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Shot Down in Flames

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Gas, 2 August 2007.

  1. Gas

    Gas Guest

    A few buddies of mine played a game or two .. then Bigyin (Rubble Productions) who likes to make machinima movies thought he would do some highlights .. with a differance:lmao:


    Watch right till the end as he added some neat stuff to end on a giggle.

  2. Radiation

    Radiation Golden Boot Winner

    6 February 2006
    Newcastle United
    i didnt get the giggle...

    The flame effect was a bit annoying after a while - its like what they have on soccer am but they only use it for the final shot/goal not for passing around as well.

    I loved the goal that curved into the corner though
  3. SPMC

    SPMC MY last WE07JLCC banners:

    22 February 2004
    califas norte
    that's cool!
    but i actually think it would be much better without the gunshot sound effect.
    the ending 'theatrics' was nice too.

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