Suggestions about Pes 2010?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Lons, 31 January 2009.

  1. Lons


    15 December 2007
    Warsaw and Danzig Poland
    Why is not suggestion about Pes 2010?
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  2. Nysp

    Nysp Santos FC Fan

    15 December 2008
    Araras SP - Brazil
    Santos Futebol Clube
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Probably, cause they don't care about us. Really, Konami (Kcet or someone I dont know) needs a feedback!

    Here my suggestions:

    - Stadiums: I think it is already possible to have (at least) 50 or 60 stadiums. Believe me, it´s not superestimated! A lot of traditional stadiums should be on the game like Old Trafford, Anfield, St James' Park, White Hart Lane, Villa Park, Artemio Franchi, Ennio Tardini (even without Parma), San Paolo, Mestalla, Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Riazor, De Kuip, Philips Stadion, Parc des Princes, Gerland, Vélodrome, Veltins-Arena, Signal Iduna Park, HSH Nordbank Arena and some from each relevant country of Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, etc). Keep the stadiums they already have. Some stadiums from North America (Azteca, Jalisco, maybe Gillete Stadium, Giants, LA Galaxy Stadium), better stadiums from (here) South America (Monumental de Nunez, La Bombonera, Maracana, Morumbi, Nacional de Santiago, Centenario Montevideo) and good but variated stadiums from Asia (not only from Japan). The Stadiums from South America should be worked better, the Monumental de Nunez is poor in details, it doesn't like the original one on PES09. Bombonera and Nacional de Santiago from PS2 versions were poor too!

    - Player's details: back with the neck warmer, finger band, shirts untucked, socks number 3 (the low one). Back with the possibilty to change nationality and change beard of deafult players.

    - Bundesliga and Libertadores Cup (only 12 or 16 teams, doesn't matter) should be great!

    - weather: back with snow. It should be selectable the temperature (°C) before the friendly match.

    - Uniform: more options to edit mode, possibilty to change only the shorts or socks (before the matchs and including on the halftime), and the third kit to each team. More boots!!!

    - Master League: just do an hugh upgrade! Call some football player or TV's analyst, I don´t know, but wake up Konami! Where's the Chamopions League on ML? And the world club championship? Do something more realistic! It´s easy, dam!

    - Better and fair referees.

    - Licenses, licenses and licenses! If they have the UCL's license, why not the Euro? And the Uefa Cup? It makes no sense.

    - NO MORE european and american version (not even a japanese version), ever! Why do they have to make lots of the same game? Do one type to the world, dam!

    - Well, if possible, J-League, K-League and MLS on the same game, why not? FIFA has more than 10 leagues!!!

    PS: sorry about my English :P
  3. elouiht

    elouiht Premiership

    14 October 2003
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    i agree why not turkish scotish portuges leagues good even lower divisions!!!

    why cant we even creat teams konami give us morse slots n space to creat also allow created teams to feature in bal n ml modes!!!!

    pes shop sh1t manthis is next gen football yeet konami keep going back

    good on u fifa ur listening to wat ppl want n moving forward
  4. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    This is something I posted in a similar discussion in the PC forum.. It's not about "new" features but about features that KONAMI used at a certain stage of the ISS/PES/WE series and then dropped without any understandable reason..

    Plus, being a kitmaker, I also have a couple of "technical" requests..
    - I don't care about licences as long as KONAMI lets us import kits in free slots the way it could be done in PES5. PES6 was damn awful in this with no free slots for the teams to use, PES2008 and 2009 fortunately had those slots back but not really used.
    - Then, I'd like to have a "afs2fs" data structure by default (it would save time at KONAMI and it would allow easier game editing). I don't care having to load the *.img files and that kind of stuff but someone does.
    I know they try to "stop" editing because of people selling modded copies of the game but hey, easier modding means easier patch install. Easier patch install means more users installing them. More using expecting a patch for a game means more people actually buying it (see rFactor for this for example).
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  5. Bule

