The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Chris Davies, 31 October 2007.

  1. Chris Davies

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    Right, it's been talked about a few times, and I've been given permission from the site owners to start it (I had to ask because I can just see the queue of people getting ready to hijack this thread - although if you are a moaner-hater, please read the first line of the next paragraph).

    The idea of this thread is to reduce the off-topic and consistent moaning across all threads on the forum, and to provide a place for all complaints about the game to go. After sufficient complaints have been collected, I will put together a letter featuring them all, post it on here for suggestions of any changes to make to it, and finally it will be sent off to Konami. Whether they listen or not is another matter, but you have to try, don't you?

    Please seperate your complaints into two categories:

    Factual Complaint: Something that is wrong with the game and isn't down to personal opinion. An example of this would be that there was a pre-match shirt/shorts/socks selector a couple of years ago, then it was reduced to home/away kit selection only, and now you can't select kits at all. This is an unarguable complaint.

    Personal Complaint: Something that you feel should be changed but isn't a matter of fact. An example of this would be that long shots are too easy to score now. Some people will agree but some will disagree, therefore it is not factual.

    Please also specify what version of the game you are referring to: Xbox 360 or ALL NEXT-GEN VERSIONS. But please note that the thread in this forum is for collecting Xbox 360 issues.

    Finally, please refrain from making suggestions and wishlists, as Konami have stated officially several times that THEY DO NOT ACCEPT THEM.

    The letter (I should say "book", because it's going to be massive) will document both kinds of complaints for Konami to browse over at their leisure.

    People who think this thread is a disgrace to Seabass or a waste of everybody's time, please keep your comments to yourself as this is a thread made to help everyone.

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  2. jondux

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    28 August 2006
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    Version: xbox 360

    Factual complaint:

    - Graphical errors in the cut scenes. e.g scored a goal with Kaka and to celebrate he ran straight through the stadium and into the crowd and disappeared. Pathetic and amateurish for a next-gen game costing £40
  3. zeemeister

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    8 September 2006
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    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    All formats:

    - Removal of teams are not necesarry. Such as Boca juniors or Egypt.

    - Bundesliga should be there to edit if licenses are not available.

    - Home and away Champions League cup format.

    - PES/WE should be one game released universally to allow the developement team more time.


    - Releasing a poorly tested stripped down game at the same price as a full version.

    - Slowdown

    - Editing very limited and stripped down to pes6 PS2.
  4. Nick Cave

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    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    JB, same for me, also:-
    - Menu system is an 80's throwback travesty..
    - Once again for luck, take the ML and put it out of it's misery...
  5. joddi_ll

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    18 September 2005
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    Version xbox360:
    Factual complaint:

    - Slowdowns during replays and opening sequences

    Personal complaint:
    - Camera angles removed (why??????????????)
    - Irreal fast gameplay
    - Irreal ball physyc (seems to be an iron ball)
    - Crowd graphics are laughable. Pixelated rubbish.
    - Poor detailed stadiums
    - No licenses
  6. thehoodedclaw

    thehoodedclaw Non-League

    22 August 2004
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)


    - Let me put edited teams from League C in the bloody Master League!

    There is no good reason on earth to not allow us to do this,even with the crappy logos,I don't care,let me put them in it!

    - Also the 8 spaces for kits is feeble in the days of hard drives,once again,no reason to limit this. (The ability to put the pictures on from a hard drive would be nice)

    - And the shirt/shorts/socks selection choice. Give it back,if I want to wear my away shorts with my home kit to avoid a clash,then let me fucking do it! Real football teams do!

  7. thehoodedclaw

    thehoodedclaw Non-League

    22 August 2004
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    Ooh Ooh!

    Forgot this:

    Untucked shirts!

    Why can't we have it?

    Someone said on here that it was a fifa directive that players had to come on with their shirts tucked in,but that's balls,cos I watched Liverpool v Arsenal Sunday,and half the Liverpool players had their shirts untucked when they came on.

