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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by testtest, 14 August 2005.

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  1. testtest

    testtest Banned

    7 August 2004
    OK, I've always wanted a patch like this, but unfortunatly no one made one similar...
    I just want a Patch/Mix without altering too much original stuff, to sort stuff out:

    -Translation 100%
    -Kits 2005-2006
    -Teams from the 2005-2006 season
    -Real Player and Club names
    -Real Flags and Logos
    -Real competition logos(LFP, World Cup, Italian Cup)
    -Duplicated players fixed(EJ:Netherlands, Czech, Costa Rica, etc)
    1+Adidas Pelias II
    2+Adidas Finale Blue Star Edition
    3+Adidas F-50 white/black
    4+Nike Total 90 Full Vision
    5+Adidas Roteiro
    6+Adidas Finale Orange Edition(For snowy matches)
    7+Nike Total 90 Blue
    8+Nike Total 90 Red

    Please do NOT modify Stadiums, Backgrounds, Icons, Music, Chants, or boots

    Thank you!

    Move the topic to Editing if neccesary
    Last edited: 15 August 2005
  2. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    ahah move the topic to gay ass requests

    oh wait, that doesnt exist.
  3. testtest

    testtest Banned

    7 August 2004
    If i am treating you all with respect, that is what I want too
    I am not being offensive buddy, you are
  4. Pakigol

    Pakigol Guest

    you're polite indeed but sound like you are ordering at McDonald's...

    you know... you can install a random patch and change what you want to change... or make mix of several patches...
  5. testtest

    testtest Banned

    7 August 2004
    ok, thanks for your time
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