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VIDEO italy

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Pistiuk, 17 August 2006.

  1. the_thing

    the_thing ps3!

    4 August 2004
    Juve, MU
    GREAT video. mustve taken a long time to get all the goals correct.
  2. djlilpete6971

    djlilpete6971 Non-League

    2 February 2006
    Great Video dude!! Unbelieveable how good the goals on WE are... So close to the real thing!!!
  3. Doubla R

    Doubla R Argentina

    13 April 2005
    WOW! That video was very very very very... good! I liked it a lot, most of the goals were like the real goals, I like it a lot, great video!
  4. Radiation

    Radiation Golden Boot Winner

    6 February 2006
    Newcastle United
    Cool you even added the dive... i mean foul against Australia!

    Great video though!
  5. KAiWAi

    KAiWAi PES2008 Guide Author

    12 December 2002
    Liège, Belgium
    Standard Liège
    Excellent !!! Impressive !!!
    Bravo bravooo ... !! (´°o°)/
  6. NickSCFC

    NickSCFC Banned

    18 July 2003
    Stoke-on-Trent, UK
    Stoke City/Liverpool
    Fuck me that's good!
  7. Diehloid

    Diehloid Conference

    24 March 2004
    San Diego
    Incredible Video!!!
  8. Necridhaha

    Necridhaha Conference

    12 August 2005

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