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Translated player in (Classic League teams) in JLWE20007CC

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by cyberskull, 14 August 2007.

  1. cyberskull

    cyberskull League 2

    6 March 2004
    Hi have you unlocked any of these teams?

    I want the correct player names... I noticed that stoichkov and suker are in LA LIGA team... but what about the other playerS? thanks!
  2. GaKiDo

    GaKiDo Non-League

    13 August 2007
    Real Madrid & Argentina
    i give the players from top Forwards to last GK (but there's some i didn't remember them):

    - ---
    - ---

    -Luis Enrique
    -Mauru Silva
    - ---

    - ---
    - ---
    - ---


    I did my best when i ll unlock the rest of the teams i ll post the names
  3. NocturnoV

    NocturnoV Non-League

    13 October 2006
    Sorry bad english.
    bueno aqui les dejo la traduccion que hisimos en el foro de Todo We para el JLeague pasado.

    salsalo --- Zamorano
    jan sarez --- Julio Salinas
    shurak --- Suker
    skorimilov --- Stoichkov
    bussarana --- Butrague├▒o

    jamni --- Jarni
    rogueiro --- Redondo
    islero --- Hierro
    kayukin --- Karpin
    routz eliquelo --- Luis Enrique
    mowkerai --- Mostovoi
    malo sila --- Mauro Silva
    siljome --- Simeone
    djeraigho --- Djalminha

    amenado --- Abelardo
    ferraro --- Ferrer
    navajo --- Nadal
    alvando ---
    seiron --- Sergi

    zugnaleni --- Zubizarreta
    soldo --- Songo

  4. NocturnoV

    NocturnoV Non-League

    13 October 2006
    Nirasaki ----> Hidetoshi Nakata \\:o/
  5. cyberskull

    cyberskull League 2

    6 March 2004
    And what about the others league teams? Someone can put the correct playerS?

    EDIT: SOrry i've seen the link THANKS!
    Last edited: 14 August 2007

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