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Screen split in two

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by ForeverEvo, 30 October 2006.

  1. ForeverEvo

    ForeverEvo Non-League

    19 October 2006
    Well I thought I had solved this problem with the ripple appearing in the middle of the screen when I turned V sync on but when I do put V sync on it slows the game down. And when I'm on the menus and im moving down through the options sometimes the inidividual noises don't play and just add up and all come at once.

    Has anyone been able to solve the problem of a mid screen rip without v sync?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  2. ForeverEvo

    ForeverEvo Non-League

    19 October 2006
    No? Yes? Maybe? :D
  3. footyfan

    footyfan Pornaddict!

    13 December 2002
    right vsync needs to be on or you get the rip, your refresh rate needs to be set to 60hz to run at the correct speed.

    Thats all there is to it, if that doesnt work you have a problem with your machine or your machine isnt good enough to run PES properly.
  4. lloyd

    lloyd Guest

    Why can't the refresh rate be higher? Surely 60Hz will hurt your eyes after a while? I usually run at 85Hz.
  5. ForeverEvo

    ForeverEvo Non-League

    19 October 2006
    Sorry but how do I change my refresh rate?

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