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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by uksix, 18 October 2012.

  1. uksix

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    29 October 2007
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    I recently bought UFC 3 and just have some questions.

    1. When selecting a figuter, how come some people have a either a belt icon, faded belt icon or no icon?

    2. Is the 3rd section of fighters for DLC?

    3. I got the season pass (XBOX) and was wondering where the store is to download the DLC. I cant seem to find it like in WWE 12 or Saints Row the third where it has its own section.
  2. vondave

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    9 August 2005
    1. Belt icon means they are a champion, faded belt means a former champion, no icon means they've never held the title.

    2. If I remember right. first section is UFC fighters, second are the Pride fighters/Pride versions of current UFC fighters when they used to fight in Pride (a legendary Japanese MMA company the UFC bought in 2007) then the third section is DLC, and the final section is CAF's. or CAF's could be 2nd/3rd, DLC 4th I can't remember. There is also another section where your career fighter lives if in that weightclass.

    3. Again if I remember right, you press Y on the title screen and it brings up the store. You can then download each DLC update. You should not be paying for it again, so do not click if it costs money next to it.

    sorry if I'm vague, if you want I'll have a look tonight when at home.

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