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The best PS3 PES2008 settings to reduce or remove framerate and slowdown issues are..

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Jimmy G-Force, 31 October 2007.

  1. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.
    Ok, so this is my final attempt at trying to resolve this slowdown/frame-rate issue for those, like myself, experiencing problems.

    After reading a statement from Konami requesting us to change the various options on our T.V.s to resolve the issues, and make the game run smooth, I think its time to have an official thread where people can post their findings on what works and what doesnt.

    I did view a thread on another site that listed quite a few recommendations that I havent seen on here, but like the tit I am, I didnt bookmark the page and cant seem to find it now, so thought I'd start my own here.

    1. Install PES2008 to your PS3 hardrive.

    2. Switch off the PS3 Upscaler in the PS3 display/system settings.

    3. Turn the stadium effects on the PES2008 menu OFF.

    4. Try using a Component Cable instead of a HDMI lead if you have the connections on your T.V. This worked for me, and reduced the framerate issues considerbaly from the HDMI and RGB Scart cable.

    5. Update to the latest Firmware, I still have yet to check on my new £299 PES3's firmware, but I havent updated anything, so the factory settings definately dont work for me.

    6. Set your PS3 display settings to 720i/720p.

    7. Go to your display settings on PS3 and turn the HDMI(Full colours) option to Limited.

    Please feel free to add as much as you can to this...........
    Last edited: 31 October 2007
  2. Dreadeye

    Dreadeye Non-League

    2 September 2006
    Re: The best PS3 PES2008 settings to reduce or remove framerate and slowdown issues a

    I got an Marantz amp & a projector & cant say i have witnessed the slow down problems so far.
    It is connected with a component cable though & is set to 720i/720p.
    But i cant find wide screen format at all other than in the camera views & that aint proper wide screen so im abit miffed about that
    Last edited: 31 October 2007
  3. goodzorr

    goodzorr Non-League

    27 July 2007
    Re: The best PS3 PES2008 settings to reduce or remove framerate and slowdown issues a

    The only time i notice slow down is during the replays

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