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Discussion in 'The Site' started by Gorskino10, 22 February 2005.

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  1. Gorskino10

    Gorskino10 Guest

    i have checked how many olod memebers we have all amazing people like biker jim,etc but i checked osme people i have never heard of and i saw 2 or 3 or even more proberly that have not posted once i thought there new but they regester before me i have done over 600 posts they have done 0
    i think they regester and get the stuff to downlaod like patchies and stufff,and they may be the ones selling pes work on ebay but people like wolf have spent age son making it,plz can you keep an eye out mart and other admins.
  2. lostinstoke

    lostinstoke Wolves Scum

    16 January 2005
    You get that with all forums though, so many people just read forums and don't say anything. I don't really see what you can do about it to be honest. If you force people to post they will just post pointless drivel and just make the forum crap. People releasing patches are 'releasing' them, they aren't releasing them with a minimum post number, you would need to have a V.I.P or restricted area instead of a general editing forum if you really wanted to stop new people (such as myself) being able to download the patches.
  3. gunnerglory

    gunnerglory Guest

    These heatens should all be lined up and slaughtered with an Ak-47.
  4. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    This thread is pointless. Without being registered you're not even able to read things on our boards. And assuming those users might even be the ones selling copies over ebay is just ridiculous.
  5. Starsky

    Starsky Guest

    Lock it Kezz, this thread was actions of a complete assclown.
  6. Starsky

    Starsky Guest

    Kezz, I see you have stopped browsing Site Comments.
    Is that it then? Are you going to let these assclowns win? Have you gone soft on us? Where's that anger gone? You're a shadow of your former fucking self.
    You're no leader of ours. Come on guys, let's go and talk to CHRIS WRIGHT. He'll know what to do.
  7. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    Yes it makes me sick, it's an absolute disgrace really, Honestly. Forums should not be abused, they have rights too.

    I feel sorry for off-topic, it was castrated and cut into three.
    Last edited: 22 February 2005
  8. codex

    codex Guest

    the key is to keep quiet until you have good reason to talk, but ofcourse in here anything is like a market.
  9. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    To be honest, the problem with some people is that they tpfpéoer and then fpmzpkd. Of course other people take advantage of that and they kloeikdjd?.

    Life is unfair...
  10. smango

    smango Guest

    Great point there Gerd, cept I can't understand a few of the words you have used but what heck.
  11. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    It seems Gerd is random typing....dfdgfdfgt...know what I mean? Nice dribble in your avatar, only1Tevez. With the forums though, isn't it always the way that you always have to sign up to get what you want?
  12. H@$$@N

    H@$$@N Guest

    do like some forums do no one can download anything from this forums unless he has a specifc amount of posts.

    but the problem is maybe alot of stupid posts will happen....
  13. GFK

    GFK League 1

    21 April 2003
    Hassan & Only1Tevez what can you exactly download then from this forum? Patches? I dont think so, everything is hosted somewhere else. So this is really one of the most stupid threads I have ever seen.
  14. lostinstoke

    lostinstoke Wolves Scum

    16 January 2005
  15. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    Like look at the name, people abusing the forum, that means like insulting members and abusing the forum WTF is that suppose to me.
    Lostinstoke and GFK agreed.
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