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This thing ist getting boring....

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by efexx, 13 January 2006.

  1. efexx

    efexx Non-League

    9 July 2003
    Hey WE-folks. In my opinion winning eleven is getting boring. It´s still the best footie-game out there, but the last 2 years there were only minor changes and the we-experience is not more so spectacular. Hey some years ago, when i played we I had a lot situations that were so spectacular and I thought "WOW what a great game it´s like real football! And scoring goals and have great games, especailly against friends, were so a great gameexperience. But it´s all gone and I can´t say definitly why. i think the series need a great step forward (maybe with PS3). As a example: the two handsave. So many We-players mentioned that "bug/fault(!?), but still the same shit. I´m slowly loosing the fun with that game and that´s pity, because I loved this game allways. What are your opinions. And I had also the fellign that this forum had greater times with more live in it!?

    Greetz EFX
  2. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    In terms of graphics, they have reached the limits as to what they can do with the series. The fact of the matter is, the gameplay is already very good and there ain't much they can add to it apart from little quirks.

    The next step (apart from the graphics and commentary/crowd sounds) will be to fix up the online capabilities and interaction (An online Master League perhaps?). Microsoft already have a good infrastructure with LIVE so hopefully we'll see some good improvements there. I'll like to see a more structured facility where I can have sessions with a group of people (perhaps play in a structure virtual world cup perhaps?). I haven't actually used the online facilities on PES so I don't know whats it like currently.

    In non-online terms, as I said before, there ain't much to do. I've been dreaming of the return of the "Scenario challenges" that were class in the original SNES games for a long time. Indoor football will be nice as well.

    I dunno where you are getting at about not having fun with your mates in multiplayer tbh - its always been fun for me. Its undoubtedly the best multiplayer game there is. To be frank, I haven't touched Pro Evo in ages....but thats mainly because I haven't really been playing games recently - maybe its the same case with you? ;)
    Last edited: 13 January 2006
  3. aussiepesfan

    aussiepesfan Premiership

    17 April 2002
    its all gone!!??? what a load of bollocks.. i know youre free to express your opinion so all is cool.. but quickly ill express mine. When u thought 'wow' what a great game, its cause ud never experienced something like this before.. like the first headjob in a new relationship... but im sure ud agree the game now is much better than when you thought 'wow'... its just that youve gotten used to it. i think maybe youre taking the game for granted.. which is quite normal.. like everything in life.. take it away..and ull understand. for me we9jl still gives me the wow factor, as now, more than ever before, i can do things in this footy game that i couldnt do in previous versions.
    I think the next 'wow' or 'wowo' factor will be with graphics and increased animations when released on ps3.

    for now.. we9jl will do more than just fine.. ;)
  4. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    MasterLeague is rubbish compare it to the Fifa career mode with full leagues and cup structures.
  5. aussiepesfan

    aussiepesfan Premiership

    17 April 2002
    Yes i guess masterleague's structure aint the best.. but better having BEST MOST REALISTIC GAMEPLAY, than BEST MASTERLEAGUE.
    Masterleague stucture is much easier to fix than a fantastic gameplay.

    jeez.. i must have too much free time on my hand to reply to such nonsense hahah
  6. Artist

    Artist Guest

    PES 5 is an hard game (the hardest) and that´s why some people complain about the game this year :roll:
  7. aussiepesfan

    aussiepesfan Premiership

    17 April 2002
    I havent played PES5, but ive played WE9(jap) and now im playing WE9JL which is definately harder (defense ai is much improved) than WE9 and infact the hardest of the lot.. with less cheating.. thats why i enjoy it so much.
  8. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Hence the frustration so easy to fix yet Seabass seams completely content with the masterleague he has created whilst everyone constantly complains.
    I believe this is because the japanese never played games like SWOS and dont care about Fifa to much.
  9. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    yes there is, with ML being probably the main single person section that is piss poor now. It was decent enough when they started it, however now its just crap.
    Database being another section, but you should read plf's thread for info about that. Changes the game to make it so much better and more realistic.
    Cup/league creation is still very poor( you cant even set up a CL with home and away games ffs)
    Im not that bother about graphics as i realise they have reached the limit. However like embrace stated its so frustrating that something as simple as an enlarged ML seems to be ignored, with ridiculous statements as datacapacity being used as excusses by seabass. Strange when fifa can have nearly every league in the world and every cup tournament, stranger still when we all know pes only uses 2,1gb of a 4,7gb disc.

