Very Strange - gameplay is fast after wenb of ,please help

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by genius28, 24 September 2013.

  1. genius28

    genius28 Non-League

    2 October 2012
    Hi,I have a promo cd on ps3,I then patched it and installed the data pack ,
    Then today I downloaded the wenb option file and installed it and my gameplay speed is very fast,even though the speed is on default,the lag has dissapeared and even shooting is very responsive,the slowdown when the ball goes past the net,has disappeard.

    Please help as the game feels arcadey even on -1.

    I deleted the files but the gameplay is not like when I got the game,should I delete the patch and data pack,and download them again.

  2. willbrownatfc

    willbrownatfc Non-League

    16 September 2013
    Aldershot Town
    I've found -2 is perfect for me... try 15 minute matches too.I don't know why but it seems to me to make it a little less punt and run and more tika taka.
  3. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    I have installed the 1.01 patch today and I'm certain that the game feels faster. Didn't like it and reverted back to 1.0 and I'm happy with it that way
  4. saintsalive

    saintsalive Non-League

    2 February 2011
    Somerset, UK
    Agree with everything above. I installed the data packs & WENB option file the other night & only had a chance to play today & the first thing i noticed was how much quicker the game feels.
  5. ZeroTheHero

    ZeroTheHero Banned

    20 September 2013
    Borussia Dortmund
    Sometimes PES gets stuck in 'overdrive' somehow. This is nothing new with PES14 as it has been like this since PES2011 at least and I've not yet figured out what triggers it but I doubt it has anything to do with patches.

    Normally it helps to insert a new exe file, which is why I keep a backup copy of the exe file in a seperate folder. The exe file is where AI and gameplay is stored and it seems to change over time so inserting an 'unused' exe file from time to time seems to 'reset' it somewhat.

    This is all 'theorycraft' on my part but I know it does something, just not exactly what.
  6. Things like this has happened for years with different versions and even different times you open the game up.

    It's bizarre. I installed the WENB file and it was fine, then installed the GTM file as it had more strips and the game is now much quicker.

    Add to this that some pitches seem to play faster and time of day and you never know what yopu will get.

    I haven't tried the master league this year, but that always starts off with slower and less responsive game play. I think they may do this to offset player development so that the game doesn't get too quick as players develop.

    I find playing champions league games better paced.
  7. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    I played with same team on the same pitch before and after the patch. The difference in how the game play was so obvious. I have tried it with and without the patch and for more than one game. it I just find version 1.0 much better.

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