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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by miguelfcp, 19 April 2018.


    ANONYMOUS31 Non-League

    24 July 2017
    Greece National Team,Pao
    ok hello forum I have a problem about to old pro evolution soccer games on the playstation 2:pro evolution soccer:[​IMG] and pro evolution soccer 2:[​IMG] I know where the afs files are for both games I know how to change emblems kits via tools(we pes graphic studio,gamegraphicstudio and I use CDmage beta to import the afs into the iso for pro evolution soccer[winning eleven 5])the problem is how to edit the players on the winning eleven 5 there isnt any option in edit mode to modify players:, and on pro evolution soccer 2 you can change stats but not the nationality of the player you want:, so my question is there any player editor I can use for these two games like in the new pro evolution soccer games e.g. pro evolution soccer 5 or 6?

    ANONYMOUS31 Non-League

    24 July 2017
    Greece National Team,Pao
    anyone doesn't know?
  3. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Wait, mate. You asked this a couple of hours ago.
    If somebody knows the answer, they will definitely reply to you. If nobody does, then you already have your answer.

  4. papinho81

    papinho81 League 1

    22 March 2017
    Chaumont Switzerland
    Olympique de Marseille
    I posted a solution for this in this very thread something like 5 or 6 months ago, but I can t remember the trick now. I Probably also posted it on the jenkey tool thread. Search for my posts in this thread. They are not so many . I think you just have to replace jenkey exe, just the exe, with an older one and it does the job
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  5. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    I will most definitely search for that, pal.
    However... I can tell you that if that is indeed the answer, it won't work for me because I have already tried replacing Gameplay Tool 3.2.5 exe with that of several other versions but it still won't open up.
    Only version I can open is from 3.2.1 and backwards.
  6. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Well here it is master @papinho81 :D
    First of all, I love it when people find a way to fix or figure out workarounds for their problems and then they come back to share the solution for people who might face the same issues in the future. The internet is full of people who do the opposite actually. When they find out who to fix it, they never come back or they don't tell you how. So kudos (I hate that word) for that :D

    Unfortunately though, I think this isn't going to work for me.
    I have 3 EXE versions of PES 2013: 1.00 , 1.03 and 1.04.
    Gameplay Tool 3.21 (which is the one you ended up using as a workaround) only works with 1.03. But the Patch I'm using is based on PES EDIT 13 which uses EXE 1.04. So the Gameplay tool won't attach to 1.04.
    But if I use exe 1.03 and attach the Gameplay tool, then I can't use the PES EDIT patch because when the game starts, it tells me that it's unable to load the Data because it's from a different version.

    And since there's no way to change the data version of the EDIT.bin, as far as I know.... it's one or the other for me, unfortunately.
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  7. papinho81

    papinho81 League 1

    22 March 2017
    Chaumont Switzerland
    Olympique de Marseille
    I know they don't have a good rep (using other people job, who doesn't?), but you might try the space patch. It is very impressive in terms of update content and it would work with jenkey tool because it is built upon jenkey mod (I think). Check your PM
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  8. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Nuff love papi (L) haha
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  9. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
  10. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Thanks a lot mate!
    The links are indeed active (Zippyshare is amazing, really old links are still active most of the time).
    Unfortunately for me though it's a pretty out to date patch. Kits, squads, etc.
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  11. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Yeah it is true.All the up to date patches I have found mostly in YouTube are passing through the pesedit latest patch prism .Really wierd why nobody worked in a new patch from scratch after 2013,since it is considered the most famous pes from the ps3/xbox360 era.
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  12. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    I agree. Very strange.
    PES 6 modding is still very active and very up-to-date. So it also surprised me to see the lack of good/new patches for PES 2013.
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  13. Red_Star_Belgrade

    Red_Star_Belgrade League 2

    17 June 2008

    Hey Lev, where you goin' with that cap on your head?

    Klos being stupid.

    Ballack vs. Preud'homme
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  14. Madmac79

    Madmac79 Premiership

    11 September 2006
    Whoa! Pes 2011 is igniting the old fire like I wouldn't have tought when I casually retake this ML.

    I've ended the season grabbing the last Europe spot available at the last day :D :


    I did better than the first round but I still lost a lot of matches, luckily all those other teams slowed down like hell.. so I'll battle for an unexpected EL next season.

    Our japanese Messi also won top assist and secured a place in the top 11 of the league:


    Then it came the summer squad building.

    It's so satisfying to do the transfer market in this game. To scout and point just a limited number of prospects, due to the hidden attributes; to fight with your budget and with the various, more or less motivated, possible offer declines.

    Out went De La Pena and a lot of other defaults; in Luis Fabiano, already bought. I searched for a midfielder and a right sideback; brought in a young Ramires, who seems like a wonderful box to box mf, and another very young, future star on the side: K.Parker.

