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Seabass, you´ve killed defenders of PES6!!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Lobo22, 28 November 2006.

  1. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    I love PES6, but it becomes a sick love every time I have to defend. Centerbacks are just stupids, don´t know what was Seabass thinking about when he took a look at this. If they had just left them the way they were before, gameplay would be perfect, but I guess everything is NOT possible, at least that´s what KONAMI shows us every year...:sad:
    My point is: Dribbling, passing, shooting, etc, are REALLY good. But when it comes to defending, specially in one-on-one action(your center-back vs an attacker) is quite unreal, in fact it´s VERY unreal and annoying because it takes away balance from gameplay.

    Sorry for those who buyed the game, anyway, this thread is for those who wants to say something about defenders of PES6...
    Last edited: 29 November 2006
  2. dmxdex2020

    dmxdex2020 Premiership

    30 June 2005
    i change my camera angle and i defend alot better now cause i can see every im using that camera angle that is like vertical its fab but hard to get use to oen thing i hate is corners too easy to beat ur man and i hate cursor change even on manual it changes ur player.
  3. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Sorry but I don't agree. It's better when you take control of defenders yourself - if you leave it up to the AI you're asking for trouble. I have no problem defending corners and rarely concede a goal from them, unless it's a dodgy deflection off my own defender lol.
  4. Ad16

    Ad16 Premiership

    13 November 2006
    You have to time tackles to perfection in PES6 or you get skinned with ease.
  5. kingofpro

    kingofpro Non-League

    11 October 2005
    Try 5-3-2, 5-4-1, 5-2-1-2

    Just try out some different formation with 5 at the back and you will see a much better defence... of course put the strategy at B-B. and put the fifht defender as SWP. so it will be Right back-Center defender-SWP-Center defender,Left back
    This work perfect on online play. Btw.. thats also defend all those players who always try to attack on the side so a layback to the striker...:S

  6. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    You've got to make use of your square key while defending, at least that's how I learned to keep things under control. It's never been as important as it is in PES6.
  7. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    yeah defence is an art. I wish comp score some more, would make the game even greater. They only score silly deflections and rebounds that noob comp player
  8. Miro

    Miro Banned

    10 September 2003
    AI of Defence and keepers is very poor.Thats a fact.
  9. kingofpro

    kingofpro Non-League

    11 October 2005
    PES6 is 90% skills and 10% AI
    thats a fact!
  10. Pickford

    Pickford Banned

    10 February 2006
    I second that:applause:
  11. lonige

    lonige League 2

    23 October 2006

    Strangely, when I should defend, it was much easier for me to leave regaining the possession of ball to A.I. than to do it on my own...

    Almost all time I tried to regain the possession of ball on my own... My defenders got perplexed, giving computer way to go without any challenge...

    So; I cannot but help my AI to defend.....in order not to give chances for computer to score :(
  12. yacine

    yacine AUX AAAAAAAARMES !!

    17 December 2003
    Olympique de Marseille
    That's my point of view too...
    Defending is an art and like modern football you can win the game by being strong on defense.
    That's my favourite play to be a good defender, and PES6 is the best PES defending game.
    PES5 : you give the pad to my grand ma with AC MILAN and you can lose because of the AI assistance.
    WE10 : fast forwards are in their advantage because of the defenders and game speed.

    Defending in PES6 is amazing and when I play my friend who i was winning 2-0 in PES5 now it's 8-0 because he's like you, he doesn't have this art of defending ;-)
  13. zeus78

    zeus78 zeus

    17 February 2005
    The only thing that Konami killed where the pes5 noobs which always played with automatic player change and just hold x and r1

    For me the new system is great :)
  14. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    tackling those AI b*tches is so nice Lobo!! Get some nice argentinians en italians at the back and pressure those fake comp attackers !! Ahh i love it !!!
    Last edited: 28 November 2006
  15. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    If you look well you´ll se that even if you press :x: or you don´t, generally you defender won´t even move his legs to steal the ball, he just steps in front of the opponent but he does NOTHING, or maybe he´ll cross running(or walking) between the ball and he. And if you press :square: your entire defend line will become a mess...
    Of course PES6 is 90% skills and 10% AI, but now you have to play against your opponent AND the stupidness of your defenders...
  16. chizzer

    chizzer Conference

    15 November 2004
    The defending is perfect imho. Pes5 defending was crap.
  17. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    I´m playing since Winning Eleven (with no 1 or 2 after the name), so I can assure you i´m no "noob". I just don´t play against machine(AI) because it´s booring, just play 1vs1, or maybe 2vs2 because I think there is when skills are really tested...
  18. AgentSmithMatrix

    AgentSmithMatrix League 1

    14 July 2004
    Totally agree. Defending is a joke and so are the goalkeepers. In PES6 I've often conceded through no fault of my own. What can I do if my centre-back decides it's better to go next to the other centre-back for a chat when in danger of conceding a goal?! Idiot. They've made them thick. I've tried manual control but to no avail. They've messed it up real bad. I play a lot of players and when I know I'm better than them but I lose due to a goal which is not my fault, it really pisses me off. I concede bucket loads even though I know I'm superior. It's a big part of the game, defending, so, yeah, I'm really annoyed. What the hell were they thinking?

