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The thing whats missing in pes...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by F_Totti, 15 May 2007.

  1. F_Totti

    F_Totti Pes Pro

    8 August 2004
    The panenka penalty.

    Why dont they add this feature?

    This would be so freakin' cool.

  2. spursrule

    spursrule Conference

    2 May 2003
    First they need to improve the shooting and running.
  3. F_Totti

    F_Totti Pes Pro

    8 August 2004
    yup. I liked the dribbling in pes 5. Much better and realistic.

    But still this penalty could be an easy and cool add-on. Press square and R1 for example for a panenka lol...
  4. diego_robinho

    diego_robinho Conference

    13 May 2003
    Man Utd
    I totally agree the panenka penalty would be a quality addition, like many other things....

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