[ Urgent help pes 2010 ] Save Data Corrupted .. please help me !

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by mimoman, 7 August 2010.

  1. mimoman


    27 January 2006
    Made in EGYPT
    Hello guys .

    this problem happened to me today
    the power is down suddenly while i was playing the game

    when the power is back , i tried to load the game again
    but it says " Save Data Corrupted "

    please tell me how to deal with that problem
    it killed me , i played Became a legend mode for almost year ! :SHOCK:
    that's mean i lost everything ? or there is another fix for that

    help please :(
  2. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
  3. biker_jim_uk

    biker_jim_uk International

    24 November 2003
    Man City
    That's why I use all the 20 BAL save slots alternately, that way you lose 1 game at worst.

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