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Unlocking teams and International challenge

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Venter, 6 November 2006.

  1. Venter

    Venter Non-League

    19 February 2005
    Hey is it possible to play the International challenge for Africa or Asia, and can you unlock the teams like Israel and Bosnia?
  2. RedSoxCoder

    RedSoxCoder Non-League

    28 October 2006
    I hope so...the Central American zone has Panama, Honduras and others....so there are FAR MORE teams in the game. :)
  3. Venter

    Venter Non-League

    19 February 2005
    yeah but I saw in a topic for chants also sounds for kuwait and uzbekistan and asia and african teams
  4. daveed

    daveed Non-League

    3 October 2006
    Well someone win the challenge! I just played three matches, that's enough for me today.
  5. RedSoxCoder

    RedSoxCoder Non-League

    28 October 2006
    I won qualifying with France, but got my ass kicked in the World Cup.

    One thing I noticed: You can't access every team in qualiyfing straight away, like Australia, Japan, South Korea - which is weird for a Japanese game! So I assume those can be unlocked too.

    Playing those teams into the World Cup is probably an unlockable prize. Does make sense in a way.

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