    Bule Leoni Rossi

    20 March 2004
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Galatasaray SK
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    • New licensed leagues. (Premier League, Bundesliga..)
    • More stadiums. (Anfield Road, Old Trafford, Gerland..)
    • Better atmosphere.
    • Kit mixing.
    • New licensed cups. (UEFA Cup, Copa Libertadores..)
    • More European and South American teams.
    • More and better animations.
    • More faces.
    • Finger band, untucked shirts and lower socks.
    • More boot slots and new brands like Lotto.
  6. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Master league Changes:

    Proper league structures even if it mean unlicensed teams from more leagues, including lower leagues (we can edit them you idiots).

    Proper currency options Pounds, Dollars and Euros etc.

    Job offers and possibilities of being fired or hired at different clubs (use the be a pro structure example).

    Newspaper or press articles about players performances or transfer news.

    Manager questions from the press about players or performances.

    International Management.

    Bring back Team performance chart e.g. winning and losing streaks.

    Manager Appearance

    More realistic player morale, Players want to leave club if not playing etc
  7. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Nice "morale" idea. I'd like to know what do you mean for "morale", it could become very interesting indeed ;)

    It would be good to have at least a "hot streak" (let's say OF values +10%) and a "cold streak" (again, OF values -10%) feature like the ones that you could find in, let me think, NHL99 for example. And being NHL99 a 10-years-old game, I guess the whole "morale" thing could be done also in a better way (not only with the skills being updated after every match but also DURING every match):
    If you are a keeper and start a match with a great save for example, you feel "unbeatable" and you'll probably perform like a ninja during the rest of the game while if you make an error you just play "scared" and the performance drops dramatically..

    This is something that we actually "should" see in a football game:
    We first should have a "confidence" value with a range between -10 and +10: The player starts with confidence set at 0 and it is modified for example this way (there are some "situations" that trigger a confidence change, I'll make the example of a keeper):

    The keeper makes an important save at the beginning of the match: +2.
    From now on he plays with values that are OF + 2%.
    Then his team scores: +1.
    Now his values are OF + 3%.
    He misses an easy catch of an opposition cross and they score the equalizer: brings the confidence to -2 no matter how it was before.
    Now his values are OF - 2%.

    This means the keeper starts "normally" then gets "empowered" by the great save and acquires confidence (that allows him to play better). The goal scored by his team boosts his confidence but suddenly he makes a mistake and his confidence drops, making him play worse than normal (he's obviously scared and afraid to commit another error like the one that brought the equalizer)..

    At the end of the match, the "final" confidence value is stored. The average of the confidence values of the last 5 matches (where a match not played gets a -3 as value, and a match started from the bench starts at -2 and follows the rules above) generates the "form" value.

    The form value (or its closest integer) will just be used to set the value of the player confidence at the start of the next match (for example, if I have a player with 1.6 form, he'll start the next match with confidence set as 2 (that means OF values + 2%) while if my player has -3.4 form he'll start at -3.

    Interesting would be also a modifier that "increases" the form in some occasions: playing against a rival team or a team that a certain player "hates", playing for the favourite team, would be things that improve a player's performance.
    It's not something AI-related (it would be too much to ask for some AI caring about this), they are two mere counters but they are meant to work in order to have a player behaviour as realistic as possible.
    Would it be possible? I hope so, even if I think not. At least, not from Konami at this stage.
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  8. tinsma

    tinsma Portugal

    1 February 2005
    Portugal / England
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    love most of the sugestions here, i'll add a couple of my own


    LEAGUES: (even if not licenced)
    Argentina, Brazil, Mexican and United States (MLS)

    South american teams that qualified to the Libertadores

    Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine (MAYBE Sweden, Turkey and Greece)

    all the teams that sucessfully qualified for UEFA (either CUP or CHAMPIONS LEAGUE)

    Japan League (they already have the LICENSE!) (MAYBE Korean League, and Australia)