    Wish I could play PES3 on the 360.
  19. Sub-Conscious

    Sub-Conscious Conference

    3 September 2005
    when defending use R2 when you are about to be within tackling distance of the ball. dont attempt to tackle while sprinting if you can help it, its better to face the attacker square on and use R2, :x:, and :square:. with practice, you will realise that defending is better and more realistic than in PES5, although it is slightly harder. Then you will take back your words, like I did - I slammed the defence when i first got the game.
  20. Mosto86

    Mosto86 Conference

    13 August 2004
    I like the fact that it is easier to counter-attack I can't remember doing that properly in it's other incarnations.
  21. yacine

    yacine AUX AAAAAAAARMES !!

    17 December 2003
    Olympique de Marseille
    Ahh someone who got the art of defending ;-)
    doing the same and winning lot of games against 2 humans and me alone ;-)
    my friend who I beat 8-0 also play sine the first PES on psone and he's too bad because of not doing any practice while acquiring a new PES/WE.
    I agree when you tell me that the CPU is boring but he's far better thant a lot of players ;-)
  22. kingofpro

    kingofpro Non-League

    11 October 2005
    Well, PES 6 is made for sliding, You can see now you cant just run and press X anymore..You need to learn how to slide in the training mode;) Bodytackle is no longer so efficient like it it was on pes 5, pes 4, pes 3.... Now you can slide from behind and still get the ball(depends wish defender you slide with all defenders who have star on sliding) Of course (cannavaro,Thuram,Terry) would do that job;)
  23. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    My friends, I´ve been playing PES6 at least 4 hours a day EVERY DAY (believe me, I´m unemployed, and my friend too) since November 1st, so it´s not about practice. I use manual mode to choose players, but the thing that is really anoying is when they stay "freezed" with the ball in front of them, without even traying to take it off from the oponent, it´s so unreal and it pisses me off so bad.:mad:
    It´s true that you can´t expect AI to help you anymore, but you can´t have control over the eleven players at the same time, and now defense line it´s a complete mess because it seems that defenders don´t even have AI anymore....
  24. MARC110

    MARC110 Guest

    i just hold x and crilce bring him down boys
  25. zeus78

    zeus78 zeus

    17 February 2005
    but not against human players otherwise they are really bad
  26. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn League 2

    14 May 2006
    London, UK
    Tottenham Hotspur
    I agree that defending is much harder in PES6, I'll tell you why I think so. PES5 made us into bloody women. Remember if you touched :x: or :square: to pressurise them, they'd go down and a freekick given, and god forbid slide tackles. They've fixed silly fouls in PES6 and we are being too delicate. I've tried the brutal approach. If you start the game by sliding in and showing the AI you are there with force, (nothing too silly for yellow cards) they seem to realise your strength, and after this point in the game, placing the defenders in the way to cut balls out, or stop dribbling with a tap of :x: seems to be exceptionally successful through 30 mins +. Suck up the attacks, counter and bring the goods home.
  27. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    COME ON!!!!
    I was booring so I decided to play a game against COM, just to confirm my point of view...
    Never though this could happen, and the cursor wasn´t on Zanetti, so there´s no possible way that I could´ve pressed :r1: to let pass the ball. This was made by the player himself, this is what i´m talking about when I say that defense should be like in PES5, because this kind of things didn´t happened before.
    Take a look:
  28. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
  29. R2.ZephyR

    R2.ZephyR Team.R2 Member

    12 December 2006
    Lobo as an addict of PES series since the first one,I share your opinions about the defending in PES6.Actually the core of the problem is that pressing X doesn't work as it was.Defender just stays directly in front of of the attacker by doing nothing.

    I had headaches for some days,just about this defending issue in PES6.After a while I understand that my defending mentality in PES5 doesn't work for PES6.Letting the AI doing it by pressing :square: is more important than anything else.

    This is the basic algorithm:

    1.Get with the player u're controlling between the goal and the attacker to somehow slow down his dribbling.Meanwhile call for assistance with :square:.
    2.Then if you're close enough with the player u're controlling press :x: and get the ball,unless u're assistant defender has taken it before the player u're controlling.;)
  30. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    mmm... I´ve tried this, and a lot of things more, but the thing is that, in PES6, when you press :square: you´re forced to relieve the defender that is controled by AI, because he´s gonna run desperatly after the player that has the ball leaving behind a BIG hole on your defensive line. This may work when you have two of your defenders against one opponnent, but in a 2-on-2 or a 1-on-1 action, it´s all up to your luck, because your player may decide to move his leg, or may not, and it doesn´t matters if your defender is Materazzi or Andreolli, stats doesn´t count on defenders...
    Anyway, thanks for the tips.

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