PC Stutter when playing on my TV

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  1. saad

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    18 July 2005
    I usually play PES 2012 on my laptop (Dell XPS, i5 2430-m, 4GB Ram, Geforce 525M). Can play on high settings with Vsync on, frame skipping off, at the native 1366x768 resolution without any issues.

    The problem starts when I connect the laptop to my TV via HDMI cable to play. For the first ten or fifteen minutes the game will run beautifully on 1080p resolution, then all of a sudden the random slowdowns will kick in :/

    PC is virus free, all drivers are the most recent ones, have tried fiddling with the Nvidia control panel and D3dOverrider to force Triple Buffering on, without any effect.

    Is my video card overheating when connected to the TV or something? I don't think it should, coz I've played games like Skyrim, Saints Row, Deus Ex HR and Arkham Asylum (all of which I'm pretty sure are way, way more demanding than PES) on the TV without any issues
  2. TheTud

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    5 January 2009
    Sound alot like overheating issue. Get HWmonitor, open it before playing and check temps afterwards. If its something like 85-90 C maximum value on gpu/cpu then it downclock and start to lagg because overheating.

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