Tomba's Gameplay tweak numbers for PES4

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Alberto Tomba, 4 March 2005.

  1. Since I've given up on the PES4 patch I feel it is only right that I give out what I did to make the gameplay more realistic

    Top Speed - reduce overall by 28
    Accelleration - reduce overall by 24(reason for it being 24 later)
    Long pass speed - reduce overall by 35
    Short pass speed - reduce overall by 35
    dribble speed - reduce overall by 20
    shoot power - reduce overall by 7 (reason for this later)
    Ability - increase by 2

    (abbreviated now)
    TS - increase speed by 4
    A - increase by 7
    LP - increase by 4
    SP - icrease by 4
    DS - reduce by 4
    ShootP - increase by 7

    TS - increase by 6
    A - increase by 7
    LP - decrease by 4
    SP - increase by 4
    DS - increase by 7
    ShootP - increase by 4

    ShootP- increase by 7
    LP - increase by 10
    SP - increase by 10

    Now finally...(optional)

    Ability - increase by 4

    Ability - increase by 3

    Ability - increase by 5

    These are the key attribute numbers to tweak.
    Game plays awesome.

    Edited by Alberto Tomba
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  3. eddy edwards

    eddy edwards Premiership

    2 September 2003
    Fantastic - well done. Not sure whether I'll get round to editing it now though what with we8le just a couple of weeks away, I'm sure it would take me that long to edit pes4. Mind you if we8le arrives and still does not play as well as hoped I will certainly use your formula. :)
  4. nerf

    nerf Forming triangles

    10 September 2003
    West Mids, UK
    Aston Villa
    Thanks for sharing, it sounds interesting :). I'm quite tempted to give it a go some time.

    One thing I'm not clear on, and maybe I'm missing something obvious, but which attribute are you calling 'Ability'? Is it 'Technique'?
  5. yes
  6. geoffhurst

    geoffhurst geoffhurst

    2 April 2003
    hi albert tomba, you said in a previous thread that you were going to put ariels bernabeau stadium in your upcoming we8le patch, but weve since heard that its impossible to create it for playstation 2, unless you know something we dont, any comments on this and hows your patch material progressing.
  7. geoffhurst

    geoffhurst geoffhurst

    2 April 2003
    sorry forget to say that im really looking forward to seeing whats in your winning eleven


  8. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    ... Haha I cant believe it.
  9. Zlatan#9

    Zlatan#9 Premiership

    26 December 2002
    Haha is this a joke?? Have you tried playing with teams that has players who have 60-70 in passing speed and has no technique on the ball whatsoever? Can it be more unrealistic? Me mum has better dribble skills than 70 ffs.

    What's the point of these tweaks besides that "the game plays awesome" which it clearly does not after tweaks like that if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Sporting Boy

    Sporting Boy Non-League

    15 August 2003
    Tomba, i have 3 words for you: Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!!! The gameplay becames more perfect real. Thank you man!!!!!
  11. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

  12. Sporting Boy

    Sporting Boy Non-League

    15 August 2003
    Tomba, do you mean ability or agility?? Because i can't find ability in the editors!!!
  13. Agility sorry
    and to anyone doubting this. It's really made the game of PES4 better in my honest opinion.

    I plan on doing something similiar for WE8LE very soon.
    But NOT AS drastic with the passing speeds.

    WE8LE will only have pitches,adboards and gameplay tweaked directly by me along with new menus(more streamlined and music. :)
    Kits flags stadiums will be edited ONLY if they have things that muck up the screen when your're playing a match, ex:linesman security benches etc.
  14. ash

    ash DeMinistrator

    21 March 2004
    Man Utd
    tomba i cant pm you , dont know why but here are a few questions for your we8lwe patch

    few questions, will you be using mirusts kits? also can u sue barca away kit as the gold one for abovious reasons. also tell me about ur tweaks, will it be slower the game?

    Also do you need any help with the patch? I can make a cover for the game, jsut need the original cover, i avent got a scanner, so i cant scan mine, can you get me one? and any other help required?
  15. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    Hi I dont like Tombas patches no offence:(
  16. brunnoce

    brunnoce World Cup Winner

    29 July 2003
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    hi again m8..i just read the tweakins.. let me ask you does the game play more like WE8jl?? i mean i think that with lower ratings the game much more like old school WE ...more of a tatical game..and thats what i am seeking...
    also whats the reason for the shoot power lowering?

    also when you said add 10 for each stat, means that instead of lower supose pass speed by 20 i should lower by 10?

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