    It aint acceptable to give us stuff then take it away,it just seems pointless.
  8. andish2001

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    1 May 2005
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    How about.... 360, Factual

    - release a next generation game rather than something i played 10 years ago on playstation 1.
  9. swander

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    20 October 2003
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    these are in the 360 version for sure
  10. Blue4life

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    23 December 2006
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    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

    why two threads for this?
  11. stuartyd

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    11 October 2004
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Personal Complaint:

    1. The ball physics are awful, especially when a goal is scored. The ball seems to be sucked into the bottom corner of the net and sticks there, rather than rolling up the net or back out of the net. I just don't get that WOW feeling when i score. I hate to start making comparisons with FIFA again but the ball and net physics just look so much better when a goal is scored in FIFA.

    2. The goalkeepers regularly let in howlers.

    3. The pace of the game is too high

    4. Since we don't have many licenses, make it easy for us to edit/patch everything. People won't mind about the rubbish names and strips etc if we can customize the game to our own needs

    5. The Master League is nonsense and has run it's course. A proper career mode is required with correct league and cup structures we can use and edit to make things realistic

    6. The pitch textures are awful. Professional football team's pitches are almost like carpets these days. It looks like we are playing on a council pitches in PES 2008

    7. The running animations are ridiculous

    8. The free kick system is well past it's sell by date. This is Next Gen people, lets get with the program

    9. Every time the ball rolls out toward my player at the edge of the box and i go to take a first time shot, my player does a slide tackle shot rather than getting his head over it and thumping it goalward

    10. The menu screens seem to have taken a good few steps backwards towards coin op days. The presentation in this game is amateurish to say the least

    11. I find it far too easy to get the ball and just run run run

    12. Not sure if it's just me but the scale of the pitch doesn't seem right. The players seem very small in comparison to it


    14. Surely FIFA don't have the licenses for all record labels and recording artists around the world too. What's with this god awful music we've got to put up with?

    15. Not sure where the design for the goal nets came from but they are neither nice nor realistic. Different stadiums/countries have different nets, lets try that please

    p.s Thanks for taking the time to do this Jack, lets just hope it's not a big waste of time
  12. schueygod13

    schueygod13 League 2

    4 August 2005
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Regarding the XBOX 360 version

    Factual Complaints:

    No kit selector at start of match

    Slowdown during corners and substitutions and also when an injured player re enters the field of play

    Graphical errors when goal celebrating i.e. player runs through the ad boards, into the crowd and disappears.

    No PES shop to unlock extras.

    Personal Complaints:

    Kit editor is very poor. Only a few shirt designs to choose from and no logo, flag, badge or stadium editor. Unable to ad text to shirts etc.

    Speed of the game is too fast. A re-introduction of the speed slide bar that was on PES 3 would suit all.

    No German Bundesliga.

    Master League needs improving with more teams and leagues, home and away legs, night/day games.

    More stadiums plus a stadium creator. I.e ability to set design and capacity.

    Vision camera option, although a good idea is poor due to quality of picture and only limited amoiunt of space to insert pictures/logos. Should be able to insert pics from memory stick.
  13. de_Campo

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    18 May 2003
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    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    System: All

    Factual complaint:
    - ability to change camera angle removed from this version.
    - shirts/shorts/socks selection before game like PES5 should have been included.
    - crowd graphics awful; they looked much better in PES6 on Xbox 360.
    - ability to set un-tucked shirts removed.
    - edit mode vastly reduced.
    - slowdown and frame skipping (on PS3 & Xbox 360) on replays which make them un-watchable.
    - can't edit boots anymore.

    Personal complaint:
    - pitch textures and colours are terrible, even worse on winter setting.
    - nets look awful, much better in PES5 and should have different types for various countries/stadiums.
    - slightly too fast.
    - free kicks and penalties haven't changed in 10 years. Should have ability to place or blast penalties (ie X for controlled pen, A for blast).
    - should have the ability to add logos and crests to shorts in edit mode.
    - more licenses especially the Premiership.
    - an online mode that is playable!!!!!!!!
    - menus are absolutely shocking - my 7 year old daughter could design better ones!
    - music terrible.
    - return of PES shop.
    - Mark Lawrenson's commentary is terrible, one of the worst in PES history (although John Champion's is good).
    - next-gen animations would be nice. That's all they've done is add one or two more from last-gen game, although the running animations are possibly the worst in any PES game.