    Unfortunately, to complete all the transfers, due to budget limits, I had to make a big sacrifice, selling K.Jones who I just bought january and gave me a big hand reaching Europe.. but whatever. Gives interest to the narrative. The board, since I still had a small passive despite this, also demoted my fan club to level 3 from level 4 (no idea the solid consequences of this.. maybe less money from home games?).

    Looking forward to play this third new season!
  15. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    I wonder if in 2027 we'll be firing up PES 2019 and feeling like we missed something in the past
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  16. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    I think you take less income from fan-club merchandise, it is an amount of money you take once every year (beginning of season). Basically i used to go all-in-all with this fan club level 5 from first season, as it is the first source of money income for your team. I believe it was the most secure investment, even if you have a crap season you take your money back, at least in the beginning.

    Forgot how much much proper was the season scheduling and finances programming back then, when the real season starts in September for everyone in the "western world" ,KONAMI for a crap reason in the latest games decided to flat out everything and start all contract renewal moves (in extension Player salaries payment) in New Years Eve or in Late August. Payment day in first week of September was a much better date to program your year.

    What difficulty level do you play pal?You did a pretty awesome beginning grabbing the EL spot.
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  17. Madmac79

    Madmac79 Premiership

    11 September 2006
    You'll not believe it, but I was thinking the same exact thing today! But more on a pessimistic note, like if we'll keep on this online, fast food gaming route, things could turn so bad for single player that even severly lacking chapters like 2018 or 2019 could possibly represent something to come back to, in couple of years.

    Thanks for the fan club explanation mate! Had no idea it worked like that.

    This 2011 ML (along with 2010, 12 and partially 13) has indeed some sweet depth and you could say there was some real love and cure to the details. That's why I cringe when people, in defense of modern dullness, says "eeh, ML was kinda always just a bunch of matches after another".. eehr, no, it kinda wasn't, like, at all.

    By the way, I play 5 stars. But don't let my placement fool you :D: I lost A LOT of games as you can see and that general impression I had of 2011 being on the soft side wasn't confirmed at all, especially when I played against strong teams. It's just that the other teams seriously had horrible results too.. it kinda looked it was scripted in my favour :LOL:.
  18. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Yes it used to have pretty good depth, in club management. I cannot open my broken PC to remember the menu, but if i recall right i used to start with max investment in Fan-Club, and use the money as tailwind for a good season. I think the second i used to raise was the Doctor or Physio, can't remember the right name, cause injuries where a pain in the @$$, with a bad one option. Whatever, when the budget was limited, a contextual strategy in investment strategy was needed, cause of example if you start maxing out the scout, you loose the 5,000,000 so you end up with an awesome scout but without any money to sign anyone! Just a simple mistake i recall now from my old MLs. Finally after 4 or 5 seasons if you max out the youth academy, you start having youngster regens of 70+ overall, as it is by default in the newest PES versions.

    The only ''shady part" i remember, if you can call it "shady", it used to not bother me at all, is that some world star players like C. RONALDO, Casillas, Neuer, Ibrahimovic, if you started with them in their current teams and not the default ones, used to change teams every semester!

    Ah and keep an eye on Palmieri,Vandenbuurd,Taktoyuri, they hit world class levels in a while.
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  19. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Oh I wasn't being optimistic either, at all!!!
    My comment was more on the sarcastic side :D
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  20. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp WYL | Porto

    27 June 2009
    @Madmac79: Amazing season right there, check out your defensive record! I thought the highlight would be your talent-filled offense but your defense stole the show completely. What's next for Riganpool? To try and repeat an EL qualification, or cement their place on the Serie A instead?

    Agree with you about your take on the supposed "dullness" of the ML. When you're playing this mode, the game becomes just a platform: the stories, the drama, all of that is going on on your head, making the game just an extension of that narrative.

    @Chuny: Well, if Konami decides to pull the plug on the development of PES...this could be one of the last of the series, so I could see people getting attached to it in the future :DD
    I don't even play PES19, but people here already know that I don't believe it's possible to extract all the value of a sports game in just one year - providing people don't play it like 10 hours a day. And with all the leagues PES has nowadays, in my head it's absolutely impossible to finish it and start playing PES20 with a feeling that you really took advantage of PES19.
  21. Madmac79

    Madmac79 Premiership

    11 September 2006
    @miguelfcp Thanks mate. Yes, attacking was a bit harsh this season, stronger defenses and keepers made me pay despite Shimizu and Schwarz, plus as I said earlier De la Pena was a disappointment which didn't helped.

