Stuff that needs and probably can be fixed by Konami!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Grayperview, 11 October 2010.

  1. Grayperview

    Grayperview Streamer

    13 December 2002
    Everton fc
    This thead is for stuff that only Konami can fix with an official patch.

    Can't really think of many off the top of my head, loving pes this year, only 2 real things bug me

    1. The change man is very poor, never been perfect in pes, but this is the poorest implemenation in a while and needs sorting, too many times have i pressed the change man button with a man a bugs dick away from the ball, only got it to change to another man half a mile away.

    2. Pass button press sometime no registering, I mean when you are about to recieve the ball and you press pass just before you get the ball in order to play a quick pass, sometime it just doesn't register, it probably still in press mode rather than pass mode, this could be tweaked and made better.

    3. Names over the CPU players heads has got to go, lost count the number of time the ball as got muddled up in all the letters, from ball coming into the box from a cross, find it hard enough to see the ball without the distraction of white lettering covering it up.
  2. beachryan

    beachryan Golden Boot Winner

    4 July 2003
    Agree on the first point. Not sure if that's something they can fix with a patch though - it's probably pretty hard coded.

    Would add:

    Balance of with ball/ without ball speed is off. Defender catchup is a big issue this year. Should be easy to fix
  3. Grayperview

    Grayperview Streamer

    13 December 2002
    Everton fc
    Its not actually, ive you tap the sprint button repeatedly when you have the ball you player will knock the ball on and sprint faster after it, great compromise adds a little more skill to sprinting.

    Yes it is hard coded in the exe file probably, so it is highly likely that it can be fixed.
  4. ElanJo

    ElanJo Non-League

    9 October 2010
    Yes! That's probably my biggest problem with the game

    1) Speed balance of with/without the ball. Yes you should be faster without the ball but not as fast as in PES2011 currently (reminds me of roadrunner at the mo!)
    2) Player Switching
    3) Shots are often too floaty.
    4) Bad Ref decisions (the lack of obvious fouls, blowing up for things that aren't fouls and lack of advantage)
    5) Keepers are improved but still have really stupid moments.

    Improve/fix those and, together with mods from the community (esp. an lodmixer), I think PES2011 would be very close to being the best football game ever.
    Last edited: 11 October 2010
  5. Bartman1100

    Bartman1100 German Messi

    11 October 2010
    Hey guys!
    Just got the game and it's great, but one thing that really annoys me is this green semicircle, when the game changes to Replays. Sometimes the game really freezes down for me, and that thing does not even look nice in my opinion.
    Or is there some other way to turn it off?
  6. Iceeman38

    Iceeman38 Championship

    18 November 2003
    1. fix the online cheaters (problem since pes6 never fixed before)
  7. sincover

    sincover Championship

    16 August 2010
    Playing against the AI highlights all of these faults. PES 2011 as an offline game is a 6/10. Too many handicaps (momentum affecting player more than CPU, fatigue not affecting CPU, speed and acceleration is always in CPU favor.) Online (when you have a decent connection is where this game shines. The same problems that affect you also affect the next guy. It's the proper way to gauge skill. I've stopped playing against CPU altogether.
  8. ono5985

    ono5985 Championship

    22 October 2009
    I'm loving playing Master League. Not tried online yet. Waiting to get my internet sorted out. Can't wait to try MLO.

    I'll agree with the majority in this...

    ♦ Player switching really needs fixing
    ♦ First time long passing/shooting more often than not results in a the ball floating about 5 yards away
    ♦ Random button presses not registering.
    ♦ CPU players sometimes being able to run right through you. This has happened since 09 tbh.
    ♦ Players standing in an offside position making no attempt to get back onside.
    ♦ There's a bug with CPU free-kicks. More often than not, when the CPU take a free-kick anymore than 25 yards out, they float it over everyone and it rolls out for a goal-kick.

    Those are the main gripes i have with an otherwise fantastic game. Sometimes fouls get called against you when you take the ball, but that's football. Happens all the time. Crossing was a problem until i started to leave the analogue stick in a neutral position. Crosses don't seem to miss everyone now.

    This game is seriously like crack though. I can't stop playing it. In 2010 i never even completed a full Master League season. In 2011 i'm already 5 games into season 2 and i've only had the game for 4 days.
  9. anip94

    anip94 only kids play Fifa

    19 December 2007
    Liverpool FC
    player switching
    and of course gamespeed.
  10. ElanJo

    ElanJo Non-League

    9 October 2010
    Anyone else notice that the CPU doesn't sprint much when on the ball?
  11. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
  12. silascou

    silascou Premiership

    6 July 2006
    Keepers, when in a one on one situation, sometimes they run against the opponent and they do absolutely nothing, don't go for the ball, don't tackle, don't try to kick it away... I don't know if this could be fixed in a patch...
  13. RBKalle

    RBKalle Non-League

    5 November 2009
    Hele Norges RBK...
    Nobody noticed how easily a placed defensive line can be opened up by a through pass (even coming from 30 yards away)?

    I've lost count of how many stupid goals I've conceded in apparently easy 4-against-1 attacks...

    The centerbacks are just atrocious at closing down/anticipating a through pass, and the terrible player switching system will just make it even easier to concede.

    Also, AI controlled teammates still suck at overlapping and running... nothing new really, but this year they also stopped being able to position themselves in the box for headers...