    I don't think the future is looking too bright for the PES series. If they'd listen it would be a different story but somehow methinks none of the above will be incorporated....
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  14. badboyman

    badboyman Non-League

    17 August 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    erm just the unbelievable goal keeping errors
  15. KRoNoS

    KRoNoS League 1

    10 April 2006
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Rather than complain about the missing stuff from 2008 version compared to previous...xbox360 epecially (There's even stuff in the PS2 version not available in the 360 version...laughable). So can someone tell me what is new...
    I've always been a fan of the pes series but after the dismal PES6 on the 360 (bargain bin material) I was sure that things would improve. Oh dear I should have tried before I bought this and stuck to pes6 on ps2.

    Fifa has caught up now an is way more impresive than pes series.

    So if their is someone from konami who has the BALLS to explain the additions to their once wonderful game I would be delighted to hear from them. This is just laziness...and fans will look elsewhere...just look at how long it took EA FIFA to catch up with PES. You may get away with it once Konami but twice is treating your customers with contempt.
    so e-bay here i come
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  16. OBBB

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    14 January 2004
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Factual issue on PS3 and 360:
    Displaying a pre-recorded message during a replay (Hahaha, Goal!, etc...) sets a strategy when play resumes.

    Example: I score a goal. During replay, I press L1+X or LB+A(nice shot!). When the play resumes, I can see that the strategy set to button A (X) is now set.

    This is a functionality bug that was obviously waived...
  17. dougiedonut

    dougiedonut Non-League

    30 January 2003
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P


    Do you think it is worth pointing out to Konami in this letter that there are avid fans of the game who are abstaining from purchasing it due to the problems with the game?

    I think they should know how strongly some of us feel that we would rather go a year without the latest version in protest, than play a shoddy game that they expect us to just pick up and play.

    Konami have rested on their laurels for too long.
  18. danielrh

    danielrh Conference

    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Is konami gonna read this or is this customer complaints section a waste of time?
  19. goonermike

    goonermike Non-League

    7 June 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    xbox 360 version

    Personal complaint:
    -Master league needs major overhaul, especially fatigue system. Even with master league level set to very easy, players get fatigue after the first game of the season meaning that you have to change nearly the whole line up for the next game. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE(UNLESS YOUR NAMES RAFA BENITEZ!)
  20. vialli82

    vialli82 Championship

    4 September 2005
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    I've tried the WE2008 demo:

    We absolutly need a update like this one... Our version isn't finalised... We are all fucking beta-gamers like a crash test dummies for the japanese game...
  21. danielrh

    danielrh Conference

    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    I agree with goonermike the masterleague needs sorting out.
    I would like to see a multiplayer masterleague say up to four players wether online or offline that would be superb to be able to have say more than one player in the premiership battling it out to sign players and to compete for trophies.\\:o/
  22. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    From the official Konami homepage:

    Thats very very poor:

    PES 2008 FAQ - All systems

    Please find below an FAQ vor PES 2008 for all systems:

    When I try to enter the network mode I receive an error message (UDP port error)

    If you receive an error message that you are unable to connect to the server, it means that you have one or more ports blocked on your internet connection, either by your Internet Service Provider, or if you are using a router, by your modem with router function or firewall software.

    If the Router you are using is compatible with UPnP, please make sure that the UPnP function is enabled. Please disable any firewall/antivirus program on your pc. Also disable the Router’s Firewall function and make sure the following ports aren't blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and are open on your router (refer to the Router Manual in order to this):

    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 8800-8899, 14020

    UDP Ports: from 5730 to 5739

    How do I register my account to play online?

    For the PC version just run the auto start menu from your DVD and select the first menu entry “Online user registration” to create an account for online game play.

    For the PS3 version, please choose "Network" from the games main menu and select "Enter Registration Code and Password" afterwards to register an account.

