The 50 best players outside the Premiership

Discussion in 'Football' started by gerd, 14 March 2005.

  1. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    I really love lists and discussion around it. Four-Four-Two made a list of the 50 best players outside the Premiership. Thought this could be interesting for discussion. The number 1 is the best and so on.

    1 Steve Sidwell (MF) Reading
    2 Nathan Ellington (FW) Wigan
    3 Darren Bent (FW) Ipswich
    4 Teddy Sheringham (FW) West Ham
    5 Jason Roberts (FW) Wigan
    6 Danny Gabbidon (CB) Cardiff
    7 Jimmy Bullard (MF) Wigan
    8 Julio Arca (LB, LMF) Sunderland
    9 Stuart Elliott (LMF, LFW) Hull
    10 Leighton Baines (LB) Wigan

    11 David Healy (FW) Leeds
    12 Phil Jagielka (Defender, MF) Sheffield United
    13 Lee Trundle (FW) Swansea
    14 Nigel Reo Coker (MF) West Ham
    15 Paul Mc Kenna (MF) Preston North End
    16 Curtis Davies (CB) Luton Town
    17 Ade Akinbiyi (FW) Stoke City
    18 Andy Lonergan (GK) Preston North End
    19 Aaron Lennon (RW) Leeds
    20 Leroy Lita (FW) Bristol City

    21 Steve Howard (FW) Luton
    22 John Halls (CB) Stoke
    23 Lee Johnson (MF) Yeovil
    24 Nick Barmby (FW) Hull City
    25 Sam Parkin (FW) Swindon
    26 Daniel Harding (LB) Brighton
    27 Phil Jevons (FW) Yeovil
    28 Tom Huddlestone (DF, MF) Derby County
    29 Lee Camp (GK) Derby County
    30 Paul Ince (MF) Wolves

    31 Dean Windass (FW) Bradford City
    32 Dave Kitson (FW) Reading
    33 Stephen Elliott (FW) Sunderland
    34 Iain Hume (FW) Tranmere Rovers
    35 Luke Steele (GK) (Coventry)
    36 Ryan Taylor (Tranmere) (RB)
    37 Heidar Helguson (FW) (Watford)
    38 Leon Knight (FW) Brighton
    39 Steven Maclean (FW) Sheffield Wednesday
    40 Nathan Clarke (CB) Huddersfield Town

    41 Danny Webber (FW) Watford
    42 Paul Furlong (FW) QPR
    43 Darren Currie (MF) Ipswich
    44 Jamal Campbell-Ryce (MF) Rotheram
    45 Paul Hayes (FW) Scunthorpe
    46 John Ruddy (GK) Cambridge
    47 David Vaughan (RW) Crewe
    48 Richie Wellens (MF) Blackpool
    49 David Noble (MF) Boston
    50 Jamie Brooks (FW) Oxford United.

    Lots of forwards in this list....
  2. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    That list is pretty shit

    Granted Huddlestone and Camp are good but Idiakez and Tommy Smith had played better this season

    Sheringham 4th????? Trundle 13th?? there having a giraffe
  3. julien

    julien is just your type

    20 June 2004
    490 Madison
    paul ince is still active? man how old is this guy already? i remember him playing for england in the 1996 european cup. but wait a minute, wasn't sheringham playing there aswell?
  4. julien

    julien is just your type

    20 June 2004
    490 Madison
    btw a few years back i won 2:1 against the youth team of cambridge united with my local club at an european youth tournament. is that cambridge united playing in the 2nd league? i also remember peterborough united winning the cup and trashing us 7:0. were are they playing now?
  5. drunkenmonkey

    drunkenmonkey Catfish

    6 December 2004
    Blackpool F.C
    2 Nathan Ellington :shock:

    the ammount of chances he misses is amazing, he should have around 35 goals this season
  6. Sheep

    Sheep Guest

    This list is full of fossils such as ince,sheringham,nick barmby and so on.
    My english teacher always tells me to make a point then a proof this is a prime example.
  7. lostinstoke

    lostinstoke Wolves Scum

    16 January 2005
    Incey is 37, and still reckons he might be up for another season..:applause:

    Not really sure about that list to be honest.....It needs more Seol ;)
  8. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    I forgot to mention the list was as result of lists made by fellow players and journalists...i made the thread in order to discuss it and i know that every list is pretty subjective. But people who say that such lists are crap (Coopz) or that there are plenty of "fossils" in the list (sheep) should know that the "jury" consisted of people who should know rather well since they watch those clubs or play against these players every week...Lets face it's not because we all think we know everything about football, that we effectively do...
    I don't see what age as to do with being a good player or not...and about the younger players: your future national team could be in that list. I wonder what you guys would say if these players would play for England and one of us foreigners should have the audacity to crticize them...Just let's see in a couple of seasons...
  9. Stasman

    Stasman League 2

    17 May 2003
    Where's Kris Commons? He definetly deserves a top 10 place, but he ain't even on the list!
  10. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002

    Heard that guy can hypnotise teams with his skills. :roll:


    p.s. Dean Windass is there. hahahaha..................what an egg-yoke.
  11. nofxdude

    nofxdude Non-League

    1 April 2004
    Blackpool, England
    Bloody'ell Richie Wellens is a tosser! He is absolutely shit and soooo over rated. He trys all fancy shit which works 5% of the time and that gets him no where. "40 yards out...OH AND HERE'S WELLENS!!!! ooh he wont want to see that again" There are much better players in blackpool's squad than him, for example Peter Clarke, he has had an amazing season.
  12. rickclare25

    rickclare25 Guest

    where's michael tonge.....? interest from premiership for him is always there but sheffield united cling on. i cant believe he hasnt even feautured in the top 50...he should realistically be in top 10 definately,get it sorted boys!
    how can i get to be a moderator?
  13. rickclare25

    rickclare25 Guest

    i'm even more outraged to see the likes of oxford players in the top 50 despite only one sheffield unied player being there. danny webber, michael tonge, steve kabba are to name but a few players who would not only hold their own in the premiership but will prove so when they carry the mighty blades there!!!
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