Thank *uck i didnt buy pes 10 and give konami money

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by kopmjj, 23 October 2009.

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  1. kopmjj

    kopmjj Non-League

    10 January 2008
    I was well looking forward to buying this game on the pc cause of the editing, but after playing the demo i couldn't play this game on any settings smoothly, so i thought ill download this game and see if they fixed this issue on the final game before i buy it today, but i have to say this is bullshit from konami its the same as the demo cant play a decent smooth gameplay as pes 09, so yes *uck konami and *uck buying a unfinished game, my system is 4400 amd-2gb ram-9600 gt and windows 7, i cant even run this game on 800 x 600 resolution on low settings without the game slowing down and not running smooth.

    so yeah im dissapointed but i saved my self money.
  2. ezosk

    ezosk League 1

    30 September 2008
    have you tried use frame skipping unchecked and drivers up to date?
  3. ialienpes

    ialienpes Conference

    21 October 2009
    PES 2010 IS A BEST GAME EVER IF online work for me .

    I mean offline game is supered . I can't even explain how good it is .

    I am just can't pass the test connection of KOnami in order to play online.

    My P.C PES 2010 will come next week since I live in USA
  4. olympic_hurz

    olympic_hurz PES-Student

    21 December 2005
    Bielefeld, GER
    problem is win7... vsync doesnt work properly so far. try winxp and pes 2010 will run smoothly!
  5. ialienpes

    ialienpes Conference

    21 October 2009
    yeah I run on MY WINDOW XP PRO SP3 . SUPER SMOOTH . Just can't get online to work . SO I'M ***** TALKING TO KONAMI Right now
  6. Energia

    Energia Premiership

    22 December 2003
    Very good on my windows 7 x64 ultimate at 1920x1200 resolution...High details...
    60 fps in all conditions, with vsyn forced by ati try tool or with d3d overrider!

    this is my system:

    O.S.: Windows 7 x64 ultimate
    CPU: AMD64 Opteron 185 dual core (2x 2652mhz)
    GPU: ATI HD3850 agp 512Mb ddr3 (drivers catalyst 9.10 for windows 7x64)
    System Memory: 3GB SDRAM
    Monitor: 27,5" HANNS.G HG281D 1920x1200 pixel (native resolution)

    Last edited: 24 October 2009
  7. Aqua

    Aqua Banned

    26 September 2009
    @topic guy

    get more ram and stop bitchin

    2gb is not much
    we live in the year 2009
  8. sakiras

    sakiras Non-League

    1 July 2007
    to activate vsynh try set the monitor display 60hrz
    and update drivers
  9. RoyalFlush

    RoyalFlush Non-League

    4 February 2006

    Your cpu processor is out dated. You need to get the next generation cpu's, preferably Core2Dou chips if you want the game to run smooth.

    And with your type of system, I would rather be using Windows XP than windows 7.

    Your video card and ram should be ok.

    I have windows 7 x64 with 4 gigs of ram and 2.4 ghz Core2Dou processor, Nvidia GTX260 and everything runs pretty smooth.
  10. elfie

    elfie Championship

    10 November 2003
    Game is smooth as butter. Instant smooth compared to pes2009, which needed some tweaking.
  11. mvangijsel

    mvangijsel Conference

    16 May 2006
    i run the game on 1680x1050 resolution and i see that players and ball have good reolution but the stadiums look a bit fuzzy, not sharply detailed, this was far better in pes 2009
  12. ezosk

    ezosk League 1

    30 September 2008
    you don't have a clue what you're talking about
    2gb is more than enough for pes 2010
  13. kopmjj

    kopmjj Non-League

    10 January 2008
    exactly! 2gb is recommended specs, and theres not much difference between pes 09 and 10 in terms of game engine, and about next gen pc systems? icant even run on low settings with low resolution smoothly? are you telling me that a 4400 amd cant run in that resolution? i think a pentuim 4 should run it, but mine dont.
    anyways i have downloaded it for the xbox 360 i aint gonna upgrade just to play a unfinished game or any game for that matter.
  14. mancit

    mancit Non-League

    4 December 2007
    Key Ell
    2gb ram is more than enough man...
    the game runs smoothly in my pc with 2gb ram
  15. El Pajaro

