The best camera in PES 6

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by franco90vn1, 26 June 2009.

  1. franco90vn1

    franco90vn1 League 2

    22 October 2008
    Ha Noi (1) :D
    none (yet)
    For me, that has to be the "Wide" camera with camera angle turned completely to the other side(using R1).That is the closest thing to a real and popular camera angle used nowadays on TV.
    Combined with a non-radar screen and a real scoreboard... it does look like I'm watching a live match, not just a game :BOP:
  2. katracho18

    katracho18 Banned

    8 May 2008
    River Plate, Juventus
    I also like the wide camera
  3. Anis

    Anis League 1

    12 December 2007
    I play with the default one (but the distance set to normal, if I had a bigger TV I would keep it far) because I ma used to it and playing it for years.
  4. casperld

    casperld Premiership

    25 August 2008
    Manchester United
    I used to play exclusively in Wide 3. But recently Ive switched to Normal long 3 or 4. To make the game a little more interesting, on away matches in the ML I close my eyes and pick a random camera, as long as it's not the vertical ones, I play with that view. It's kind of my way of giving some advantage to the home team.
  5. fucca

    fucca Duy ngã độc tôn!

    17 January 2007
    normal long on pc and wide on ps2
  6. charlievolano

    charlievolano Banned

    20 January 2007
    I only play makes me feel like i am playing the real thing. Too bad the angle is fixed and u can't adjust width....i have been asking for a camera hack for a long time....but nobody managed to do it.
  7. franco90vn1

    franco90vn1 League 2

    22 October 2008
    Ha Noi (1) :D
    none (yet)
    Broadcast for me is rather to low(if you know wat i mean). It looks like the camera is fixed on a rather low point of the stand, so it doesnt really show you how large the stadiums are.
    The default Wide camera is also not suitable, since a camera should be fixed, which means that it can not show the same angle from this end to the opposite one. However, this could be changed if you switch the angle to full -right(By using R1). The new view give you a real taste of the wide stadiums and the movement of the camera. Just try and you 'll see ;)
  8. franco90vn1

    franco90vn1 League 2

    22 October 2008
    Ha Noi (1) :D
    none (yet)

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