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Very strange bug in Kitserver 6.3 - Juce may want to see this!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Wowlman, 9 December 2006.

  1. Wowlman

    Wowlman Banned

    4 February 2006
    This was during a match between Man United and Middlesbrough. I noticed this occurring when the camera zooms in on players using the latest Kitserver (this happens in both replays and cut scenes):


    Then if you move further way you see this:


    Notice that when you move further away, the kits are normal. The Middlesbrough player in the foreground you will notice is still wearing a slightly off-colour England away kit.

    I figure this could be a conflict with the LODmixer, seeing as the kits change in the same way the level of detail changes when you zoom in and out.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? I figure it must be something to do with the new Kitserver, but I might be wrong.

    EDIT: I see this has been addressed in the Kitserver thread itself. I'd like to add to what those guys said, the kits seem to change before free kicks/goal kicks - for example, the Middlesbrough goalkeeper was wearing an England kit until he kicked the ball, at which point it changed back to Boro.

    Hope this can be fixed!
    Last edited: 9 December 2006
  2. zaaro

    zaaro Non-League

    9 December 2006
    strange ;o
  3. isaacyuen

    isaacyuen disaster?

    28 August 2006
    Manchester United
    weird ! :(
  4. juce

    juce Premiership

    7 November 2003
    yes, this appears to be another manifestation of the same bug (with GK kits changing). I'll post a new kserv.dll shortly for everybody to try.
  5. Wowlman

    Wowlman Banned

    4 February 2006
    What I really want to know is, has anyone else experience anything like the photos above?
  6. juce

    juce Premiership

    7 November 2003
    was it an exhibition game or ML game (or cup, league, etc.)?
    what quality settings do you use (low, medium high)?
    what are your LOD mixer settings?
  7. blue166

    blue166 Guest

    Yes it also happens during online play if you watch a match, earlier on i watched a game online between Chelsea and West Ham, they both appeared in Chelsea Home Blue Kit??!?

    That was a weird one too
  8. Wowlman

    Wowlman Banned

    4 February 2006
    It was during an EPL game. I use high quality settings, and my current LODmixer settings are 1,2,2,3,5.
  9. juce

    juce Premiership

    7 November 2003
  10. Wowlman

    Wowlman Banned

    4 February 2006
    Works a treat Juce. Thanks very much.
  11. juce

    juce Premiership

    7 November 2003
    cool. i'll do some more testing, and post it as
    the official new bug-fix release.

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