    El Pajaro League 2

    14 May 2008
    Smooth here as well. I never even bothered to play PES 2008 and 2009 (and sticked with PES5) but this is a decent game. But I can't stress enough how important is to improve all goalies' goal keeping skills... set them all to 99 and the scoring isn't so easy anymore.
  16. freak08

    freak08 League 2

    28 June 2008
    having all high end is not enough. you should use your brain for adjusting the settings. And see if your graphics card is working or not.Before you say *uck konami, *uck yourself :RANT:
  17. jaisonbass1457

    jaisonbass1457 League 2

    13 August 2006
    good. now you save the money, collect some more, and get a decent PC.
  18. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    somethings strange with this game whats happened to it iv got no idea all i can say is responsiveness is still an issue and players are like glued to some power or force i cant pass or move around, you know what if konami hasent finished this game im gonna be furious it feels like the game is not completed
  19. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    na na na im back to playing pes 2009 until konami sought out this mess on pc, what the heck happened with 2010 is a mystery konamiiiiiiii......fixxxxxxx itttttttt
  20. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
    Its the same every year, people who have low end rigs or just
    cannot configure properly pull the game to pieces when its released.

    They then disappear until next release and start drivel threads like this one.

    Makes for good reading though when the game runs and plays superbly.
  21. kid_alone

    kid_alone Non-League

    12 November 2008
    down refresh rate to 60hz and check wait 4 vsync ,please
  22. Dr Force

    Dr Force Golden Boot Winner

    17 September 2006
    East Midlands
    Manchester United
    Agreed....................what a pointless thread...............get it closed.
  23. BillBillson

    BillBillson Banned

    12 January 2009
    I will guarantee, it is your set-up configuration.

    I.e. what monitor have you got and what HZ is it running at?
    Anything other than 60HZ will give you rough gameplay.

    and there are many other variables as well.
  24. Ciaolo

    Ciaolo Inter Milan supporter!

    10 January 2008
    Italy (the best championship of the world)
    Inter Milan
    Here I am: 1gb ram an the game is SMOOTH! Just download the latest drivers for your videocard ( forum for nvidia) and enable frameskip and vsync (vsync must be enabled in general video settings as well)


    I'm a computer scientist and can tell you all that XP is a much better OS than 7 (well, linux rules)
  25. LeftEyeNine

    LeftEyeNine League 2

    31 December 2004
    Computer scientist ?

    That made my day ahahahahahahahahahah
  26. Aqua

    Aqua Banned

    26 September 2009
    2gb ram lol
    when u have XP it may be enough

    2gb is never optimal for a game on vista or above
  27. Energia

    Energia Premiership

    22 December 2003
    You're a "computer scientist":CW: :LMAO:
    really badly informed... :SNACK:

    This is the classic view of a person who has not seen windows7 even from a distance ...
    I guarantee everyone that 7 is better than XP and does not create problems for the games ... cling to XP for bias without knowledge of the facts just about to open his mouth to speak ...
    I use Windows 7 x64 since first RC version and now I've the final version;
    PES2010 run very good on my old pc with SEVEN!!!

    [​IMG] :BYE:
    Last edited: 24 October 2009
  28. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
    Yep I agree , you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that windows 7 64 bit
    is as smooth as silk and runs the game really good.

    I will guarantee that 90% of the posts on here slagging the game off are from people who cant be arsed to configure everything properly.

    ( or spamming Juces thread saying kitserver wont work ( on their illegal copy no doubt )/
  29. aquadark

    aquadark Non-League

    27 March 2004
    I'm playing on an almost 4 y.o. PC - Athlon 3700+, 1GB Ram, 7800GTX (Win XP SP3). 24 inch display, 1920x1200... I was unable to set the graphics to "high" for anything above 1024x768, so I had to run the new kitserver and enforce 1920x1200... well, I must say it was a rebirth. The game now actually plays much smoother and is way more responsive than at Low or Medium (1920x1200) without kitserver... go figure, totally illogical but true.
    My roommate on the other hand just got a new setup last month (i7 920, 6GB, GTX275) and the game runs like a charm on Windows 7 @ 1920x1200 (High, no kitserver)
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