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show us a miracle down?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Loki1975, 9 April 2007.

  1. Loki1975

    Loki1975 Conference

    14 June 2003
    hi folks just got a ps2 x-port (again)(only 1 on ebay:O) finally and went to the only site i knew that done the replay thing ' showusamiracle.com ' and its no there, is there anywhere else i can go to show my replays or is there a prog that converts the saves to avi. i knew when i had first x-port u couldn't do it but no sure now?
  2. fatlip180

    fatlip180 League 1

    19 October 2004
    Liverpool FC
    do you mean showusmiracle?

    I think it shut down aaaagggggeeess ago,

    Checkout console goals for what you want, the linky is on the main evoweb home page
  3. Tom

    Tom likes turtles Staff

    12 December 2001
    Yeah, Mart shut down that site a long time ago.
  4. Loki1975

    Loki1975 Conference

    14 June 2003
    cheers fat,kezz will do, is there comps on this site?
  5. Mart

    Mart Executive Janitor Staff

    28 February 2002
    Darlington FC
    Occasionally there are comps here and video is something I'm looking into at the moment in general.

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