Strange thing i notice when i play in UC mode.

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by monalisa, 30 October 2009.

  1. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    Most of the opponent teams doesn't seem to send their best player to be the first 11 on the field for example i play against Barca .. they don't sent Messy, Slantan and Henry on to the field. Could it be that AI is so smart by knowing that i play very s**t.
  2. UJSupanova

    UJSupanova @Bobothy

    27 June 2006
    Could it be that they were suspended? (i.e sent off in the previous game) or injured?
  3. Jag021

    Jag021 Non-League

    26 March 2008
    maybe they were tired (fatigue from previous games)
  4. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    It depends of which mode I guess...
    In UCL mode could be a lot of reasons.
    I think they were tired or suspended.
    Check in default formation if they're there.
  5. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    those good player never be on the starting line up ...but they were substituted later on the match.
    yes, fatigue could be one reason
  6. eKOe

    eKOe Banned

    20 October 2009
    Messy? is he a new player?
  7. jaisonbass1457

    jaisonbass1457 League 2

    13 August 2006
    that pisses me off. most of the big teams sends out some unknown players.
  8. ayman09

    ayman09 Non-League

    29 September 2007
    the AI is not good at all dealing with formation
    I (Chelsea) played against Real Madrid in CL final;all players were reserves except Ramos and Pepe (<-was replaced in second half)... even Casillias were out !!!
  9. hakimix

    hakimix Conference

    13 May 2009
    Yeah even in BAL mode some of the formation decision is really shocking,not considering the handling of transfer activity too.

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