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Sick of cutbacks and inter

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Incision, 23 December 2006.

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  1. Incision

    Incision Guest

    I am so sick of people using the cutback in this game its making me want to abandon it forever,
    I was so looking forward to playing pes6 and this flaw is so annoying almost everyone is doing it and they they gloryfy themselfs on how good they are, i`m sorry but cutbacks = NO SKILL. And when they aint doing cutbacks they are bloody inter milan with Adriano the most overrated player in the game i mean he`s just an average player but cause he`s on the cover don`t make him good in the game he`s unstoppable and can score from anywhere is`s just sickening.
    A patch has to be done to stop the cutback so the goalkeeper stays on his line or something but knoami have thier own problems trying to keep the servers working with no avail.
    Well done konami on a great game and great servers.
    :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  2. WhiteShadow

    WhiteShadow Non-League

    21 June 2006
    What exactly is a cutback?
  3. bebo

    bebo Looking for a Manager

    25 July 2005
    Arsenal Thread
    The Arsenal FC
    a drag back or the Cruyff turn
  4. rangerman

    rangerman Conference

    7 April 2003
    Try defining your own tactic to negate the cutback then. Or dont play it.
  5. mzmegang

    mzmegang Non-League

    8 March 2005
    i agree adriano is overrated, but there is a way to stop him.. He has a very powerful shot, but if u are experience enough, you can stop him.. Predict what ur opponent is going to do. Whenever he has the ball, dont straight away tackle, instead, wait until ur opponent make mistake, like knock the ball to far away from his feet...

    Or u control the game by slowing down the pace, dont rely to much on speed, as inter got a lot of speedy player.. U got chance, dont waste them
  6. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    you're right about inter.. its just ridiculously stupid to have a team which makes every other teams skill look insignificant. the cutbacks are WAY too easy to perform in pes6, in real life its very hard to do it. i reckon konami made it way too easy this time. agreed that adriano is over rated, he's not even starting for inter these days but konami make him the best player in the game. come on.
  7. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    I totally agree with Incision, cutbacks really piss me off, thats one of the reasons I mainly play offline or with friends.
    rangerman, shut the f*ck up! you are probs one of those sad twats who uses the cutback. Typical scum team fan.
    Anyone who wants a fair game, add me on Xfire (www.xfire.com) and add madman92. I never cutback and mostly use Man Utd or Newcastle.
  8. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    yep exactly, no one plays right football online, everyone has this shit tactic run into the box cutback...goal!!! you have to play them otherwise, its not easy but it works! need a team with stong defenders, strong midfield, and play the 4-4-3! backlne with a or b!! and watch out for runs into thebox, often penaltys!

    its hard but it works! sometimes i loose but i play my way not this shit cutback!!! this is not football and also a eror from he programmers! all over pes6 is shitgame! i prefer the we series but online there is no other way!!!
  9. marukomu

    marukomu Ecchi otoko

    26 November 2005
    Okayama, Japan
    Man Utd, Stockport County
    still not sure what a cutback is. any one have a vid?
  10. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    It's running to the byline then cutting the ball back into the box for a tap in. It's horrible, every cunt uses 433 or 424, goes inter or barca, races down the wing and then cuts it back. AAAARRGH!
  11. JustinAccurate

    JustinAccurate Conference

    4 August 2003
    Heading Shooto!
    cutback is when a player runs towards the near post, the keeper will start to close him down and then the ball is passed across the face of goal to one of the strikers to fire into the empty net.

    You can get a player in the way on the pass most of the time but if someone cuts back every time they have a run on goal, they will eventually get lucky and score.

    Ive played against players who do not make any other attempt on goal apart from cutbacks. Very boring - I dont play this game for competition I play it from fun. I would even say I couldn't care less about loosing, its all about the skill and the goals for me :D
  12. WhiteShadow

    WhiteShadow Non-League

    21 June 2006
    Now that I have an idea what a cutback is, I don't think its cheating. I have played over 600 games online and the fact that I didn't notice any cheating other than the free kick exploit(I am referring to pes5/we9, I haven't played pes6 online yet) shows that proper defending is all you guys need to prevent the "cheating".
  13. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    Inter is sick lol, when I take that team I barely have fun anymore. If you set Ibrahimovic as LWF and Adriano as RWF you can cut in from far outside the box, shoot, and they'll blast it in from 30 meters. Not very funny for your opponent, since it's very effective.
  14. JustinAccurate

    JustinAccurate Conference

    4 August 2003
    Heading Shooto!
    Nah its not cheating - its just boring to play against people who only do this and play with huge teams.

    But I think thru ball/run round keeper with pacey forward is much more dull.
  15. Bryant4114

    Bryant4114 Non-League

    7 July 2006
    Im pretty sure every winger in real life would run towards the post and cut back if they had a free run down the wing and towards goal
  16. ChonkTheDonk

    ChonkTheDonk Guest

    lol just a game.. get over it ffs... the cut back rules lol
  17. tidyguyver

    tidyguyver You'll Never Walk Alone!

    14 June 2005
    It's not cheating, it's just a tactic, if you are good enough, you can stop it, it doesn't guarantee you a goal.

    Besides, you see alot of cutbacks in football, if your defence is shit enough to let the players roam into free space, then you deserve to lose a goal!
  18. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    Its not shit defending, Its cheat formations, using top teams and boring bastards who want to win at all costs for some reason and score the shittest looking goals ever.
    Wow, look at me, I can pass back to a player in the box for a tap in, aren't I great :D NOT :(.
    Onto the cheat formations and top teams, "ste...mrchips..." online on PC is the worst for this, last 5 games, Brazil > Brazil > Brazil > Brazil > Brazil. He uses a shit formation of 4-3-3 with the wing forwards as wide and forward as possible.
    What did he do? Through ball to winger, run to goal line, CUTBACK! He didnt score any and I beat him 1-0 but it really pisses me off.
    Maybe if you don't know its lame and exploiting a bug with the keepers and only do it a couple of times, its not so bad. But these guys who know its lame and even use formations to help them do it, totally sad!

