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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by geordiehammer, 28 October 2007.

  1. geordiehammer

    geordiehammer Conference

    8 August 2005
    is it me or is tackling on the top player setting near impossible.

    the com players seem to run straight through my players as if there not there but when i am in possesion and go to take them on they just nip in and take the ball straight away.

    was wondering if any body else has this problem as i find it hugely frustating

    i know its supposed to be harder on top player but i find it near impossible to get any where near the cpu goal.

    any tips greatly appreciated

  2. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    pass the ball around A LOT, don't be afraid to back pass and try to build up. Tackles are indeed nearly impossible to win, so the trick is to simply avoid them. High through passes and many cross-passes seem to do the magic to get to your opponents goal. I score a lot from crosses/headers, it reminds me of PES4
  3. Stardog

    Stardog Non-League

    30 September 2007
    The best thing is to let your AI make the tackles. I noticed that playing in Fixed mode the COM barely gets through my defence. When I'm controlling a defender myself they just walk straight through me.

    They need to patch it.
  4. geordiehammer

    geordiehammer Conference

    8 August 2005
    what do you mean by fixed mode
  5. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Fixed mode means playing as one player on the pitch only.

    Incidentally, I made a video that kind of shows what you're talking about (it's different from the one in my sig): CLICK HERE

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