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  1. mmorgens

    mmorgens Non-League

    4 March 2008
    I have played many games but i have problems with my tactic. I play 4-4-2!

    Can an expert give me an advice which tactic i can use with small teams (not with the big five teams).

    Shall I use the arrows for every player or leave them out!

    Which tactic methods should i use (pressing or conter etc)?

    Shall I play with A/A oder B/B odr C/C!

    I want to play an offensive game!

    Perhaps an expert can tell us some secrets!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. MagicStick

    MagicStick Non-League

    8 August 2005
    Ok first of all it wont work to play offensive with a small team. I play with Liverpool and have still problems if i play to open.

    First of all dont put your defence in a straight row, try to phase them.
    Use the arrows only for players who you really want to attack and which you can afford to not having in defence when you lose the ball.

    Basically you have to play like you would do in real. Try making small and narrow in defence and dont lose the ball to fast once you got it. Create game situations where you can attack with two players but never on the sideline with one of your center defenders. This are basics. Oh yeah and in general its more successful to close passlines than to attack directly. Try using the second defender to attack and pressure the player with the ball and with the defending player you should try to anticipate the pass.

    have fun hope i could help you.
  3. mmorgens

    mmorgens Non-League

    4 March 2008
    thanks for your answer!

    but how should i set the arrows in the game or are the consequences of the arrows minimal!?
  4. TiezZ

    TiezZ I ate all the pies!!!

    25 September 2008
    arrows are definitly helpful, for SB's for example if you want them to stay back give them a backward arrow. Also for Smf's if you want them to cut back in or just to stay wide at the lines. But putting in to much arrows can get your team to be unbalanced in positioning in a game.

    When i play 442 i put my 4 midfielders in a row but i place the smf's a bit forward and in the center one DMF and one CMF ususally both on HIGH defence. My sidebacks have a backward arrow (if i set them up, don't always change the arrows if the default settings look satisfying) and the forward arrow as the second option. And for my forwards a like to put one as SS and the other as CF (depends a bit on which type strikers the team has)
  5. TiezZ

    TiezZ I ate all the pies!!!

    25 September 2008
    Indeed very good if you time the pressure with the 2nd defender just right!
  6. emanon

    emanon Non-League

    27 September 2008
    Ever since pes 5, my formation is like this: (it works wonders against computer controlled teams, but may fail against human teams)

    LWB and RWB running forward, MC's running forward, and forward inside, AMC running forward left and forward right, 2 side-FCs running forward and forward inside, middle-FC running forward.

    Usually I score about 3-4 goals every match and get let in 1-2 goals. For 10-minute matches I have 10-15 shots, so it is in fact pretty offensive football. The other team also gets into possessions easily so the gameplay is really fun.

    About the defence and offence: TOTAL FOOTBALL. Everybody attacks and everybody defends on high (except for the middle-FC, possibly). In the end of the season, every player except the DCs have around 5 goals and 5 assists, so everyone gets to contribute.

    I hope you like this formation. (Call me an old tactition, but it turned out, that this is in fact very similar to Italy's World Cup Winning formation in 1934 and 1938)
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  7. moe357

    moe357 Non-League

    11 April 2004
    Try the default Holland formation just tweak the tactics use Counter Attack, Left Attack, Right Attack, and Pressure. I've tried this formation with Canada for the American Cup and was able to cruise through the competition beat the Argies 3-0 and Brazil 4-1.

    Its basically a modified 4-5-1, play your one-twos right and you'll have an unstoppable wave of attackers and should you lose the ball you should still have enough bodies left in the middle help the back for defend.
  8. RiveZico

    RiveZico Non-League

    17 March 2007
    FC Barcelona
    emanon, an interesting formation,but I have a question: do you have problems with the back line and defenders ? for me, the defensive part of the game(pes09) is too poor...
  9. Isslander

    Isslander Gordon's alive!

    3 August 2003
    Does anybody set up formations you can change midgame with button presses, I used to do that all the time back in 3, 4 and 5 but after they changed the whole formation settings system I just haven't been arsed to learn it all over again.

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