Tiger Woods 09 Allstar Wii

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Kaiser, 14 September 2008.

  1. Kaiser

    Kaiser PES Enthusiast

    3 July 2003
    I got this yesterday from Morrisons for £15, quite a snip


    I like the feel of this actually. Swing style seems realistic enough on advanced setup and i like the fact you can tinker your stroke style with your coach after a stroke game.

    The party games will be the usual nonsense but i'm going online tonight to see what that will be like. The fact that that promises no waiting for another player after you had your go but you can see their ball represented by a ghost line while playing with you.

    Graphically i think this just looks like a juiced up PS2 version and i'm slighly miffed that even on the Wii there is STILL no crowd visable!?!:brick:

    But @ £15 i cannot(dare not) complain.

    Anyone else bought this and what are peoples thoughts?
  2. mjsmith2k

    mjsmith2k Come on you Reds!

    5 November 2005
    Forest, Bulls, Patriots
    I have it too, it's a great game. Just had a full 18 holes at St Andrew's with my Dad. -2, Get in!
  3. pboreham

    pboreham Kick. Snare. Hat. Ride.

    5 August 2002
    Southend Utd
    Yea great game - just about to play it now actually!

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