The Midfield Issue

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Danny_FC, 28 September 2007.

  1. Danny_FC

    Danny_FC Non-League

    19 March 2006
    First of all, I disagree with a large majority of people on here who think PES 2008 is aweful/step back from PES6. It's a good game just takes a while getting used to.

    Anyhow, one MAJOR issue I've got with the game so far, is that for large periods of the game there will be a massive gap between defence and upfront where the midfield should be. This is most noticeable when you win the ball back after the CPU attacks deep inside your own half, look to the radar, and see that the nearest player is your striker midway in the opposite half of the pitch. Not only that but I watched a replay and after Cambiasso broke up an attack and looked up, I switched the camera to Veron and he was actually running backwards behind the defence towards my own goal.

    Better be fixed for final version :(
  2. astirling

    astirling League 2

    27 April 2002
    Dunfermline Athletic
    It's a pick up and play arcade game. Plain and simple.
  3. loco

    loco NINJA

    12 December 2002
    No it´s not not. It´s because (for some stramge reason) almost all teams teams in the demo have their defensive line set to "C", that´s why there´s that gap between defenders and midfielders.
  4. dark-prince

    dark-prince Non-League

    2 October 2004
    AC Milan & FC Barcelona
    i agree with loco and added to that, look at arros <- and -> at tactics, meaning players will also run backwords to get ball
  5. Spion

    Spion Non-League

    14 June 2007
    If somebody thinks pes 2008 is a step back from PES6 then I feel sorry for them,(because they are kinda dumb)
  6. salwinder

    salwinder Non-League

    17 May 2007
    Can someone tell me why - given the two year development cycle for PES 2008 - the following features are not included:

    - real-time weather
    - attention to detail with stadium environments (a la NBA2K7)
    - realistic animation
    - many, many more teams even if unlicensed
    - a master league that reflects real-world leagues
    - currency rather than points
    - gamespeed that reflects real football
    - 360 degree movement

    I could go on. Do you think Konami are purposefully holding back on these features to fill ot future editions? Some of these improvements would be easy to include - how hard would it be to include more unlicensed teams and stadiums? How about a couple of smaller grounds? What about including some retro teams from specific eras (rather than teams of past players from different eras)so we can recreate past tournaments? These things don't require more processing power or new development tools - all that would be required is for the development team to have listened to the fans and amended the game accordingly. I understand that next gen doesn't necessarily mean "better graphics and more of everything", but where's the improved AI, the improved front-end, the expansion of options and online functionality? I have loved PES, and I think this is why I find this next-gen stagnation so frustrating.
  7. elfie

    elfie Championship

    10 November 2003
    I dont have that many problems with the game anyomore, and want to wait untill the final version to really comment on it.
    One thing i noticed again, that when you have a goalkick there's always just one player to whom you can pass the ball. In this case i would have preferred being able to turn the keepers view, or use an icon passing system - just for goalkicks and free kicks far far away from the goal.
    I find it hard to pass to the correct player the way the game is now.
  8. The Boss Man

    The Boss Man Non-League

    18 September 2007
    What fcuking bullshit. It's only so easy for us cause most have been playing it since the early days. Ask someone who's never played the game to just pick up an play it and see how well they do......Exactly!!
  9. danielrh

    danielrh Conference

    I think Konami are holding back a few features for the following year - by next year having got to grips with the next gen consoles
    more features will be added to stay ahead of the competition.

    thank god there's EA vs Konami so companies cannot rest on their laurels.
  10. pangkt

    pangkt Guest

    People always like to complain about how awkful the gameplay.
    There's always this pattern:-

    PES ...PES 5(PES 4 is better)
    PES 6(PES 5 is better)
    PES 2008(PES 6 is better)
    PES 2009(PES 2008 is better) and so on ...

    These people are nuts !
  11. schranken

    schranken Just a Malay Footballer

    11 October 2004
    Agree with you. They should be sent back to the jurassic period, where they will appreciate having a matchstick, because they have to light the fire using stones!:lol:

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