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  1. kilay

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    11 November 2016
    Transfers this year are worst than last year, Liverpool has some strange bug like other big teams that literally dismantle the entire roster. The Dev should yet know that.
    But a bad issue that is present every years is about the elders players with good overall (over 72-73), big club try to buy it or sign it from free market.. That's is totally unreal, maybe put a max age limit about players that should be purchased.
    No-one Big Teams club buy player over 33-34 years (with some exceptions)
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    4 October 2010
    Bandung, Indonesia
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    KONAMI definitely need to rework transfer system. They need to take into account player rating, player reputation, team reputation, league reputation, how long a player has been in a club(a player should not move in every transfer window), player role(a bandiera should not move easily or refuse to be sold).
    Since manager also change team, maybe also add manager playing style (I dont know if PES already has this) into the equation.
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  3. kilay

    kilay International

    11 November 2016
    ATM managers tactics are linked to tactics that their team have at the start of ML. and they bring this tactis with them when move to other teams, but the great trouble are the free market managers that have tactics (not fluid) that you can't edit , so after a lot of efforts to put the right tactis for any team, in the second season when the chairs game start you finish to have some big teams with a KONAMI def tactics.. i hate that.
    The only fix is remove them via hex from the db (not still tried)

    : this year also the CoachDeleteList.bin seems works, so i can remove the most of them from ML... but i guess to have to left at least a bunch of them to avoid ML crash/bug
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