Tutorial Rabona kick for Pes 12 by SuperMan_CR7

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    Sorry that it has created a topic here, because I do not know where the topic tutorials.

    The text in the tutorial in English:

    Hello football fans, now I'll show you how to do rabona kick in Pes 12.

    Step one. First you need to change the player, or rather the "frequency of the weak leg", it must be 3 or less.

    Save this when we make changes.

    Some players are beginning to Pes.

    This is a limited area in which you can do rabona kick.

    Step Two. Determine the direction.

    If a player is right handed, then these parties.

    If left-handed, in these directions.

    Step Three. Determine how we will beat him.



    The fourth step. Pushes the ball (Acceleration or feint).

    Step Five. We beat.

    All at once does not work, the coach, I assure you - it will help. Good luck to everyone.

    If something is unclear, then write in this topic, I will answer all your questions.

    YouTube - Tutorial Rabona kick for Pes 12 by SuperMan_CR7
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