FC
    Damn! I suck I can only get 2 goals...I thought I was going to beat everyone online:roll: (shooting while directing is shit...I play Regular)
  24. That pretty much sums up why I made my game tweak option file.

    I really wasn't enjoying PES6, but after sorting the dribbling, keepers, game speed and passing to how I feel it should be, I am absolutely loving PES6
  25. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    yup i just tried your new option file! amazing stuff. pes6 feels significantly more realistic. great work mate.
  26. Cheers, it takes a while to get totally used to it, at first I was occasionally being hammered of the PC, something I can't remember happening for a long time. Now most of my games I play I win, but need to play well to do so.

    The best thing about it, is that it feels like you not playing the PC for a lot of the time, it feels like you playing someone who is trying to beat you and not follow scripts.
  27. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    your option file is a bloody legend! best thing that happened to me since pes5.

    now my 5:3 games turn into 1:0 or 2:0. and goals are really hard to get! amazing..

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