Warframe: Empyrean (PS4/XBO/PC) - "this is amazing"

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OBH, 7 July 2019.

  1. OBH

    OBH PESadvocate

    6 March 2019
    Please, please don't skip over this.

    Honestly, it doesn't matter whether you play this game or not, I'd challenge everyone who reads this to watch this entire 45min video, and tell me - have you ever seen anything like this?

    It's like Destiny, GTA, and the nemesis system from Shadow of War all rolled into one.

    The innovation these guys come up with is so far beyond what other developers are even willing to attempt that it's almost embarrassing.

  2. Chris Davies

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    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Anything that pulls together so many different experiences at the same time is always exciting in theory - but I've just sat through this whole video and flying through wrecks to pick up credits etc... Then the baddies appear... I wasn't really enthused, it's the same "UH-OH WHO SAW THAT COMING" setup from Destiny, Gears of War and countless others - and the support from the spacecraft didn't seem to be much other than scanning the area and... Well initially, just that.

    After that bit, they attack a spaceship, the girl flying the "goodie" spaceship can't see what's going on inside the "baddie" ship, and it feels a bit boring from her angle. I get why people love it from a teamwork perspective, and games like Planetside that are a little similar, but yeah it's not for me and I wouldn't say it's revolutionary.

    Even the setting - is nobody else sick of space and aliens by now? It's the gaming equivalent of superhero films! Nothing makes me happier than a creative vision set in the real world for once!
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  3. OBH

    OBH PESadvocate

    6 March 2019
    What I mean is - most games idea of ‘dlc’ is pathetic. It’s new guns, a new map or two, or a short story thing. Hell, even entire sequels are often too afraid to innovate and won’t move away from the formulas that make their original titles successful.

    By contrast each time these guys do something new it’s fundamentally different to anything they’ve done before. The most important part is they never forget what makes their games great in the first place. By contrast, something like Dawn of War 3 tried to mash ideas from their first two titles together, but clearly had no idea what exactly it was about each game that fans liked, picked all the wrong aspects, and ten months later the whole thing is abandoned.

    Don’t forget that video isn’t the whole game, it’s just one small part of something vast.

    Warframe’s developers have massive balls, they take the experience in genuinely new and completely unexpected directions, and it’s now so far removed from what they originally released 7/8 years ago now.

    And it’s still completely free.

    This game basically Destiny & Anthem, but soooooooooo far ahead of them in every way that it’s laughable. (Anthem in particular is just such a hilarious shadow of a game in comparison :D)
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