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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Rantboy, 6 February 2014.

  1. Rantboy

    Rantboy International

    27 December 2002
    Fluminense FC / Arsenal

    So, Sam Fisher's latest title has been out since what... August last year and there were no threads about it here?

    I just finished it yesterday on the PS3. What a GREAT game! If you're a fan of political suspense and stealth action, this won't ever let you down.

    Well, I'm a big fan of the series, having played all the 5 prior games.

    It surprised me that they took almost 4 years to release this as a sequel to Conviction, and yet change so little of the gameplay mechanics.

    What they did change (for the worse I might add) was the voice actor for Sam Fisher. Michael Ironside is one of the best voices in the history of videogames, but they changed him for some other guy! If you're a loyal fan of the series, you will miss the old Sam Fisher voice.

    Another significant change is letting you control Sam in between missions, in what is highly reminiscent of Assassin's Creed when Desmond is out of the Animus.
    But this part of the game is kinda pointless IMO, because everything you can do inside the Palladin plane could be done in a menu. It just adds a bit of atmosphere I guess.

    I'm not sure I liked the way you get to do upgrades on guns, gadgets and body armour. There is this flawed 'economy system' where you get money for in-game kills, moves and stuff... it's an 'RPG' element that is a bit annoying. This is just dumb and should be revamped for the next game.

    Although it has these resemblances with AC games, it resembles in nothing that old open world boredom. This game is breath taking from beginning to end and those who don't know it should give it a go.

    Multiplayer looks fun too. Played it yesterday for the first time and had some fun on Spys vs. Mercs mode. There are Coop missions too, which I hope to be playing soon.
  2. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    Got this free with my GTX 780, along with AC IV (which is shite) and Batman Arkham Origins (playing through City at the minute).

    Might play through this... Just seems like an average run of the mill AAA game so probably not my cup of tea but it was free I suppose.
  3. Rantboy

    Rantboy International

    27 December 2002
    Fluminense FC / Arsenal
    Go for it, Rob. Highly recommend it. Edge-of-your-seat stuff if you like stealth action and shooters.
  4. Ipswich69

    Ipswich69 Banned

    25 July 2011
    Thought the game was pretty good although I didn't enjoy the FPS part at all and I'm not a fan of the new Sam Fisher. I much prefer Chaos Theory, and Pandora Tomorrow for that matter. Love the silky smooth way in which Sam moves in the new game though.
  5. Rantboy

    Rantboy International

    27 December 2002
    Fluminense FC / Arsenal
    I also didn't enjoy the FPS part, as I'm done for good with the likes of Call of Duty, et al.
    But in the story you only play in FPS when you control Briggs, and that isn't a lot.

    Also if you play Spy vs. Mercs, you will have FPS gameplay when you are a Merc. It makes more sense in this situation, as Mercs don't have a cover system but wear heavy armor, as opposed to the spies, who have a Sam Fisher gameplay.

    I still haven't played the Coop 4E missions though. I wonder if Briggs' coop missions are FPS...

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