Urgent request for Winning Eleven 9 UE PSP game save

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by hairy sod, 17 September 2005.

  1. hairy sod

    hairy sod Guest

    could someone please upload the WE:American option file converted to PSP for me please. i have the pspupdatess one and its not that good and i dont have WE9 on ps2. so if anyone has the ps2 and psp versions could please transfer it from ur ps2 to PSP and upload the game save here please.

    i would really apreacte it and so would many others. ive seen loads of requests for it in the we9:ue thread.

    thanks in advnace
  2. MIAmaker

    MIAmaker Drink Milk! & Kick Ass!

    7 March 2005
    Liberty City
    ok i have to go out now be back in a couple of hours and if no one has posted it i will! i have just copyed it to my psp al get it of my memcard and upload it to rapidshare
  3. hairy sod

    hairy sod Guest

    that'll be much appreacted. thank you!!!!

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