    EVERY cutbacker says "You should defend better", "They are defendable" and stuff like that, 2v1 against the keeper, not defendable. One defender back, not very defendable.
    I defend them quite well and do not lose too many goals to them but NOBODY is invincible to them.
  19. salem

    salem League 2

    24 March 2005
    BECAUSE U guyz are losing from gut back u called it cheating?

    football is actually about usning opprtunities to score a goal !

    so the guyz are doing it right.

    dont blame them if u dont know how to defend properly !
  20. Ad16

    Ad16 Premiership

    13 November 2006
    Get over it!

    Football is about scoring goals. The good, bad and ugly all count in a match.
  21. corcks

    corcks Non-League

    24 March 2006
    See Avatar
    I gave up playing online a month ago, didn't bother the cutbacks, i could defend them. It was the fact there was no variety in the game, every game was exactly the same, whatever happened to long range shots,crossing and dribbling. Just stick to my ML now, at least the cpu gives me a decent game
  22. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    These twats do it EVERY attack though, no variation at all.
    Some wont even shoot unless they are guarenteed a certain goal.
  23. JustinAccurate

    JustinAccurate Conference

    4 August 2003
    Heading Shooto!
    Yes very true in real life. No manager alive would begrudge a win for the sake of a boring performance.

    But playing an online game, its different. How long can you play the game one way and never try anything different?

    Do you never try something a little different? Marseille Roulette round the last defender, dribble dash, stop the ball, step over, lift the ball gently to the onrushing striker and volley the ball from the edge of the box into the net.....

    If you're happy to cutback all the time, good for you. I cant imagine the sort of person who loves this tactic playing against someone the same: Barcelona 7- Real Madrid 6. What a cracking match! Just dont bother playing against me.
  24. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    Hehe know the feeling. That's why I love to score in the 1st minute with a long range shot from Ronaldinho, Rooney, Lampard and even Van Persie or Van der Vaart (dutch team) online :lmao: all these cutbackers are like "huh, how did he do that" :lol: and rest of the game I just keep it shut and counter them out.
  25. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    Ronaldinho? Brazil and Barca user I see :(
  26. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    Yeah, like I use them all the time. :rolleyes:

    I'm sorry mate but you are being ridicolous to make such short and easy conclusions. Piss off man.
  27. Ad16

    Ad16 Premiership

    13 November 2006
    I guess you were still addressing me with this part so I will respond.
    Of course I try new things when playing a match, thats part of the fun.
    I never said I use "the cutback" in matches. I have not even played PES recently and have never played online either. And to be honest the prospect of playing online sounds shite with all the apparent cheating going on.

    The point I was making with the original post is that people are going to do what they have to do. If they can exploit your bad defending with a simple cutback its your problem, not theirs.

    Sorry but thats my oppinion.
  28. crustcyb

    crustcyb League 1

    27 September 2005
    Guys, c´mon... what are you complaining about?

    This game is great JUST BECAUSE it´s great to play against another human. Otherwise, all you´re doing is indirectly giving this game a bad rating, because playing Winning Eleven/PES against the CPU is what REALLY SUCKS.

    What do you prefer? Get mad about other human players doing the "cutback" thing that doesn´t always work, or get mad about all the CPU cheating/perfect passing/lucky bouncing all the time/perfect timing head through passing/perfect antecipation on defense/impecable ball pressure on the sidelines/perfectly timed tackles or slide tackles/perfectly placed freekicks on the box/etc etc etc... ?

    Just to give an example, who never noticed how poorly the CPU deals with the players not controlled by the human player (on the human team)? You can´t rely on that on this game. You can rely on the player you are controlling and that´s that. The other 10 players on your team are just brainless chunks of pixels (sure, they´re literally that, but you get my point), including the goalkeeper.

    I mean, seriously. Never noticed how whenever you slidetackle the ball perfectly and the CPU player just ignore you, like a killer robot or something, and just turns around (sometimes not even that) and get ball possesion again, while your player, who executed the slide tackle, just stands with the butt glued on the pitch, taking years to get up?! But the worst is when the opposite happens, and the CPU gives the perfect timed sliding tackle (99% of the time, because he´s PROGRAMMED to do that), and your player, whom received the tackle, just start tripping on his legs, like a freaking retarded, for 5 "steps" away from the ball, while the CPU player (which doesn´t stand with the butt on the pitch not even half the time the human player stands) just get off with the ball.

    So my point is that the CPU, plainly, doesn´t commit mistakes (it cheats). All it does, is make the players commit them. And that´s where all the fun is, and where this game shines. Because when playing against other human, there are mistakes on both sides, and not on just one.
    Last edited: 28 December 2006
  29. bigfraz

    bigfraz Non-League

    29 October 2006
    Oi dont tar all us Gers fans with the same brush, i never use cutbacks, ps Man U are just as good as Inter dispite the rating.lol glory hunter!!!
  30. johnj201

    johnj201 League 2

    6 August 2005
    The point of this thread,i think,is not that cut backs are cheating.
    Its because some online players will only use this option and nothing else.
    I know because i've played against them.
    Even when in a decent shooting position in front of goal,around the edge of the box,they will still try and manouvre the ball to the byline for a cutback.
    It's not cheating,its just bloody boring.
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