    If I am playing Master League mode on my PLAYSTATION 3 my PES 2008 freezes

    We have discovered an issue with PES 2008 on PLAYSTATION 3 which causes the game to stop or freeze. This is likely to occur when PES2008 is installed on the hard disc and the auto-save function is activated in the Master League mode. Our team is working hard to provide a solution for this issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime please deactivate the auto-save function to avoid this issue.

    When I start a match on my PLAYSTATION 3 my PES 2008 freezes

    We have discovered an issue with PES 2008 on PLAYSTATION 3 which causes the game to stop freeze. This is likely to occur when PES2008 is installed on the hard disc and players with customized appearance using a camera are included in the team line-up. Our team is working hard to provide a solution for this issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime please try playing PES 2008 without installing the game onto the hard disc.

    I encounter difficulties in the online mode of PES 2008

    We have uncovered issues which affect online gameplay quality of PES 2008. We are working at full strength to find a solution as quickly as possible. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

    My PES 2008 on PLAYSTATION 3 is not running smoothly

    Konami Digital Entertainment is aware that some players of PES2008 are experiencing “stuttering” by their machine when playing on PS3. (This does not occur on other formats). After checking the matter we have found that the problem is primarily taking place where the user is not playing the game in high definition.

    The solution to this problem is to play the game on an HD TV (high definition screen) with an HDMI or component cable and the PS3 set to output in 720p resolution or above. This should prevent the problem and allow the player to enjoy the full HD experience provided by their PlayStation 3.

    Please note: to achieve high definition it is necessary to use HDMI or component cables instead of the AV (composite) cable supplied with the PS3.

    We are continuing to work on finding a solution for those people who do not have access to an HD TV.

    In the meantime Konami would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Will the game run with Windows Vista?

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has been designed for Windows XP, so we cannot guarantee its compatibility with other operating systems, like Windows Vista or Windows XP 64 bit.

    When I try to save game data I get the error message “Insufficient space for save” on my PC.

    Please make sure that your drive “C:” has sufficient space to save the game data. In case your system uses “C:” for a drive with removable media, please insert the media. If you are an experienced Windows user, you can also try to assign the drive letter “C:” to a hard disc partition. Currently we are working hard on resolving this issue and we hope to provide a solution soon!
  23. benmango

    benmango Non-League

    10 November 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Game version: Xbox 360

    Factual Complaint:

    1) Player likenesses are all over the shop - surely with this new technology of scanning in a picture of somebody this can be sorted out 100% for the next version?

    2) Goalkeepers are either absolutely rubbish or some kind of amazing superman. It's especially hard to score 1 on 1 this time which seems a little silly.

    3) Teammates STILL do not make the kind of runs into space that is realistic. They tend to just stand there. They should also try making intelligent runs towards goals providing chances of using the through ball.

    4) This one is a huge one for me - the lobbed through ball (LB + Y) is absolutely broken this year. No mateer what player you are the ball doesn't go far enough infront of your onrushing attacke, meaning playing balls over the top of the defence is just not possible as the defence heads them away again and again.

    5) Master League is a joke - the default players are AWFUL this year and can't run let alone kick the ball.

    6) Free kick from a crossing position are rubbish - you have no idea how far you're going to kick the ball. Perhaps some kind of stylus showing you the trajectory of the ball as you're lining it up. Likewise you never feel like you can "whip" a ball into the box from a freekick like you can from a normal cross.

    7) CPU AI from far out freekicks is also shocking - they just punt the ball in to your box everytime and 9 times out of 10 it comes to nothing. Strangely however, CPU shots from freekicks just outside the area almost always are on target resulting in either a goal or a save by the goalkeeper. They never seem to go wide even with rubbish players which is highly unrealistic.

    8) The referees are RIDICULOUSLY strict. If you slide in going for the ball and miss it nearly everytime you'll get a yellow or red card. That's just ridiculous. You don't see matches with no-one sliding in. That's what PES 2008 turns into unless you want 6 or 7 players booked.

    9) People in the crowd look like wax dummies. It's not even funny. The general crowd graphics look OK from a far but upclose there's about 30 clones sitting next to each other - can't be that hard to add images of different looking people surely.

