Tools for viewing saved goals.

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by billah, 8 July 2005.

  1. billah

    billah Non-League

    2 September 2003
    I would appretiate, if any of you out there tell me which software to use to vie all my saved replays.

  2. rexrex

    rexrex Conference

    17 June 2005
    Do you have PC or PS2?
  3. Tridek2

    Tridek2 Benfica & PES lover!!

    17 May 2005
    I bet it's for PS2.
  4. rexrex

    rexrex Conference

    17 June 2005
    But it's in the PC forum. Hehe, oh well.

    For PC I use Taksi. Now, I guess you can view saved goals as well, but this is the way I save goals. This creates a large .avi file which I usually make into a .gif (or something like that).

    Here's Ajay's list of essential tools:

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