    COMPETIOTIONS: (even if not licenced)
    & 6 extra second division teams for each league (at least six just to get a propper second division with teams of the same country, idealy the whole second division, or at least the second divisions that they can get their hands on(J-League2!))

    you should start a League with the goal (acording to last season finish spot) like if you are:

    MAN U (current champion), retain the Premier and do well in the Champions League;
    CHELSEA, LIVERPOOL and ARSENAL win the Premier qualify for CL and do well in CL
    Aston Villa or Everton - qualify for uefa CUP and do well in uefa
    West Ham or Blackburn finish top 10 spot
    Midlesbrough, Newcastle or Wigan- a safe spot in between 10th place to 15th

    Fulham - get in a better place than 16th

    Stoke,Hull or WBA avoid relegation at all cost

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  9. charlievolano

    charlievolano Banned

    20 January 2007
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    FIRE SEABASS......
  10. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    ..and hire Satoshi Mifune XD
  11. iluvnineties

    iluvnineties Banned

    18 April 2008
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    FC Porto
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    - New game engine.
  12. Lons


    15 December 2007
    Warsaw and Danzig Poland
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

  13. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    I'd have to say sack SB, and develop a new game engine and a new direction for the game as a whole - realism...
  14. tinsma

    tinsma Portugal

    1 February 2005
    Portugal / England
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    personally i don't think i agree with do it all over...

    just imporve what you've got until it's perfect...

    i know most of you disagree but i still find pes enjoyable! there are a few things that make me go bonkers that i don't like, but i still enjoy it!

    but that's me! i respect all the opinions, even of those who say it's s"#t! and that FIFA rules, i disagree, but everyone has a right to have an opinion!

  15. cesarpo

    cesarpo pesmaster

    14 June 2006
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    i have a little suggestion, why not make it FUN TO PLAY?

    pes 5 was fun, pes 6 too, pes 2008/2009 where ok, but not fun!

    ROOTZ_PES Non-League

    18 October 2008
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Everything mentioned is good so far. I would like the team you play for in BAL mode, when you play with them in other modes you would be part of thier team.

    I now play for fiorentina in BAL...i wouldn't mind picking them in exhibition matches and im part of the team.
  17. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    I've got a suggestion!

    Dont make it, because it will most likely be a piece of shit just like the previous 3 versions have been.

    I get pissed at konami just thinking about PES. It would take maybe 1 weeks job to improve the masterleague. But no....they havnt touched it since pes3. Online modes, and online in general has to be improved!! How the fuck is it possible that PES6 had a better Online than the latest version!? How can konami suck so much dick??
  18. AK.Rabona

    AK.Rabona Championship

    19 June 2007
    Riquelme & Aimar, Arsenal
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Yeah, definitely. Pes is a shame. Just playing Fifa today, and I thought back at the days when I realized Fifa sucked and discovered PES all by myself. And then I felt it my mission to make everyone realize that PES was better. But today PES is a shame compared to Fifa. It's really amazing how much things can change in a couple of years. How something so crappy like Fifa can become such a beatiful thing, and the exact opposite for PES.

    Konami just have to take a step back and realize what made their game good in the 1st place. Realistic gameplay and great passing game. Not good menus, not a fucking champions league license with a quarter of the teams missing, and not superstars on the cover. Not even good graphics! Just good ol fun challenging and realistic soccer.

    First get that fucking down. Then after you've taken care of it you can go back to graphics, menus, licenses, etc.

    Basically, don't try to cover up a pile of shit with perfume.
  19. BeingA

    BeingA Non-League

    14 February 2009
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Change the engine.
  20. antraxa

    antraxa Banned

    13 December 2007
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    I suggest Konami make a PES 6, with next gen graphics on the PC , PS3 and stop doing any football games because after PES 6 they collapse more and more.
  21. Don Cave

