The 12 main secrets of a good transfer policy

Discussion in 'Football' started by gerd, 2 August 2013.

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    A couple of day ago i stumbeld upon a book that i have overlooked for a couple of years: "Why England lose & other curious football phenomena explained" by journalist Simon Kuper and economist Stefan Szymanski. Iy's a thoroughly enjoyable, funny and very clever book. In the book there is a chapter about transfers and at the end of it they make a list of the 12 main secrets of the transfer market.

    Here they are.

    1. A new manager wastes money on transfers, don't let him.
    2. Use the wisdom of crowds (i.e. don't let one person decide about transfers).
    3. Stars of recent World Cups or European championships are overvalued; ignore them.
    4.Certain nationalities are overvalued.
    5. Older players are overvalued.
    6. Centre forwards are overvalued; goalkeepers are undervalued.
    7.Gentlemen prefer blonds: identfy and abandon 'sightbased prejudices' (i.e. in a match with 21 black player, the one Chinese player will stand out but isn't necessarily the best one).
    8. The best time to buy a player is in his early twenties (i.e. most 16 year wonderkids never make it: Adu, Lamptey, Osundo, William de Oliveira, James Will and Mohammed Al Kathiri, where all named best player of the u-17 World Cup, none of them made an impact in international football).
    9.Sell any player when another club ofers more than he is worth.
    10. Replace your best players even before you sell them.
    11. Buy players with personal problems and then help them deal with their problems.
    12. Help your players relocate (help foreign players and their family to adapt to your cuntry, city).

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    I don't really agree with a few of those.

    I'll respond in more detail when I have a bit more time tonight, but an example is 5 - older players are overvalued.

    I think it's the complete opposite. People these days are like "shit, he's 29, he's too old!". Truth is, most 'old' players over 30 are quite affordable and offer some valuable things that younger players can't.

    Van Persie turned out to be a good signing at 29 (albeit expensive). Milan signed Cafu when he was 34 - we won Serie A immediately that season. Inter signed a 33 year old Figo, and he was sublime. Di Natale is 35 and has consistently scored over 20 goals in the last 2 years. Pirlo is still considered to be one of the best around, and he was FREE.

    People underestimate the experience and the abilities of older players these days, and how long they can play until.
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    Yes, there are some interesting points which I agree with. Buy some of the points seem outdated from an era where everyone wasn't crazy about youth players. You will have clubs signing 16 year olds while snubbing 30 yese old veterans and treating them as disposable. I admire people like Totti and Pirlo who are living to break down this stereotype.
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    There are exceptions to every rule. The players you listed are exceptions. For every Pirlo there are 5 Ronaldo's(brazil)
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    30 October 2009
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