    10) Fatigue system is ridiculous over the top - play 1 game and your player is half knackered. Players can play 5+ games in a row without getting so tired, it's completely unusable to have Fatigue on.

    Personal Complaints:

    1) Enemy AI is shocking and needs to be much harder - I'm playing top player difficulty and currently 15 points top of the Premiership.

    2) The Master League itself needs a huge revamp. A proper career mode with correct league and cup structures we can use and edit to make things realistic ourselves.

    3) Lack of stadiums. I would rather have all the Premier league stadiums in there than any of the miscellaneous ones from South America and the like.

    4) Editting. If all the licenses can't be bought at least let us edit everything, boots, kits, etc. I mean everything. Why is it, when playing as Liverpool, on the pause screen the manager is a black. Why doesn't he look like Rafael Benetiz as he should? You should be able to make your own manager from scratch as per players.

    5) Facial animations in general don't work and look ridiculous, especially after having scored they often look contorted when I assume they're trying to look happy.

    6) The ability to dribble to eternity with players like C.Ronaldo. Perhaps this is related to the inability to tackle efficiently with the A button this year.
  24. dejanm83

    dejanm83 Non-League

    14 May 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    They didn't fix the things that pissed me off the most...


    Overlapping objects - player body parts going through player body parts, ball through foot (and vice versa) - as seen on the images...

    The second one was actually a goal, the ball went right through the keeper's leg and in the net :(

  25. SaintM

    SaintM Non-League

    25 October 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    360, factual:

    Bring back the ability to choose kit in Master League mode and to choose the radar colour during online matches. The removal of both of these has led to colour blindness being more of a problem than it should be.
  26. ArvD*

    ArvD* Non-League

    14 February 2007
    Greenock, Scotland
    Greenock Rangers
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    All the complaints are for 360, unless said so at end of each comment

    Factual Complaint:

    1. Poor slideshow/stuttery viewing of replays/intro/highlights

    2. The slowdowns present in and around the penalty box with fast action/movement
    (especially when an injured player comes back onto the field - ie, the small in-game window that appears)

    3. The very obvious AI/Graphical issues concering goalkeepers
    (balls going through keepers body/hands...keeper being able to walk through the post/nets/players/ref...diving for shots that the keeper should be leaving, BUT THEN making a mess of either resulting in a goal or a gift wrapped chance for oposition...)

    4. The online situation, or lack of it! the lag and out of sync etc...Poor support from KONAMI regarding whats happening with this as well...

    5. Less editing facilities than comapred to current gen version, and previuos versions of the game.

    6. Playable features removed from training and exibition?!

    7. AI issues need addressing...there are some instances where the defending players or attacking players just go off on tangents!!

    8. Ref's and AI - They are hard ruthless ref's in one version, the next version they don't blow the whistle at all...could a decent ref system be introtuced that works!
    A sliding tackle from behind that leaves the player injured for the rest of the game usualy results in a straight red!

    9. For a "next gen" console to have less features than current gen is un-exceptible...
    (What is the extra hardware/processing power being used for?)

    10. Scripting! - i want to lose to a team cause I (YES ME) have made a mistake...i don't want the GAME to decide if my players are gona repsond to the inputs coming from the controll pad or not!


    Personal Complaint:

    1. The game speed needs addressing...just feels to fast at times...crosses and passes just feel to fast for my liking...
    (PES6 360, despite its issues, had a good pace to the game)

    2. a 360 control system needs to brought into play...8 fixed directions on an analoge stick is unexceptable...

    3. Penalty system ACTUALY needs reworked and has needed this since day 1...fixed to 9 directions, with no obviuos controll over the pwoer and direction for 99% of penalties...
    (IMO Virtual Stricker 4 uses a very good penalty system...screen.player moves one way, but doesn't mean the ball will go that way....also that uses an acurate power delivery system meaning the ball is not scripted to 1 of 9 directions...
    hell, even FIFA 08 uses a more fun method!)