    I have to agree with efexx' sentiment that the game has lost some of its wow factor. Ive mostly noticed this because of the graphics. Since pes3 there hasnt been a major step up in this department which is acceptable. Im expecting the ps3 version to get that back, however im afraid the simple things like ml structure will still be the same old shit. Gameplay wise i still do get the wow factor, however its also often greated with a groan as some weak scripting has set in and killed a chance of a great move/goal/ect. Theres room for improvement
  10. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    ain't much to do? hahaha, do me a favour

    try using your imagination, there's an infinite number of things that can be done

    ffs, it's still 8 directional movement and scripted passing...penalties, free-kicks, corners, throw-ins all crap, the list is endless

    seriously, think about it...the game is a million miles from having nothing left to do

    it's the best action footy game there is, but that says more about the opposition

    the lack of wow factor is mostly to do with the same game engine being regurgitated each year so the annual changes are slight - I've no major gripe with this, every game is this way, they're not going to re-write it each year, but the fact is that it means the wow factor evaporates

    you need to compare games on a wider time basis...compare PES2 with PES5 and you go WOW, PES2 seems so crap now

    the game series' which produce a WOW are those which are released every 2 or 3 years, not every year
  11. johngonzalo19

    johngonzalo19 Non-League

    4 August 2004
    i agree with the previous post....This game is far from boring and i have been playing it for years...since Nintendo 64 days...Try playing with all the teams dont use the same 2 over and over....you'd be surprised how different it is to play with teams not usually favored(meaning big clubs)Winning Eleven,PES is probably the game with the most replay value ever and thats not to mention the multiplayer aspect.
    Personally i think alot of people disagree with you on that one.

    Currently embarked on a worldcup in WE9JL(Germany 06)
  12. aussiepesfan

    aussiepesfan Premiership

    17 April 2002
    I dont know bout the 'its only real good cause the oppition is so crap'.. i mean... i compare we9 or we9jl to any other sport game there is, and itd have to be the best sports simulation out there. I cant think of a game that exceeds it..

    I think unlike the opposition, seabass comes out with a great (better than last version) game each year, and thats what makes his group so special.

    Ofcourse there is more to fix etc..but please.. live in the moment, not the future.. enjoy what you have now.. and also long as things get better, its all good. They say, if youre not getting better.. youre getting worse... for me WE just keeps on getting better.. and with all that still needs to be done im even more excited.

    anyways.. back to the this 'wow' factor.. its all a personal thing anyways. some are 'wowoed' about it..some not.. im just glad this game still gives me the rush and happiness we all deserve ;)
  13. ricola_pak

    ricola_pak Non-League

    29 October 2005
    I still play it about 3 hours every second day, absolutely addicted

    In fact, the only games I have on my PS2 are Final Fantasy X, X-2, GT4 and Winning Eleven 9 (of course the older Winning Elevens too)
  14. omimiga

    omimiga Conference

    I agree with you, it's getting boring.. the AI must evolve, it should try to emulate an human player, not cheating and ultra quick reactions... this is ridiculous... I hate playing alone... Master League is crappy... ACUMULATED FATIGUE IS A SHAME (should only appear at the last games of the season and you should lose more stamina in a game at the beginning of the season)... I just can't play WE against computer anymore... I just play with friends, and I'm not having as much fun as playing older versions... it turned more difficult to dribble, to get good thru passes and long balls (the keepers are too fast and anticipates every move)... and it's ridiculous how easy is to score from long range and how difficult is to beat the keeper in 1-on-1 when chased by a defender (you must move b4 shot, but if a defensor is chasing you, if you move there's a great chance to lose the ball, if you shot without moving the keeper catches most times... and dribble is risky because the keeper can slow you by catching you feet)
    Last edited: 16 January 2006
  15. omimiga

    omimiga Conference

    I just forgot about the ultra high-tech ANTI-GOOD PASSES DEFENCE...