    I often go down the flank while the strikers just either follow my wing side by side or stand outside of the box... So what's the point in crossing while there's NOBODY in there to head the ball in?!

    It's a shame because the game looked and felt better than 2010, but those two horrid flaws are gamekillers really
  14. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    thats how konami is tryin to balance things out since 08
    instead of fix the player switching they do things to make this issue less of a problem

    nothin new rly :YAWN:
  15. skinny_clown

    skinny_clown Non-League

    24 September 2010
    the demo gameplay felt very much satisfying than the full game.
  16. GoodOldBakes

    GoodOldBakes Shoreham Boy

    6 November 2007
    Sheffield, UK
    Sheffield United FC
    + 1.
  17. funkster192

    funkster192 Non-League

    23 August 2005
    1) add more human controlled players.
    2) 16:10 Mode
    3) Play cup mode online together with human players on the same team against computer controlled team.

    No.3 I've been waiting for years since PES3. You write to them, but it gets lost in translation. I guess these are features more then bugs, but it's still needs to be fixed!
  18. amier

    amier The Great One

    9 August 2004
    actually i don't have so much trouble with player switching, it's actually one of my least concerns. 9/10 it's perfect unlike the demo
    don't have 1 touch passing (or not registering pass) problems as well

    i do agree with the removal of nametag above cpu..

    i play on PC tho
  19. amier

    amier The Great One

    9 August 2004
    i think that's done on purpose.. maybe they could change the balance.. but the defender catching up won't be removed.. i'm sure of this..
    esp cuz of pes2008/2009/2010.. it was too ez to get around defenders just holding R1 without barely doing a trick or to wrongfoot a defender or multiple
    tho.. if u use the double tap sprint of r1+r2 sprint.. u can get away/escape the marker but still not as ez like the older versions
  20. amier

    amier The Great One

    9 August 2004
    i think i'd like the ref to call more fouls..
    i got plenty of fouls.. but sometimes i get pressed in the back and i get a foul.. other times i get sliced from the side and nothing's given..
    in short the ref seems inconsistent

    imo this was the only thing that was clearly better in the demo than the fullgame
  21. funkster192

    funkster192 Non-League

    23 August 2005
    I just came across a few funny bugs while messing around. In a free kick just outside of the box, when you press pass to try and kick the ball to go under the wall of players, and if it goes in the goal they call it out?!?! :SHOCK: lmao. The keeper doesn't move also. This should be fixed.

    Also if you dive in your own box, the ref doesn't do anything, not even call you for diving and you just can keep on falling with all players inside the box :LOL:

    edit: just realised that I was trying to score directly off an indirect free kick, that's why it was called out. Though it is funny that the goalkeeper doesnt move at all and just watches the ball every time, and that the commentators say that it was miles wide etc etc when it went in.
    Last edited: 19 October 2010
  22. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    prove yourself once again konami!
  23. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    Agree with some things here like player switching, keeperes! etc..

    but i highly disagree with people moaning about player catchup! it's fine, i love it actually!

    look at the runs i made with Messi here in this video, it's all about unbalancing defenders!

    YouTube - Messi Dribbling issue on PES 2011 (Fix)

    You also need to tap R1 and also hold R1 and R2! It's not an issue

    You can't just hold the R1 button and motor away, you all need to adapt!

    You need to spend more time getting used to the defensive system, i don't have a issue with through balls! or with Wingbacks not getting forward. You need to arrange your tactics to make them go forward using team styles! Make sure you play with a team which has attack minded full backs!
  24. fideco

    fideco League 1

    15 October 2005
    I have no confidence in Konami...
    Konami in the past has never listened to the suggestions of the players and has never produced useful patch after the release of the game.

    Therefore I do not have much hope that this year Konami will behave differently.
    Just it will leave things as they are
    Konami will never admit that many issues must be addressed.
    It's not difficult to predict the content of any pacth will be marginal and cosmetic.
    I hope I'm wrong
  25. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    fideco haven't you tired top player yet?
  26. biker_jim_uk

    biker_jim_uk International

    24 November 2003
    Man City
    I'd like them to fix the ML and BAL teams that win previous years Leagues\cups to have the winners patches. A small thing but it annoys me when I win the league and Twente for eg still have the gold patch despite finishing 10th or whatever!
    Also in BAL mode, let my teammates play as well as the opponents, not just standing next to the ball making no attempt to play it.
  27. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    im absolutely furious about the gameplay now, im not enjoying it one bit, sometthing is terribly wrong with the gameplay can't enjoy the game some how i don't understand why the game is behaving this way cpu is a cheater, gameplay fix is urgent!

    gamespeeds are sssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupidddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: 18 October 2010
  28. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010

    ur like a flag wavin in the wind

    what happend ?
  29. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    can't decide on what speed to run the game, it's just awful that these options are introduced why can't seabass just leave the game alone i dunno, some really funny stuff is happening in the game players run into each other like ants and can't decide which direction to go to have you ever seen that before? hahaha oh it's so hilarious im laughing from anger, and what is so strange is players are not facing in the direction they are passing or shooting so funny, almost benny hill show, i dunno im going crazy, konami must soon do something to sought this mess out, oh game speed at 0 is so boring and it's supposed to be the original speed likewise with other pes games, what? it can't be, seabass is getting old, im fed up really i am.
  30. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    but i thought u like the game ?

    speed 0 is fine rly
    even a bit too fast
    with vsysnc on i havent got the issues u have its all reasonable and smooth

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