UEFA Cup 2008/2009 Thread

Discussion in 'Football' started by Bule, 4 December 2008.

  1. Bule

    Bule Leoni Rossi

    20 March 2004
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Galatasaray SK
    Let's discuss UEFA Cup 08/09 season here from group stages. Other UEFA Cup threads looks so inactive.

    We are in week 4 in group stages. And my team Galatasaray beat Hertha Berlin at Germany tonight. And after this match, we got 9 points and we take the lead against Olympiakos, Benfica and Metalist Kharkiv. Also, we guaranteed next stage of UEFA Cup from now on.

    But I want to talk about Metalist Kharkiv, before the group stages, they eleminated other Turkish side Beşiktaş. They are great team. They've a wonderful/talented player like Jackson and Papa Gueye and they'll be the most interesting team in UEFA Cup. They beat us in Turkey and Olympiakos at Ukraine. I'll be watching them.
  2. Neoexodus

    Neoexodus SLB Juve Barça Arsenal

    8 November 2007
    Benfica needs, in order to pass the group stage:
    The other 2 of the group to draw and we need to score 8 goals, i laughed hard when i saw this. They played childly so they don't deserve the group stage, its like impossible for them to score that amount even against the Junior team it would be hard. lol
    Im a Benfica Fan btw.
  3. Bule

    Bule Leoni Rossi

    20 March 2004
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Galatasaray SK
    Beginning of the group stages, I thought that Benfica would take the lead with their new players like Aimar, Reyes and Suazo and old players like Luisão, Cardozo and Nuno Gomes. Also you've a great atmosphere in Estádio da Luz. I dont know why but Benfica played like an amateur team on UEFA matches. Especially against us. You've great team but problem must be on your coach, i think.
  4. OPM

    OPM ...

    2 June 2003
    uefa cup...good memories...:CRY:

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