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    I've been listening to this thing for a good year I think. A weekly podcast (mp3, about 70-80 minutes). The host is an MD, and he has a couple of coworkers that help discuss news items, listener emails, interviews and such.
    It all focuses on pseudo-science, and how it works in our society. They discuss religion to a certain extent, homeopathy, chiropractic, psychics, taro cards, you name it.

    Their "goal" is to educate the public about how pseudo-science works, how it tries to mask itself as real science, and they give lots of examples that have been in the papers etc.

    If you want to listen, here is the link to their site:

    The most recent and the 2nd most recent podcast is on the frontpage, and they have an archive with all their 130+ shows going back to 2005.

    If you are interested in science, or just interested in being educated in a fun way, this is a great podcast to listen to. It can be quite eye-opening.

    Also, note that they are serious about what they are doing. You won't hear them go off on tirades against religion or such. Everything they say is sensible, they list arguments for and against things, and they are very rational.

    Trivia: The host has also appeared on Penn and Teller's show "Bullshit" in the ghost episode.

    About 1 min in:

    If you've got some time, give it a chance, you _might_ find it to be both entertaining and very informative, and also helpful once you learn to yourself spot things in the real world (for example if you've pulled a muscle badly and you find yourself looking on the web for something that can help you heal faster and better, and you cme across information about how magnet belts around the muscle can help bloodcirculation, you might just think twice before shelling out the money for something that essentially does nothing). ;)

    I just wanted to mention this podcast since I am very grateful I found it back in the day, it's definitely something worth spending some time with.

    Also, here is a "compilation" video of one of their friends who passed away about 6 months ago. Might give you an example of the general tone of the show.
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