    As you noted I have a good defense, tho, all homemade from the youth team: Fatecha, southamerican talented GK- Palmieri (who has already 87 overall, but it was known, as Slam said above, that he's world class) and Schmidt who grows slower than his partner, but is already very very strong. When I'm winning and the result is uncertain I also put in Jaric and place him as a DMF, he's still very useful.

    For what's next I don't know, this game is really unpredictable! Hard to set goals.
    Problem with this season is that I have a very short roster and one more comp to play. I hope I'll be able to hold it until january when I'll hopefully be able to bring somebody else in. As I want to win all the trophies available in ML, I'd love to go as far as possible in the cups and qualify again for the EL next season, when if possible I'll build a larger and more complete team to win it :)).
  22. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    @miguelfcp, very true mate, another poster on this page had a question about PES 1 and PES 2 game option files for players and when I saw the old PES 2 iconic box cover (no celeb player mug shots either :TD:), showing the true football nature of the early editions. I remembered that I once played twenty ML seasons with AS Roma in a PES 2 save and as players never aged a day before PES 4, you could build a footballing dynasty in your mind as well as on the pitch for an endless game of football fantasy at its very best. If Konami had just expanded the Master League to make a true football pyramid of leagues and divisions, could you imagine how amazing it would be now ?

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  23. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    Question to all expert tech heads in evo-land: gaming lap tops, are they good for PES games ? And will they play early ones or will the Windows 10 gaming kill-off apply to them too ?
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  24. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    I'll leave this here to help people avoid the struggle I went through with PES 2013:
    So far, out of the 10+ Patches I've seen and informed myself about, this is the best one, all-around. Still missing the Winter Transfers, but they up date it very often.

    P-Patchs HQ

    Now all that's left for me to do is finally find a way to be able to open Gameplay Tool 3.25 instead of 3.21.
  25. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    @Madmac79 Those PES 2011 menus always give me fuzzy nostalgic feelings. The first time Konami really matured the presentation, the main menu was classy. And the soundtrack was just awesome and memorable.

    Look forward to getting stuck back into this one soon.

    I was thinking about this when i played 2008 & 2010 on PC last couple of weeks. At the time they weren't considered progressive enough and the engine had gotten stale. However as we all know, going back to the classic PS2 era engine which those 2 are built off, there's a lot of underappreciated joy to be had with these and it seems fresh again. Should be interesting in 10 years time to see how in leu of hyper realistic gaming and god knows how toxic the pressure to join the online gaming race will be then that 2019 might be regarded as simpler times by comparison. Even though it's a pretty toxic online emphasis at present.
  26. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Continuing with my journey through PES 2013.
    I went back to it for a few hours, after two years. I still can't believe how good the AI was.
    Shooting from distance. Tight marking. Less space in the midfield. And I was only playing on Professional!!!
  27. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    If you're thinking early PES's (3-6 etc) then they'll play them no problem. I used to play pes6 on my old laptop that was just fairly decent spec for its time but in no way could be called a gaming laptop. It ran it with no problem on a decent resolution (think it was 1980/1024 or similar) As to whether the older games will play on windows 10 it's probably best to do a search online, which games did you have in mind. The PES games, as i say, all work on windows 10.
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  28. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    Thanks @mattmid mate, I will have a look and see what will run on those Windows 10 compatibility lists online and of course I am only thinking of PES 3 to PES 7 at the latest. I don't do new stuff EVER.

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  29. sniglet

    sniglet League 1

    6 August 2007
    Cornwall, UK
    So, PES 3 eh? After reading some of this thread (and the bumped @fmicablues7 thread) I thought I'd give it a go. Turns out, it's a lot of fun and can work well and look good after a few tweaks.

    Managed to get the internal resolution up to 2560x1440 by using a nice bit of software for retro gaming called dgVoodoo. Read this to find out how and if you have any problems or questions, let me know. This should also work for any other retro PES titles that don't have the internal resolution option from kitserver.

    This also fixes the worst of the stuttering which can happen under Windows 10.

    1. In PES 3 set screen mode to 'Window' via the in-game Screen settings menu. Not sure if this is necessary and makes step 5 pointless - 'Full screen' is untested.

    2. Download this:!NlRWhaBD!uPQVrAoehKY9kCOHDkN5pBbLRPM3SUO5-dejE4Bc0Ck

    3. Drop all files from the .zip into the root of your PES install (same directory as pes3.exe).

    4. Edit kserv.cfg so it includes: aspect.ratio = 1.78, screen.width = 1920, screen.height = 1080; or whatever your screen resolution/aspect ratio is.

    5. Add pes3.exe to Borderless Gaming (

    This is what it should look like - watch on Youtube for full 1080p60 goodness:

    @mattmid @miguelfcp Currently playing through an all Scotland League with Fife. Amador is still great. :) I'll do some more work on it at some point I'm sure.
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