Team America: World Police

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ghazi, 16 August 2005.

  1. ghazi

    ghazi Guest

    Oh man. I almost shit my pants laffin at this movie. Did you guys see this??

    The vomiting scene and the sex scene were hilarious (the uncut DVD has a horribly offensive addition to the sex scene. lol).

    But the best part of the movie had to be the song lyrics. The song about Montages, "What would you do?" and "America, Fuck Ya!" were hysterical.


    If you've seen anything funnier, holler. I need to watch some movies while my schedule is light.
  2. munkee

    munkee Guest

    Whats The Addition plz :P ?

    The film , Gimme an episode of South park over this anyday . Dragged on a bit for me

    Don't get me wrong though it had its moments ( MATT DAMONNN )
  3. ghazi

    ghazi Guest

    SPOILER - in the uncut version of the sex scene, he pisses on her and one of them takes a dump on the other one's chest. lol.

    It's sick. :mrgreen:
  4. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    The way all terrorists speak - JIHAD!!! MUHAMMED ALI!!! JIHAD!!!
  5. ghazi

    ghazi Guest

    lol. Durka Durka!!

    And the theme song:
    America! Fuck ya!
    We're gonna save the motherfuckin day.
    America! Fuck ya!
    Suck my ass and lick my balls! :applause:
  6. kel

    kel Nur der HSV

    7 May 2003
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hamburger SV
    Just seen it - fucking brilliant! :lmao:
  7. the_thing

    the_thing ps3!

    4 August 2004
    Juve, MU
    this movie is probably the funniest movie ive ever seen.
    Film Actors Guild
    "We are dicks, and the FAG are pussies, and Kim Jong Il is an asshole..."
    and the theme song was good too.
    Last edited: 17 August 2005
  8. Vannizzlefashizzal

    Vannizzlefashizzal TWENTYTIMES!!!!

    31 October 2002
    Funny film, was in hysterics for most parts..

    The AIDS song...

    The "Montage" song..."Even Rocky had a montage"

    The theme song and the slowed donw version later in the film...

    The sex scene..

    the "I'm so lonely" song

    And the MOST funny quotables!!
  9. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Lol yeah man this shit is hillarios.. very Pro-USA, kinda some bad comments about muslims but its funny as hell... haaha the muslims and how they say Jihad Jihad every sec lol.. as if thats all they can say like Milanista said.

    But funniest shit is the way Kim Jong talks :lmao:
  10. mampi

    mampi Non-League

    10 July 2005
    matt damon!

  11. Mack

    Mack Champions League

    8 August 2003
    Great film very funny!
  12. Two_blindmonkeys

    Two_blindmonkeys League 1

    23 October 2002
    Planet Home

    Funniest line ever.

    This is by far the funniest film i have ever seen. Matt and Tre are both leg-ends.
  13. Interista

    Interista Il Capitano

    19 August 2003
    FC Internazionale
    the gorilla story was cool and very beleivebale !
  14. saintdave

    saintdave Conference

    17 February 2005
    It's a brillaint film, I laughed throughout!

    "MATT DAMON!" :lol:
  15. JimJoeC

    JimJoeC Custom User Title

    26 June 2002
    Southampton, England
    The funniest part for me was when the leader made one of them suck his dick so they knew they could trust him!!!

    Quality film.

    'Surprise dickhead'

  16. saintdave

    saintdave Conference

    17 February 2005
    This must be only in certain countries version of the DVD because it isn't on the DVD out here in the UK
  17. :: JJ ::

    :: JJ :: Guest

    I'm So Ronery
    I'm so ronery
    So ronery
    So ronery and sadry arone

    There's no one
    Just me onry
    Sitting on my rittle throne
    I work very hard and make up great prans
    But nobody ristens, no one understands
    Seems that no one takes me serirousry

    And so I'm ronery
    A little ronery
    Poor rittre me

    There's nobody
    I can rerate to
    Feer rike a bird in a cage
    It's kinda sihry
    But not rearry
    Because it's fihring my body with rage

    I work rearry hard and I'm physicarry fit
    But nobody here seems to rearize that
    When I rure the world maybe they'rr notice me
    But untir then I'rr just be ronery
    Rittre ronery, poor rittre me
    I'm so ronery
    I'm so ronery

    Fucking quality :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  18. dsgg

    dsgg balls deep !!

    17 June 2002
    i loved this movie one of if not the funnyest films i have ever seen

    what about the guy who got raped by mr mistoffalliss(spelling?) from cats hahahahahahahah
  19. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Started off slow but ended up hella funn y
  20. Kaah

    Kaah Guest

    ..."thats when i put a Jihad on them, and if u don´t believe me i put a Jihad on you too"..

    Haha, brilliant.

    Freedom costs a buck ó five.
  21. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Team America: World Police (2004)
    Gary Johnston: We're dicks! We're reckless, arrogant,
    stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And
    Kim Jong Il is an asshole. Pussies don't like dicks,
    because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck
    assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything.
    Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way.
    But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick,
    with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck
    too much or fuck when it isn't appropriate - and it
    takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies
    can be so full of shit that they become assholes
    themselves... because pussies are an inch and half away
    from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy,
    crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us
    fuck this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and
    pussies all covered in shit!
  22. ghazi

    ghazi Guest

    :lmao: :applause:

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