Sound and option file issue, pes 2011

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by MadsLaur, 20 October 2011.

  1. MadsLaur

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    26 October 2010
    Hi all

    Sorry for making a thread on this but googling hasn't help me, so hoping there's some knowledgable people around here who can

    The good old pes 2011 suddenly does not have any sound ingame - it's not at ps3 issue, since there's no problem with sound in the xmb. But in the game there's nothing - menus, bgm, game sound, all gone (and not turned of in sound settings :)) )

    I tried deleting the game files and reinstalling, which didn't have any effect on the sound.
    It did, however, mean that my option file (been using chimps and gerd awesome option file since november last year) wasn't registered - when I load the edit file from the menu, it says load completed, but the leauges, teams etc. are still the same.

    Anybody got a clue for either of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated - cheers
  2. Suuuuupertalk

    Suuuuupertalk International

    17 August 2010
    Luton Town
    Sounds a bit silly but try checking your disc. Is it scratched? I once had a scratched disc that did odd things to the sound.

    As for the option file going missing, it's possible you deleted perhaps the edit data file (just one file out of all those huge number). I think that if you delete that then it won't be able to load all the kits still on your console. If so then just find it in the option file on your data stick/computer and drag it across.

    Not much help but worth checking.

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