    Don Cave Non-League

    26 June 2008
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Bring back some of the old things. Why take them out. Untucked shirts, short socks, mix kits and even add 3rd kits/champions league kits, different coloured nets (black,green,stripped and orange) - let us edit them, all teams allowed in ML. Give us more choice with boots and balls. In ML let us create a manager appearance and have players moan about not playing so you can't have a massive squad of all the best players. Realistic transfers rather than stupid ones like Kaka to Man City! Be able to move clubs with job offers and jobs to apply for. Make players want to leave for bigger clubs and give bigger clubs more points/money to make it a greater challenge to take a small club to the top. Get champions league into ML. One last thing, copy the penalties from Fifa 09 with power bar and placed/chipped pens rather than the hit or miss 6 positions and goalkeepers diving like superman outside of the post and over the ball. Better animation on penalty taker and goalkeeper. Keep up the good work.
  22. acm_no1

    acm_no1 Non-League

    17 February 2009
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    i agree with u, PES 6 FTW
  23. BwA Spectre

    BwA Spectre Banned

    19 August 2008
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Lets start basic guys. #1, New team. Konami needs new talent, and a new leader. A team with ambition and new ideas. Total overhaul. #2, new game engine. This should fix the stagnant, dated PES series hopefully

    DIRTY SOUTH Conference

    3 March 2009
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Just a couple of quick ideas off the top of my head:

    Introducing different types of slide tackles and have the picth conditions effect them. How often when you do a slide tackle do you end up going, 'thats not the correct type of tackle for that situation'?
    There are loads of different ways of slide tackling in real life - so lets see some more incorporated in the game.

    You could use the Shoulder buttons as modifiers in conjunction with the same button respsone that is currently used for crossing:
    example - Holding R1 and tapping slide 2 times will execute a different type of tackle then if you just taped the slide button without using a shoulder button.

    You could also differentiate between tapping the slide button and holding it etc etc - the possibilities are there, they just need to be explored!

    Oh man, please sort out the Refs as well. Im good at timing my tackles but how often do you get them just right and win the ball and yet the ref gives a foul?! Its terrible! A few times here and there its okay as refs make bad calls in real life - but bad calls happen way too often imo

    As has been saId before - penalties need looking at. Not just the taking of them but also the saving of them.

    If the user controlled keeper as a 'SAVE SPOT KICK' star - of what good is it? It doesnt really offer any help. But if the CPU has this star and you are taking a penalty agaisnt know its easier for them to save the spot kick.
    So Konami need to have a way of allowing this star to help the user and make the keeper more effective if he has this star. That, OR have the option to allow the CPU to control the keeper in penalty situations instead of me
  25. Gunners`

    Gunners` ARsENaL GooNeR

    22 September 2008
    In The HeaRT oF ARsenaL
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    100% change of the game and database :) also the game name :) it should be Champion Eleven ethier wise am not gonna think of reading about it coz am suck with WE4 engine until now
  26. nguk

    nguk Non-League

    25 August 2003
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    There will be a new engine been told by a friend of the programer hopeful will improve this time round I always love pro evo but since 07 its a let down 2 years in a roll so Konami get your finger out sort it out or else FIFA with rule again ............;)
  27. Ameppe

    Ameppe Champions League

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Are you sure nguk???
    I hope so... :PRAY:
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  28. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    And so it starts...:D
  29. dBC91

    dBC91 Lega Pro 1

    3 January 2009
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    Great change should be done in the db: at least they should add Brazilian, Argentinian, German and Portuguese leagues, the UEFA Cup and the Libertadores teams, some CONCACAF and AFC and CAF teams, don't care if they are licensed or not...!
    Mixing kits
    Editable nationality
    Tons of free slots for everything (balls, stadiums, teams and everything)
    Stop afs and put the bins in normal folders!
    And of course back the International Challenge and the Penalty match!!
  30. rag74

    rag74 Non-League

    3 August 2005
    Re: Suggestion aobout Pes 2010?

    If they make a port of WE2009 for ps2 it will be ok for me! It might sound funny, but they should start thinking about making some kind of emulation of ps2 instead of trying to develop the project as it is in PS3, it really sucks! (glad i never sold my PS2!)

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