    4. Throwins - remove the invisible 5 yard wall that stops players from going anywhere near the oposing player until the ball in back in play

    5. Corners - needs more options into taking and deliverying
    (the use of 2 buttons is not exactly chalenging)

    6. Long Freekicks - would like to be able to pass the ball where i want it to go, ie 360 directional control, do not always want to play to a marked man or kick it up the field to the goalkeeper

    7. Short Freekicks - more shooting options would be nice and the abilty to actualy hit a shot under the wall...the passing options at times feel limited as well...
    (being able to move the wall left and right from a defensive point of view would be in Virtual Stricker 4...
    also...even the moethod of taking freekicks on virtual stricker 4 is least for the shooting side of things)

    8. Goalkicks - shortpass to a marked man or a total random kick up the park...its not very detailed...

    9. Pitch Graphics/Damage - would like to see evidence that the pitch has been played on for 90 minutes...or a season
    also...the grass graphicaly, is prety poor and sore on the eyes...

    10. Not releasing an up-to-date roster of teams - the transfer window ends 31st August Midnight, the game is released at begining of least mibi have the ability to download an up-to-date roster in the game like in FIFA, even though its not gona be 100% licenced....
    (players who left a team before the end of 2006/2007 are still in some a certain player that DIED still seems to be in the starting 11 for a certain team)

    11. Player animations/movement need updated...although it feels different each year...the underline truth is that we are still playing the same game, on a tweek'd engine each year...

    12. Current Gen has more stadiums than next gen...whats that about?

    13. Weather - would like to see some indication of different weather/effects. A wet pitch tends to make the ball slide about a bit more, but on PES, when they did have rain, the ball seems to stick more to the ground and feels heavier in wet conditions?!
    The players should feel heavier cause the ground is softer, not the ball though!
    also.....all because its raining/snowing/sunny at the start of a game doesn't mean to say it has to contiue for the whole 90 minutes...could an interactive weather system not be introduced where the weather changes during the game?!?

    14. Player scanning faces...KONAMI give us the options to install "photolike" pics for players...what were konami doing when they created some of the players?!

    15. Editing - ok, so the game is not licenced...but why re-strict us to only having 8 photo/scanned pics?! how big are.png files, not very big!...we have a 20gb or 120gb hard drives!!!

    16. Graphics - not exactly what i call next to be honest!

    17. (not really a complaint)
    Goalnets - as mad as they are at times, i like

    more will be added!
  27. AgentSmithMatrix

    AgentSmithMatrix League 1

    14 July 2004
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Just curious, who are you gonna send this to and when and what makes you think they'll pay any attention to it?
  28. Danosaur

    Danosaur Non-League

    11 April 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    Its impossible to play. Its like 2 different games are played simultaneously then the game picks which version of events it will use. In that moment all the things you did leading up to that moment are forgotten. It could be anything from that crucial last ditch tackle, to tapping a ball into an empty net. Frustrating.
  29. Ret KiT

    Ret KiT Premiership

    25 March 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P

    erase pes2008 from nokami systems and remake better version of pes5 for a start.
  30. SKULL1138

    SKULL1138 Non-League

    29 November 2007
    Re: The OFFICIAL PES2008 (360) Complaint Letter To Konami Thread (PLEASE READ FIRST P


    1: The game at some points simply decides that your team are not goinmg to pklay well and they wont be able to pass or run correctly, this was same on the last 2 PES games as well, especially happened last year on Live, sometimes you just could not win even when you were better than person you were playing, this year offline it is happening and Live is so poor I havent had any more than 1 game. Make it same all the time

    2: Why do I have to play the internationl cup 5 times to get all the classic teams, why make that the option, why not you have to win any cup with a team to unlock classics, or the much better PES shop in the old gen versions. Also who decides who is a classic player, Iain Wright beats Peter Beardsley into England team, we all know that never and would never happen. Or that fact that there is no George Best in this years, but there is 20 peopel I have never heard of, Best possibly one of the greatest ever players, and the League C teams why not give us proper club all star teams for a laugh that can be used on X box live against other all star teams. Could even ask fams to vote for their dream all time line ups, get people involved.

