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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by ibra77, 11 January 2011.

  1. ibra77

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    16 October 2010
    These tweaks have worked well for me against the CPU. Tactics and formations do matter and make a significant difference in the game. If anyone has got any tips (even if it's speculation), feel free to add them to this thread.

    Problem: Striker drifting wide too often

    Proposed solution: Low attacking workrate for strikers

    I've been frustrated in the past by strikers drifting outwide too often, and often getting in the way of wingers or overlapping wingbacks. This is good in some situations but not all. If you want your striker to stay in and around the box drifting only occasionally and not too far wide, then the stikers offensive workrate should be low. This worked extremely well for me, almost no drifting the entire game except to the edge of the box.
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  2. ibra77

    ibra77 Conference

    16 October 2010
    In a 4-2-3-1 formation, with short passing tactics, if the CAM is given a high offensive workrate he will drop deep to pick up possession or get involved in the build up play. I've have seen my CAM drop so far as to come inside my own half (while a teammate retained possesion) several times in a game. the Formation effectively becomes a 4-3-3 but makes for more interesting runs in the last third. If you want the CAM to play high up the pitch beside the striker, then assign a low offensive workrate.

    Here is an example. My CAM drops deep (behind two DM's) and plays the ball wide to RAM as my two DM's make runs into the box and the pass from RAM is wieghted and timed to perfection.

    YouTube - 56' Gerrard

    I've also noticed that when playing a faster build up with longer passess the CAM will drift wide ahead of the the RAM/LAM.
    This is a good example of same formation different tactics. This movement was happening all game and the CAM would pop up on either flank unpredictably.

    In this play my LAM is behind my CAM, who has pushed wide as described, he does well to holds off two defenders and keeps the third one guessing, before playing an accurate ball to Gerrard (not as easy as it looks), This a key move that lead to the goal as it created a lot of space in the middle of the field for Gerrard to run into, my VP deceptively slides the ball in behind Gerrard confusing the inexperienced Sorenson (who flails his arms up in frustration) for Torres to finish.

    YouTube - 12' Torres vs Juve Friendly
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  3. ibra77

    ibra77 Conference

    16 October 2010
    little late in the day, but I read a few posts recently about not being able to dribble past defenders without using skill moves...little video that might demonstrate otherwise. All kinds of subtle flicks, jolts, changes of direction, changes of speed,etc. that can be used to get around the cpu. Everything in the clip is 100% on legendery CM.

    YouTube - dribbling

    not only is it possible, I consider the above the work of a complete novice. I simply don't have time to put in, it's possible to be far, far more intricate.
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