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  1. condorman

    condorman Guest


    I am playing on a 20'' widescreen tft (NEC MultiSync 20WGX2(Digital)) and without vsync the screen splits every now and then.

    So for PES4 and PES5 I've always had "Wait for vertical refresh - Always On" enabled in my ATI control center and it worked out fine.
    In PES6 it seems to have no effect, the screen still splits all the time and it is really a show stopper. To the game it does not matter what I set in my ATI control center apperently.

    I have a Radeon X1800 Series card and am using Catalyst 6.9.

    Has anybody had a similar experience or a clue how to enable vsync for PES6?
  2. StasM

    StasM Non-League

    5 August 2005
    condorman, i have this problem too :(
  3. condorman

    condorman Guest

    Thanks for the idea, but it didn't help :(
  4. Lawrenki

    Lawrenki Non-League

    16 July 2006
    I had this problem I find that the vsync option in the catalyst driver does sweet fa however I am now using the Omega drivers and vsync works fine and stops any splitting in Pro Evo 6 hope that helps. Haven't got a link to Omega Drivers right now but type it into Google and should find it no probs.
  5. sm00thArsenal

    sm00thArsenal Non-League

    5 December 2005
    Well i'm running the latest Omega Drivers and i have this problem as well, so they definitely aren't a cure. This is really rather annoying.
  6. condorman

    condorman Guest

    I've installed the latest omega drivers (derived from catalyst 6.9) and it works fine now. Thanks for the tip.
  7. iop

    iop Guest

    Perhaps the rest of your system isn't up to par then- the official drivers work perfectly on my machine.

    I think the Omega 'optimised' drivers are for lower-spec machines- glad it works for you. :)

    The 6.10 drivers should be out shortly anyway...
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  8. condorman

    condorman Guest

    As I said it was no performance problem. Vsync was activated in the control center but not active in the game.

    Edit: Omega drivers didn't help after all. I hope that the 6.10 drivers will contain a pes6 fix then.
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  9. sm00thArsenal

    sm00thArsenal Non-League

    5 December 2005
    The reason vsync is an issue is if your frame rate is higher than your refresh rate. Generally an LCD runs at 60Hz refresh rate, so if your framerate is higher than that you will suffer the screen splits.

    Also the Omega Drivers are optimized with image quality in mind, so i don't particularly want to revert to the unoptimized catalysts.
  10. iop

    iop Guest

    I'm not too sure about those Omega drivers, I think they have a placebo effect on people. What can he do that ATI/Nvidia can't? Surely their goal is to optimise them for image quality.

    Maybe I'm wrong... :/
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  11. Epyon23


    30 October 2006
    Download the latest drivers from Nvidia - 91.47 (if I remember correctly). Somewhere in the 3D settings is an option to 'manage 3d settings'.

    I also use the following NVIDIA driver options to improve the graphics as much as possible:

    Anisotropic Filtering - '16x'
    Anti-Aliasing - '4x'
    Gamma correct Anti-Aliasing - 'on'
    Image Settings - 'Best Quality'
    Negative LOD bias - 'Clamp'
    Transparency Anti-Aliasing - 'Supersampling'
    Triple Buffering - 'On'
    Vsync - 'Force On'

    i have a geforce 7600GT i know u have a ATI but maybe there are some resembles that u can use :)

    Hoops its helps
  12. bummy_jab

    bummy_jab League 2

    9 August 2004
    Hey Epyon, I got the same gfx card. Cool. Yea I turned Vsync on and didnt see that stpuid line that once in awhile goes off in the middle of the screen.
  13. sm00thArsenal

    sm00thArsenal Non-League

    5 December 2005
    ATI/Nvidia optimize their drivers for benchmarking speed before image quality because unfortunately thats the most quantifiable thing that comes up in all the reviews of new cards. People read the reviews of new cards and base their purchase on the framerates they get.

    Its a sad state of affairs but luckily we have people like Omegadriver taking the official drivers and re-tweaking them for better image quality at the sacrifice of some of the speed.

    BTW, I have fixed my Vsync issues.. i needed to install the proper drivers for my Dell 2405 monitor, i had been using the default plug and play monitor drivers up to that point.
  14. ScottBrown

    ScottBrown Conference

    5 August 2004
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    when i turn vsync on it does work, but its in slowmotion. any ideas why its going so slow?
  15. condorman

    condorman Guest

    I have the correct drivers for my monitor as well, and it still doesn't help. I still get the screen splitting.
  16. WhiskeyAlpha

    WhiskeyAlpha Non-League

    4 October 2006
    Epyon, if you're going to steal parts of my post's and try and pass them off as your own (the entire part quoted above is mine), then at least ensure that they help someone. This fella has an ATI card so Nvidia drivers are just about the least useful thing he could install.

    I'm glad my tips helped you out though and that you feel the need to tell everyone about them. You just need to think before you post.
  17. Epyon23


    30 October 2006
    im just trying to help someone didn't now that i can't use your info
    Sorry DUDE
    I will put your name with it my fault

    and i now he has a ATI but maybe some things are the same in some way
  18. bointus

    bointus Banned

    13 February 2006
    Göteborg, Sweden
    IFK Göteborg
    I have the same problem when playing in windowed mode, in fullscreen it works out just fine.
  19. bointus

    bointus Banned

    13 February 2006
    Göteborg, Sweden
    IFK Göteborg
    I think if you start the game with the V-sync on, maybe jiggle about switching fullscreen/windowed (alt+enter) could do the trick. I get the slowdown too sometimes and restarting the game helps. Also if you have tv-out in some way, cloned or dualview or so that could lag it down too..
  20. stphq

    stphq 'mon the hoops !!!

    12 December 2005
    Celtic FC
    i use latest omega drivers,,, wouldn't use anythign else, far superiror to ATI official drivers,,, i have radeon 9600XT and i setup a game profile in the ATI tools that install with omega drivers and set vsync to on, anti-aliasing to 4x, anisotropic filtering to 4x and game looks and runs great, no tearing.,,

    setting a game profile in the ati tools means the drivers know how you run that game and use those settings everytime the game is run... then reverts back to your default settings when you come out of the game

    also i don't use an LCD/TF monitor, i use a CRT monitor, just ask any pro gamer and they will tell that LCD screens are no good for gaming... even the world cyber games only use flat screens for the audience, the players use CRT monitors... and my mate is the UT2004 UK #1 so yer getting this info from the horses mouth so it were.. lol
  21. therose

    therose Non-League

    21 April 2003
    Had the same problem but was solved by switching to full screen mode.

  22. stphq

    stphq 'mon the hoops !!!

    12 December 2005
    Celtic FC
    you mean theres actauly people who don't play it in full screen mode ?... why on earth would you want to play it in a window lol
  23. djphatic

    djphatic Guest

    the ATI Tray tools did the trick after I removed all the older versions of omega drivers and installed the latest ones. AA set to 4x, AF set to 8x with wait for vertical sync always on and forced the refresh rate to 60, works perfectly now.

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