    Every time you has the ball and a teammate is free in a dangerous position, computer CHEATS predicting the play and knows exactly how to position the player to intercept you pass... if it's player is near you there's no CHANCE in the HELL to dribble or pass quickly, he'll take the ball or the ball will hit him... this works the same on shoting... computer seems to be a great wall, no ball passes... you have to clear everything to get a clean shot or computer will defend...
    Last edited: 18 January 2006
  16. efexx

    efexx Non-League

    9 July 2003
    Okay, played the last days We9 JL again and must say that it´s still great fun with/against friends, but I say again: why they don´t solve bad things that are mentoined year after year? Is it so difficult to programm some new keeper-animations, so that great goals are looking great ? I agree that the game moves forward, but a few things are getting backwards! 40-meter-two-men-freekick=goal chance is 50 %. In 3 versions of the game!!! If I try every superlong-distance-freekick against my mate , so I can score nearly every game one. Now we have an aggrement, not doing this. ANd the fatigue in master league?! After some games my team is half-dead.
    Master league structure is discussed enough in this forum. We all knew this is a big weakness of we. Computer-ai is still very few attacking, so games are getting boring.
    And please fire konami-europe-pes-progammers. It´s allways a shame what they do out of the WE-series. The PES-games are absolutly bullshit against WE. And this is lame, because I can only play PES online.
    I have the feeling, that Konami can do more improving the game, but they don´t do it, because they have no competion anymore. They know their gameplay is the best, so why they must make bigger efforts to make a even better WE-expierence. The customer has no other choice. And don´t come with fifa. This is not a football-game! :D
  17. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    First of all I don't think game is getting boring or anything. I'm still enjoying it immensley and will only stop playing it when a new version comes out. But here's just some comments I wanted to make having read some of your replies which I agree with.
    Totally with you on this. I'd still play this game over any other football game even if it's ML was much worst but having said that that, here's another great point by embraceuk
    I believe the same. It's just so silly that you can have a game this great. This realistic in gameplay. This advanced in simulating real life football game as best as possible yet have a Masterleague structure that you'd think even a 10 year old that is WAY below the rest of game's league. It is just piss poor and yes the most frustrating thing is that this is probably easy as $hit for them to fix. It'll probably take not long and they've done the hard bit but they just don't seem to care about this aspect of game which is one of the most important for us :roll:

    @Efexx, The fatigue is way too intense in this game but there is things you can do to make it slightly better, it won't get rid of the programming problem with fatigue which is just too much and you'll still never get a player like Lampard to play that many consectuve games or even 10 in a row even if you put his stamina to 99 and condition to 8 but you can still improve the game and lower the impact of "Intensified Fatigue" in this version by certain edits to player in database.

    Finally @Tik x 3 , I agree with what you said as well just don't have time to quote and comment on it right now
  18. omimiga

    omimiga Conference

    Man I agree that the game is the more realistic ever, but it needs to improve a lot... the AI of the COM is ridiculous, TOTAL SOCCER has a better AI than WE9... it's ridiculous how they cheat to intecept passes, block shots, chase you up and push you when you're gonna to shot dismantling you attack (and it's never PENALTY!!!), its ball control when receiving air balls or to rob you ball when it's off the ground is incredible, its 0.00001s reaction when you try a dribble or a move...
    The R2 buttom to take the ball or mantain possession is a must, if you don't use computer will steal your ball like take candy from child... if you use it's still very difficult to mantain possession without passing out in a freaky fast way or you'll be chased and pushed out by some strong player..

    Playing against friends problems: DRIBBLE! Fuck they made it much more difficult, you can't dribble out more than 2 players in short range, you can't dribble out players even with good distance between then without a good balance... fuck ROBINHO is a master in dribble and has a ridiculous balance, and still dribble then around... DRIBBLE IS FUN!!! I loved WE7 that I could dribble every player from your pitch with L1 to get a goal... but I think WE8 is more realistic with dribbling...
    Another problem, when you play 2 x 2, when you change the players with L1 your player chases up the ball even if your friend has the possession, so you can't get good fast runs thru the defence because you always go in his direction first...
    But the worst problem is the quickness of the Keepers, you can't get good thru passes in the air because the keeper just gets every ball that enters the area...

    The way they chose to make the game more difficult is a very wrong way... they should try to emulate humans, not play in FREAKY LONG PASSES or PERFECT CROSSES that you can't do anything to defend... I win in 6 stars most times, but I don't play like we see teams play in real soccer to do that...
  19. omimiga

    omimiga Conference

    The last thing: WHY BALANCE IS SO FUNDAMENTAL??? WTF... it's the most important stat in the game... this is not true in real life

    The R2 body use is a good improvement... but they made the game based in it... COM uses everytime... If you don't use you fall like a girl...

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