    3: I cant play my master league teams on X box live...Why. Surely there could be an option to play other poples master league teams, I know someone could bump all tyheor players up to 99 for everything, but make it social and not ranked and who cares.

    4: Animations, people going through things like posts. Keepers rubbish at times and then able to jump from one side of the goal to the other in a split second like they are in the Matrix at other times. Not good enough for next Gen. Not enough stadiums as old gen consoles, is this just insane or what, they should have more not less, you could have audio for unofficial team chants and the banners should be for that team, ever if its Man red rather than Man Utd, but make it customisable as well with team names. Make it feel next Gen

    5: You change the formation of all the teams at the main menu, so that Drogba and Shevchenko are up front for Chelsea (An example) and in Masterleague it reverts to playing Pizarro and Kalou, who are worse, and it plays them every week, if I have to change my plasyers abouut because of injury and form so should all th other teams, but the AI is rubbish, oh and the new team vision is rubbish, i can still score the bog standard PES goals anytime I want, crossing much bettre thsi year though, I can actually score headers for first time in years in PES.

    Personal Complaints:

    1: Master league needs some work, it gets boring after 3 years and you have won the European Cup and bought best players, heres some suggestions that would make this most important concept much better

    2: You should be able to do more management i.e. use your money to increase stadium sizes and increase weekly profit up to a max for our club i.e. Reading can never go as high as Man utd, but Newcastle could if they are succesful, FIFA had a quite good manager mode, but the game itself was rubbish, steal it.

    3: PLayer develeopment is great, but when people retire they come back terrible, and you would have to play a rubbish player every week for 5 years to get them good, they should develop at the smaller clubs and get better because they are playing every week, so you mght just find the new Messi or Maradona or Pele.

    4: Transfers, the big clubs should always be bidding for the best players from smaller clubs, the way it is just now, Chrelsea and Man utd always buy complete muppets that will never play, so the stats never change, idf Barc are best team this year and Man Utd for england, then they will be second to you every year in the premiership opr european cup, let other teams get better in time besed on the transfers and development of players, it is next gen after all. There are classic great players unattached to clubs and no one is buying them. Also when you are transferring yourself, players you dont play should ask for transfers or refuse contracts, and if you want to olan a player out to develop them at a smaller clubn you are subject the gods of chance, as you ave no way to say " Make available for loan" and see who comes in for them, do they promise to play them as much as possible or no guarantee's etc. If you have been in for a player for 3 years and the club knock you back every time, perhaps the player doesnt sign a new contract and offers to come to you for free in the transfer window at end of contract, things to make it more fun/realistic and this can be done easily with the power of the next gen consoles.

    5: Why not allow us to play multiple teams in Master league, not everyones cup of tea, but I would pick one from each league and play them all at the same time. Only a suggestion. But at least have more than 1 division 2 for gods sake, there should be a division 2 for each league. I always put British clubs in one league, Spanish and Portugese in one, Italian and Greek in one and German, Dutch & French in another, like 4 super leagues, but what annoys me is when I end up with Basle and Dynamo Kiev in my British league, easily fixed and easily can give a few extra Scottish teams that licenses would be easily sought for, or some of the bigger lower division teams. Or a few other fake German teams even. Or let us use the League C teams in Master league, I mean why are they there

    If we made all these changes to this game for next year I guarantee it would be a huge improvement, I have been complaining about bugs and bad design in Football games since Fifa 99 and no one has ever taken notice, if someone gave me a job deciding what should be a football game it would be perfect no ifs no buts. Even things like who picks the ratings for players each year, they just go with the media perception i.e. Ronaldinho is best player in game even though he has been crap for 2 yyears with Barca, Messi is a far better prospect and good players for top clubs suddenly get ruibbish when they move to a smaller club i.e. Michael Owen or Damien Duff at Newcastle, come on people.

    We should all club together and start our own games development comopany and build our own football game as neither PES or FIFA ever listen to what we want. Why they have People form Jaopan and Canada designing football games is crazy to me, pick some Europeans who have loved the history of the game for the last 50+ years
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